Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

Pray that God will bless Uganda with rain. Kyeswa

Answered Prayers

Praise God! My mum won the case & was released. Thanks for your prayers. Pauline

Join me in thanking God for His continual goodness. You prayed for my brother on one of your shows and he is healed of convulsion disorder. Above all, God is blessing me in all His ways & is giving me inner happiness. Vivien

I checked out the semester results and it was all good. I got 1st class. Glory to God and thanks for your prayers.

Prayer Requests

Pray that God will give me a friendly, kind, humble, repentant, loving, God-fearing heart no matter what comes my way. SK

I’m 29 years old and have a lot of good things in life even though I’m HIV+. For days now I’ve had death wishes & it’s like no one understands me. Pray for me, it’s scary. Elizabeth

Pray for me. I have a major career decision to make. I feel it’s time to let go of my job and begin on Matthew 28:19-20. I need direction. Blessing in Wakiso

Pray for me to not only pass but to excel in these 2 papers. It’s my chance to retake them. Moses

Pray for me that I may be selected in the interviews I did last Saturday. Norah

Pray that when I go for a checkup that my results are negative and that I’m not HIV+. Maria

Pray for me for my A-level results coming out next week and that I may be full of faith that all may be well. Pray for my uncle in hospital. Pam

Pray for me to receive God’s deliverance and to get over my sickness. Joan

Pray for me to get a good job. Ruth

Pray for me that I do well when my supervisor comes on Wednesday. Brenda

Pray for me to be favored in my place of internship [FCIT] Denis

Pray with me. My husband wants to leave me in the house we have just rented. Also, he doesn’t want to meet my people because of finances. Irene

Pray for our team that we find a sponsor. Ken of Children of the Light

Pray for me. I’m looking for a job and need a financial breakthrough. Susan

Pray for me. I am single & so lonely. I have no job. I stay alone, friends have left me. I feel so alone in this world. I’m trying to set up a business. Liz

My prayer request is to never backslide again from my faith & for God to give me a heart to love my dad as we don’t always agree on certain issues. Regan

Pray with me for my grandma Atenyi 64 years old. She had diabetes and high blood pressure and is in very bad condition. Morris

Pray for complete healing. I have a painful leg & backside. It was treated but no change. Rebecca

Pray for me to get more open doors for ministry. Namugongo

Pray for me to overcome the spirit of fear and to trust entirely in God. Vivien

Pray for my baby, she has an infection and no appetite since she was born. Shantal

Pray for me, my prayer life has gone down. Florence

Pray for me, I have exams in 2 weeks time and I need to excel with a good first class. I have heart problems so pray for perfect healing. Sarah

I’ve been stressed for 2 years now due to debts & business failure. Pray that God delivers me. Francis

Pray for my husband’s family for strength and courage for the loss of his father. Becky

Pray for me to get $2,000.00 to travel on a business trip to Baharain via Dubai. I plan to get my friend Richie in Dubai saved. Christine

I lack confidence in myself. Pray for me. Ronnie

I thank God for blessing my family in every way. Pray that His will be done. Francis

Pray for my friend Mercy. She lost her mum and is very depressed. Stella

Pray for me to be delivered from witchcraft & curses, be admitted in Kyambogo University & to get married. Goretti

Pray for me, I had a serious fever 2 weeks ago. I got cured a week ago but I’m getting it again. Solomon

Pray for my husband Ivan to get a good job & to have more faith in God and not to give up in everything that has happened. Esther

Pray for provision of school fees. Deborah

Pray for me, I feel I am backsliding. Lydia

I plan things so poorly and when I do I get indecisive. I was also short listed for 2 interviews for next week. I need to abide in God. Pray for me. G.K.

Pray with me for God’s provision of funds for facilitation of my studies at campus. Franklin

Pray for me to succeed in the small business I’ve started. Isaac

Pray for me to get a job this month. Irene

Pray for me to get my new job contract by Friday this week as my financial situation is very dire. Imani

Pray for me to pass the job interview for which I was short listed with 4 other people. Kenneth

Pray that my grandma & I get back our land in Mukono without paying a penny because it’s ours and also that we share it peacefully no matter what size it might be. Pray that I get a good job, home of my own and peace. Sharon

Pray for me, I’ve been having strange bad dreams. Pray with me against them & that my financial situation improves – get a job, promotion and a genuine spouse to love and be faithful to me through good and bad. Pamela

Pray for me to succeed in her education and to know God better. Joan

Pray for my sister Patricia who was operated on. Penny

Pray for me, I get bad and scary dreams. Sauba

Pray for a financial breakthrough. I am in a crisis. Pray for my eyes as well. I have an infection that has persisted for 3 weeks despite the medication. Rashid

I want to dedicate my semester to Jesus for a first class, also provision-financial, knowledge and peace of mind. Maureen

Pray for me that I pass my final exams and get a job. Mary UCU

Pray for the healing of my brother and also that I may have periods. Erinah

I need to get born again, stand firm in my faith. Pray too for academic excellence and for the gift of wisdom, love and forgiveness. Kevin

I am lost in loneliness. Pray for me so that I can hear and know my calling. Manter

Please stand with me in prayer for my tuition fees [900k] Samuel-MUK

Pray that God gives me the right husband. CM

Pray for me to get married and also a friend of mine from the USA promised to send me back to school and establish a business for me. Help me to believe that God will bring it to pass. Comfort

Pray for my job application to be answered and also the healing of my uterus. Juliet

Pray for me to find a God-fearing husband and that I cling to God because all good things come from Him. Roseline

Pray for me, I’m feeling unwell. Edwin

Pray for me to get a job, my family, school fees, for my sisters & brothers upkeep, to be healed from ulcers. Olivia

Pray for God’s grace upon me in all that I do – especially studies because things weren’t so good this term and my parents are starting to doubt my passing. Becky

Pray for me to get a job and to be close to Jesus. Margaret

I love my scope of work but the majority of my workmates are dishonest & malicious. I’m stressed and need another job. I’m not paid well but have lots of responsibility. Pray for me. Andy

I am currently experiencing a number of financial and spiritual problems. Pray for me that God grants me inner peace and strength so as to enable me to find solutions peacefully. Edward

I am not on good terms with my parents. Pray for me so that God may change their hearts. Joan

Pray for a financial breakthrough. Shamy

Pray that God grants me wisdom to get a 1st class degree in my law course for 4 years at Makerere. Juliana

Pray for my fiancé Robert Oddah, he has a paralysis problem on the left side of his body. Also pray for my wedding, due in December because the devil is fighting. Becky

I need prayer for the healing of my back pain. Felix