Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayer Requests

Pray for me to have peace, joy & happiness in my heart. Edith

I am in courtship but pray for me that this is the right man and that he may care for me fully [Joshua] & if he is not, pray for me to get one of my own desire and like. Edith

Pray with me for healing, I’m sick in bed. I also have a painful corn on the sole of my right foot for a long time. I also have a long list of needs that only God can meet. Flora

I thank God for what He has done in my life, especially for keeping me alive because there are others who haven’t made it up until this day. Brigitte

Join me in prayers for the shadows of ulcers have taken my life for 3 years. Our family is also divided, each on his own. Pray for unity. Anthony

Pray for me, I have a diploma in Social Work but I’ve failed to get a job.

I’m praying for a God-fearing man, a man after His own heart. Phoebe

Praying to get married and have God-fearing children. I have also been having a series of bad dreams, I pray that all are canceled in Jesus name. Maureen

I want a blessed financial breakthrough, a developmental and loving husband. Maureen

Pray for me. My boss wants me to go abroad with his wife but I am HIV+. People who go are tested before going. My boss doesn’t know about my status.

I’m meeting my landlord to ask for some grace period as I haven’t paid him for 3 months. I live in Lusaze. Please, I need more of your prayers.

Please pray for me, things are worsening on my side, my mum has no job yet she has to look after us at home and her parents who are badly off starving in the village in Tororo. Julie

Pray for my mum who is sick with an unknown disease and dad is suffering from pressure and diabetes. I have not even paid for my tuition because of that. Ruth

Help me pray for God’s protection upon my mum and our family. Dorcus

Pray for me to have peaceful nights and to move away from wrong deeds which have become habits. Edith

Pray for my mum, she is in Mulago Hospital. She really needs God’s grace.

I am a good free lance cinematographer and video editor praying for jobs this month. Benjamin

Pray for me to understand God’s love because I don’t have love in my heart. Betino

Pray for me to have a healthy baby, I am 4 months pregnant and always getting infections. It’s been discovered that I have fibroids and so will not be able to have a normal delivery. Pray for me to go through the remaining months without any complications. I also experience a lot of pain. Rachel

Pray for me, I’ve got a problem with my throat & I don’t feel like taking anything. Mary

I have 4 great job prospects and I don’t know which one the Lord wills me to go for and I don’t know how to know His will. Pray with me. Francis.

Pray for me to get knowledge to live in a place where I belong with my people. I even have no job in my life. Agnes

What really should I do? I’m having a hard life in this world, every job I get I am dismissed. What kind of prayers do I really need? Ivan

Pray for my boy Nathan, he has a high temperature due to bacterial infection & he’s very weak. I am believing in God’s healing. Vic

Pray for me the final exams. I request for your prayers. Irene

Please pray for me to get closer to God. I want to be able to fast and pray more. Pray for me to get out of debt and for my husband to get out of infidelity. Our marriage is suffering.

Pray for me to get a job. Joyce

Thanks for your prayers, I got a job in a digitec studio as a receptionist & the pay is good so I will be able to save money for my tuition at Makerere. Julie

I thank God for my ACCA Course. Chris