Friday, January 7, 2011

Answered Prayer

Thank you for your prayers. God came through for me. I got the job. Francis

Prayer Requests

-- Pray for me not to get a retake – I am doing exams for my 3rd year at MUBS. Helen
-- Please help and pray for me a guidance prayer. I am jobless. Robert
-- Pray for me to live a holy life and my s.6 results and to serve God fully. Julie
-- I need a job such that I can finance my education & sustain my life. Please pray with me.
-- Pray for my brother Martin who is doing exams to excel. Violet
-- I made a promise to God that I would stop masturbating but I have failed. I stop for awhile then it comes back. At times I get frustrated. Pray for me. Chris
-- Pray with me for a successful marriage next year, favor with my fianc├ęs’ people, my people and for him too. Lucy
-- Pray for me, I need to build a house for my family in the village. Pray that the Lord will provide finances. Willis
-- Pray for me. I have problems in my relationship. Claire
-- My boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago because of many reasons but I can’t seem to get him out of my head. Please help me forget him.
-- I just came from church but I still feel empty. Pray with me that I will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit as I take on the day’s tasks. Grace
-- Stand with me and my husband in prayer – we have a lot of debts and the man was expected today but we don’t have it. Ruth
-- Pray for me to get healed in the stomach, for kids’ fees, to get clients and to change the kids’ dad to take care of them.
-- Pray for my marriage, our jobs & bless my sister who is going to Somalia for peace keeping and all my children. Lawrence
-- Please agree with me: I pray this week to earn $1500.00 from my company – QI Group. Christine
-- Please pray with me. I’m a female, 31, not married & childless. I’m scared because men who are interested in me don’t measure up. I am highly educated with a fair job. I am so disturbed. Secret
-- Malcolm had a terrible accident on 26/12. I thank God that I didn’t lose him and that he’s getting better. Please pray for him. Rose
-- I’ve just given birth and facing so many challenges. My son of 2 years was bitten by a dog. I have so many debts to pay. I have to borrow but all in vain. All this has made me backslide spiritually and I’m emotionally distressed. Please pray for me. I think I might lose my job. Someone tipped me off and the way my bosses are acting it might be true. I need prayer. How will I look after and provide for my 3 kids. Lydia
-- Pray for my friend. I asked him a question but he is scared to answer me. Rosemary
I have an interview with NSSF tomorrow. Please believe with me for this job. Francis
-- Pray for me to get God’s wisdom, favor, grace and a financial breakthrough. Denis
-- My prayer request is to see my son again soon. Separation from his mum meant holding out on him. I haven’t seen him in over a year. Moses
-- My dad – James – is sick. Pray for him. Agatha
-- Pray for me that this year is blessed and I get a job and I really get to know my mum.
-- Pray for me, I am applying for a UK visa. Pray for the Lord’s favor and mercy. Pamela
-- Pray with me, I always dream about snakes and at times I feel some too heavy sitting on me especially when I’m asleep, then suddenly I become scared. Joan
-- I request for a blessing from you for me and all UCU students for success in the forth coming papers starting tomorrow. Ivy Martha
-- Pray with me believing God for a promotion. I’ve been doing the same job for 3 years yet I’m confident I can handle the other job I am eyeing. Peruth