Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prayer Requests

Pray for me. I am a Kenyan student learning in university here. My wife works and she has been transferred to a rural area forcing me to stop my studies & care for the children in Nairobi.

Pray for my mum – her blood pressure is high and she has headaches. Solomon

I need help learning to pray to God. My life is not really in a good place and I need salvation. Lynn

Pray for me, I forget things very fast in the lectures. Winnie

Pray for my son to get a job, rent and unity in my home. I thank God for my father’s promotion. Pray for my sister who is very sick. Winnie

Pray for me that my life will be spiritually okay because I’m divided amongst books, work and church where I’m struggling. Walter

Pray for me. I dream about snakes a lot. I hate it because it’s so terrifying. Peruth

My prayer request is the salvation of all my Moslem relatives on my mum’s side. Tim

Pray for my husband who is looking for a job, for my pregnancy, for my job, my life that God may touch me and I get saved. Susan

I have been with this man for 11 years and we have 2 daughters. God revealed that he has another woman who is bewitching me & wants to kill me & he has a dark heart towards me. Pray for me. Beatrice

Pray for my sister. She’s due to give birth to twins but with some complications. Mary

Pray for me to overcome the jealousy from my neighbors who look at me badly and has a shrine in her house. I’m scared. Kesime

Pray for me. I have been believing the Lord for a job. I feel the time has come for this to pass. Dorah

Pray for me to go back to school, see my mum whom I don’t know where she is for over 16 years now and for me to prosper. Emma

Pray for the release of my results and a job. Xanx

I need you to pray for me so that I can get a job.

Pray for me so that my challenges I am going through can be solved. Ethel

Pray for me, I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen to me. Pray for me that I may pass this last semester’s exams.

Help me in prayer for good health because my body is surrounded with sickness: ulcers, malaria, plus others. Anthony

Pray with me for healing. Leilah

Pray for me. I am born again and had sexual relations with an HIV/AIDS lady though protected. I feel condemned in that. Husein

Pray for me to find a career.

Pray with me so that I can get a job. Sara

Pray for a quick, safe normal delivery because it’s due! Mary A.

Pray for my sister Joan whose neighbor is a devil worshipper such that God provides for her another place to stay and also the protection Jesus prevails in her family. Lydia

Pray for my mum. She has been attacked by demons in the night which struggle with her until she wakes up. Pray for her because she lives in the U.K. She is a single parent and we all depend on her. She is not working because she has been weakened by the demons. Her name is Ruth. Carol

I don’t have a job and am believing in God for one. Brenda

Pray for me, I want to pay my tuition balance and get my certificate from the institute. Mary

I did an interview last week so pray for me so that I go through and I also need peace of mind. Julian

I have a child to take care of , pray for me to get a job.

For 2 days now my eyes are paining me so much. I broke my glasses. Pray for me to get healed & to buy another pair of glasses. Richard

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prayer Requesrs

I’ve been sick for 3 weeks now. Please pray for me. Rhodah

Pray for me to forgive and love my mum for it’s so hard for me and all I think about her is bad. She has treated me bad and I even avoid to be where she is. Phiona

My friend Christine gave birth to a baby boy but lost him. God gives and takes away. He knows why it happened, pray for her to be strong. Stellah

I thank Jesus for my mum’s recovery from depression, having prayed along with you on air. Enoch

Pray for me and my family to overcome the challenges that we are going through, we need financial breakthroughs, I personally need to get another job, and I have already submitted my application for one at
MONUSCO Entebbe. Please ask JESUS to let me secure this job so that I can have my contributions towards the works of the Church and also extend family support. Robert

Pray for my twin brother Ben who is going to sit for his final S.6 exams this term. His performance hasn’t been so good before but we hope that God will give him divine courage & wisdom to do them & excel in them. Ken

I need help learning to pray to God. My life is not really in a good place and I need salvation. Lynn

I’m 7 months pregnant. Pray for me to have a safe delivery and be able to provide for the baby and I. Priscilla

Pray for a financial breakthrough.

Stand with me in prayer for a friend who has just lost a dad and has another patient in the hospital. Vic

I’m a PLE candidate. Pray for me to pass in 1st grade and be taken to school of my first choice. Michelle

I really need your prayers. I am sick of goiter and it has made my life complicate. I need complete healing. Juet

I need your prayers to avoid the devil’s temptation. I lost my senses and I want to have the wisdom of God to come back to me in my life. I’ve given all my life to God and I need protection of God for me and my people. I’m behaving like an animal and I don’t even know why. Agnes

My prayer request is that Jesus will free me from debt. I lost my job in early August but I owe so many people and the bank. I am between a rock and a hard place yet I am expecting my 3rd born. Only Jesus can bail me out. I am so stuck. Barbara

Prayer request: the man I love no longer picks my calls.

Pray for my girl Anisha, she will be sitting for PLE this term. Joy

I believed God for the passport and I received it. Then I prayed for a visa and that same night I dreamt that I received it. Please pray for me that God may grant it to me. Resty

Pray for me and my children. My mum is bewitching me. Pray we get money for rent and stay away from my mum. Nyakato

Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayer Requests

- Pray for me: I want to get a man to marry but no man has ever approached me for marriage.
- Pray for me that I improve on my focus and concentration. I often struggle in these areas. Pray for me to make progress in my business, personal life and my relationship. John
- Someone, after praying for me, told me that she saw my name written on a stone and put somewhere and she didn’t know who did it. We found out what this meant and we were told its bondage. Please pray for me to get over this bondage. Anne
- On Sunday I felt God was calling me to do ministry to war-torn areas. I need more revelation about it. Lonnah
- Pray for me to learn how to deal with lack of self-confidence. Sarah
- I need your prayers. I lost my job, no money, not even food at home. I’ve spent 2 days not eating food because I have no job. Money was everything to me. The devil has eaten my soul and I need your prayers for the spirit of the knowledge of God to come back to me. Pray for me to stop having negative thinking for my life. Agnes
- Pray for me to be free from spirits that use me for sex. Maureen
- Pray for our mum, Grace. She’s had a mental problem for about 19 years. Pray for me so that my application is considered at Makerere University. Mark
- Prayer request: I applied for sponsorship at Kyambogo University shortlist will be out this July. Pray for me that my name appears on that list & I pass through. Pray for me to get a job and be able to build my mother a good house & look after her. Pray for my brother to overcome the spirit of alcoholism. He is a terrible drunkard and has even missed a lot of chances in life because of alcohol. Rachel
- Pray for me for Holy Spirit guidance.
- I am requesting for your prayers that I and my family may stand strong in the Lord and that He will be our guide and that we will let Him have His way in us. Beth
- Pray for me to get a job. Helen
- Pray for me to get a better paying job and to always hear from the Holy Spirit. Maureen

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prayer Requests

 Pray for me, I want an international job, favor, joy, peace, protection and a wife from abroad – either from U.K., U.S.A. or Spain and the anointing of God. Jimmy
 Pray for me and my girlfriend. We are in need of finances as well as an increase on our savings. Maggie and John
 Pray for me to be with my girlfriend even though she wants another one.
 Please help me with prayers. We have a land dispute and all my relatives have pulled out my living mom, almost killing her one night when she was there.
 Pray for me. I am in need of money to meet my bills in the next few days as well as to save. John
 For the last 2 weeks I have been feeling so low. I have failed to get a job, kids, etc. Angela
 Pray for me that God will provide me with finances because I have debts. Daniel
 I am really in need of a job. Pray for me so that I can get one. Oscar
 Chris loves me but he didn’t go to school. I have thought of him learning English but I feel it’s not enough. I am somehow troubled because I am being laughed at. He has no job also. He loves me and I do. Pray with me.
 My prayer request is to get a better job. Lillian
 I would like to give God great thanks for the wonderful things He has done for us. Help me with prayer; I have a terrible headache since 1992 up to now. Sometimes I can’t sleep when it starts. Sam
 Please pray for my academic excellence in my mock exams and final papers. Julius
 I would like for everyone to help me pray because I can’t tell how my money goes whenever I get, it makes then end by debt. I have tried all the ways to save since but I have failed yet I have many responsibilities. In fact, I end up even selling sometimes whatever I bought in the house. It started 15 years back or even earlier, as soon as I started handling money in primary. Moses
 I am Eunice, a single parent. Pray for me, I need fees for my 2 kids.
 I believe in God for a financial breakthrough in our family. It has been a tough time for us. Pray for us. Adreen
 Pray for me to stay strong in Christ. Maureen
 I am dating a Caucasian man who loves me deeply but I am afraid to accept his proposal because he wants me to move to Europe yet I love to stay in Africa. Pray for me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prayer Requests

• Pray for me in my studies. I need your prayers as I am sitting for a nursing final this coming November. I am trying to read but things aren’t entering. I believe in God for the best. Patrick
• I am a student nurse. Pray for me because I am starting my final exams soon. Juliet
• Pray for me to have peace in my heart. I’m sad. Betty
• Pray for me to be delivered from barrenness and bondages. Gladys
• Agree with my God to provide me with a job. Norah
• Please believe with me and my course-mates that we may excel in our finals which start soon. Daisy
• I have a problem with ulcers & am not feeling good. Pray for me. Mary
• Pray for my friend Molly. She has lost a child 2 days ago. Let God comfort her. Mary
• I am greatly troubled at work. There is a workmate who discriminates against me in everything. She doesn’t want to talk to me, yet I didn’t do anything to her, although I try hard to communicate with her, she shows no interest. Please pray for me because I love my job. Jackie
• Please believe with me that when I go for the interviews for human resource business associate of NSSF, I’ll be the best candidate.
• My husband and our son got into an accident on their way back home from Hoima. They both have fractures. Kindly pray for us. I know our Redeemer live. The devil is a liar. I have papers to sit for in 2 weeks’ time [masters, have paid fees]. Please, I need God’s grace. Vic
• My husband’s [Julius] leg is being operated on due to the accident. Pray for a successful operation and quick recovery. Thanks. Vic
• I need a miracle for my husband to stop justifying his cheating and saying that I’m a cheat too. It hurts so much to spoil my name. I need God to fight for me.
• I’m requesting your prayers to get a job as a driver with any good NGO. Ivan
• Pray for me, there is a lot to revise in a short time. Pray that I will also be able to pay back money I borrowed to top up tuition fees. I need money for upkeep since I’m getting a leave soon. Allen
• I request you to stand with me in prayer so that God may enable me to secure a piece of land in Mukono and set up a temple for God. Pastor Joseph – Divine Life Ministry
• Pray for me to get a good husband who knows and fears God and who respects me and for God to break off from my life all works of Satan. Maureen in UK

Answered prayer
Thanks for the nice program. Well, I am now somehow good. Mary

Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayer Requests

Pray for me to have peace, joy & happiness in my heart. Edith

I am in courtship but pray for me that this is the right man and that he may care for me fully [Joshua] & if he is not, pray for me to get one of my own desire and like. Edith

Pray with me for healing, I’m sick in bed. I also have a painful corn on the sole of my right foot for a long time. I also have a long list of needs that only God can meet. Flora

I thank God for what He has done in my life, especially for keeping me alive because there are others who haven’t made it up until this day. Brigitte

Join me in prayers for the shadows of ulcers have taken my life for 3 years. Our family is also divided, each on his own. Pray for unity. Anthony

Pray for me, I have a diploma in Social Work but I’ve failed to get a job.

I’m praying for a God-fearing man, a man after His own heart. Phoebe

Praying to get married and have God-fearing children. I have also been having a series of bad dreams, I pray that all are canceled in Jesus name. Maureen

I want a blessed financial breakthrough, a developmental and loving husband. Maureen

Pray for me. My boss wants me to go abroad with his wife but I am HIV+. People who go are tested before going. My boss doesn’t know about my status.

I’m meeting my landlord to ask for some grace period as I haven’t paid him for 3 months. I live in Lusaze. Please, I need more of your prayers.

Please pray for me, things are worsening on my side, my mum has no job yet she has to look after us at home and her parents who are badly off starving in the village in Tororo. Julie

Pray for my mum who is sick with an unknown disease and dad is suffering from pressure and diabetes. I have not even paid for my tuition because of that. Ruth

Help me pray for God’s protection upon my mum and our family. Dorcus

Pray for me to have peaceful nights and to move away from wrong deeds which have become habits. Edith

Pray for my mum, she is in Mulago Hospital. She really needs God’s grace.

I am a good free lance cinematographer and video editor praying for jobs this month. Benjamin

Pray for me to understand God’s love because I don’t have love in my heart. Betino

Pray for me to have a healthy baby, I am 4 months pregnant and always getting infections. It’s been discovered that I have fibroids and so will not be able to have a normal delivery. Pray for me to go through the remaining months without any complications. I also experience a lot of pain. Rachel

Pray for me, I’ve got a problem with my throat & I don’t feel like taking anything. Mary

I have 4 great job prospects and I don’t know which one the Lord wills me to go for and I don’t know how to know His will. Pray with me. Francis.

Pray for me to get knowledge to live in a place where I belong with my people. I even have no job in my life. Agnes

What really should I do? I’m having a hard life in this world, every job I get I am dismissed. What kind of prayers do I really need? Ivan

Pray for my boy Nathan, he has a high temperature due to bacterial infection & he’s very weak. I am believing in God’s healing. Vic

Pray for me the final exams. I request for your prayers. Irene

Please pray for me to get closer to God. I want to be able to fast and pray more. Pray for me to get out of debt and for my husband to get out of infidelity. Our marriage is suffering.

Pray for me to get a job. Joyce

Thanks for your prayers, I got a job in a digitec studio as a receptionist & the pay is good so I will be able to save money for my tuition at Makerere. Julie

I thank God for my ACCA Course. Chris

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer Requests

Pray for me to get knowledge in class and to learn how to speak English fluently. I am in S.6. Carol

Pray with me in regards to keeping holy & righteous and keeping Jesus’ ways in all I do. Renny

Pray for my sister who has been operated on and pray for our baby, she is not fine. Carol

Pray for me, I am a student nurse who is going through a tough exam which will determine if I am to sit for my final exam in May.

Everything is not fine and I am sick with a fever. Pray for me. Julie

Pray for me, I got a job in South Sudan, it’s not a peaceful place but pray for me for peace and for my friend Eve to get a good nice job. Martin

Pray for my dad, he is struggling with high blood pressure and weight. Esther

Pray for me, I need capital. I am selling my shares. Pray the buyer keeps his word to buy them. Joshua

Pray for me, I have a strong phobia for church, when I go I don’t understand anything. Suzan

Please pray for me to get a new job. Mary

Pray that God gives me the grace to read His Word daily and understand it. Norah

Pray for me and my girlfriend to get sponsors and a good job for me. Benjamin

I have started a business and need God to bless me so I can get clients, otherwise, the loss would be too much for me. Samari

My prayer life is declining; please believe with me to God for a revival. Wendy

Pray with me for my relationship to mature into a holy, Godly and lasting love-filled marriage, also for my account to grow this year, for my mum’s plot to be acquired and for me to achieve my desired career because I’ve been 9 years out of school after my high school. Lucy

Pray for me so that I can get a job. I have a diploma in social work.

Pray for my wife who is very sick and needs an operation. Pray for house rent, debt, school fees.

My prayer request is that I will never have to spend another Valentine’s Day alone, so help me God. I am tired of being lonely. Diana

I need more of your prayers & below are my needs: 1. Job as a driver for a company called Tullow Oil or any NGO. 2. British/USA visa. 3. Wisdom from Heaven. Ivan

Pray for me so that the promises made by my boss of salary increment, paying for my driving lessons and getting me a laptop come to action soon. Davis

Pray for me, I have a dry cough and am failing to sleep.

Pray for a peaceful and successful election this month. Sam

Pray for me, we have hospital finals this week. Irene

Thank you for praying for us. We’ve been invade by flu, cough & malaria. Pray for us all to get well. Pray for me so that I get the money for school shopping for my kids. Rose

Pray for my business, though they are still small, they’re going to make me a billionaire. TYJ!

Pray for me, I’m sick with a fever and painful ulcers. My mom’s account was blocked and she has no job now. Pray for me to make it to university. Julie

Stand with me in prayer for the Lord’s guidance & comfort. Arnold

I need a partner who knows God, success, health. Pray for me. Annet

Stand with me in prayer for healing from a very painful ulcer & wounds in my private parts. Amos

Join me in prayer as I trust God for a virtuous wife with the help of the Holy Spirit. I have limited finances too. Rogers

I’ve been out of school for 2 years. I’ve been admitted to KIU for a diploma in clinical medicine and community health in the Sept. 2010/2011 intake but failed to report. From s.1 to s.6 I made charcoal for fees. I’ve tried to look for assistance from many sources but failed in the past 2 years. As a result I’m stressed and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. I request your prayers. Calvin

Friday, January 7, 2011

Answered Prayer

Thank you for your prayers. God came through for me. I got the job. Francis

Prayer Requests

-- Pray for me not to get a retake – I am doing exams for my 3rd year at MUBS. Helen
-- Please help and pray for me a guidance prayer. I am jobless. Robert
-- Pray for me to live a holy life and my s.6 results and to serve God fully. Julie
-- I need a job such that I can finance my education & sustain my life. Please pray with me.
-- Pray for my brother Martin who is doing exams to excel. Violet
-- I made a promise to God that I would stop masturbating but I have failed. I stop for awhile then it comes back. At times I get frustrated. Pray for me. Chris
-- Pray with me for a successful marriage next year, favor with my fianc├ęs’ people, my people and for him too. Lucy
-- Pray for me, I need to build a house for my family in the village. Pray that the Lord will provide finances. Willis
-- Pray for me. I have problems in my relationship. Claire
-- My boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago because of many reasons but I can’t seem to get him out of my head. Please help me forget him.
-- I just came from church but I still feel empty. Pray with me that I will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit as I take on the day’s tasks. Grace
-- Stand with me and my husband in prayer – we have a lot of debts and the man was expected today but we don’t have it. Ruth
-- Pray for me to get healed in the stomach, for kids’ fees, to get clients and to change the kids’ dad to take care of them.
-- Pray for my marriage, our jobs & bless my sister who is going to Somalia for peace keeping and all my children. Lawrence
-- Please agree with me: I pray this week to earn $1500.00 from my company – QI Group. Christine
-- Please pray with me. I’m a female, 31, not married & childless. I’m scared because men who are interested in me don’t measure up. I am highly educated with a fair job. I am so disturbed. Secret
-- Malcolm had a terrible accident on 26/12. I thank God that I didn’t lose him and that he’s getting better. Please pray for him. Rose
-- I’ve just given birth and facing so many challenges. My son of 2 years was bitten by a dog. I have so many debts to pay. I have to borrow but all in vain. All this has made me backslide spiritually and I’m emotionally distressed. Please pray for me. I think I might lose my job. Someone tipped me off and the way my bosses are acting it might be true. I need prayer. How will I look after and provide for my 3 kids. Lydia
-- Pray for my friend. I asked him a question but he is scared to answer me. Rosemary
I have an interview with NSSF tomorrow. Please believe with me for this job. Francis
-- Pray for me to get God’s wisdom, favor, grace and a financial breakthrough. Denis
-- My prayer request is to see my son again soon. Separation from his mum meant holding out on him. I haven’t seen him in over a year. Moses
-- My dad – James – is sick. Pray for him. Agatha
-- Pray for me that this year is blessed and I get a job and I really get to know my mum.
-- Pray for me, I am applying for a UK visa. Pray for the Lord’s favor and mercy. Pamela
-- Pray with me, I always dream about snakes and at times I feel some too heavy sitting on me especially when I’m asleep, then suddenly I become scared. Joan
-- I request for a blessing from you for me and all UCU students for success in the forth coming papers starting tomorrow. Ivy Martha
-- Pray with me believing God for a promotion. I’ve been doing the same job for 3 years yet I’m confident I can handle the other job I am eyeing. Peruth