Tuesday, August 7, 2012

n     Pray for me. I have been trying business without success and now my business partner is yet to raise more capital next week. Pray that we may succeed. Carol
n     This text is to thank the Lord for giving me the job I’ve been praying for. Ivan
n     Prayer request: I’m a born again teacher but God is calling me to do missionary work. Whenever I get an opportunity to go, obstacles come in so please help. Serene  
n     Pray for me to get a transfer to a better school in KCCA. Lawrence
n     Pray for me. I am becoming spiritually weaker day by day against my will. Christine
n     I would like you to pray for me to break the spirit of rejection.
n     Pray for my mother, she is having kidney and liver problems and has stomach cancer. Pray for me to change my life in everything and against poverty. Kennedy
n     Pray for my family so that we might have peace, love and unity. Chris
n     I need you to agree with me in prayer for God’s deliverance. I get bad dreams like having sex with different men. Daphne
n     Pray for me, I want to go back to my husband’s place. Fiona from Mukono
n     Something for God to do: favor, peace, joy, blessings, money, protection, faith, white lady, nations. Jimmy
n     Pray for me. I’m going for a written job interview under public service. Sam
n     Pray with me, I need a financial breakthrough of 5 million & God’s favor in whatever I do. George
n     Pray for me. I am an S.6 vaccist and I need a job of becoming a secretary – anything – but well paying because I need to finance myself to the university. I also want God to reveal to me the person or devil who snatched away my good results in my final A level exams. Phoebe
n     Pray with me for my family and company. God seems so quiet. Julie
n     Please pray for my mum Sara who is sick. She became unwell after our grandma’s burial. Haron  
n     I request you to pray for me to receive the Holy Spirit again because I’m feeling empty. And also pray for the forgiveness of my sin.  Stephen
n     We are requesting prayers for healing against AIDS and that we get wedded. Joyce and Amos
n     Life seems to be so hard, unfair & cruel in my family. We do need joint prayers please. Angela
n     Pray for me for employment and good health. I’ve just finished campus. Joel
n     Kindly pray for me to break through. I am sinking in debt. KT
n     Pray for my dad who has a growth on his stomach. I believe he’s healed but it should manifest. Lucy
n     I would like you to intercede in pray for me for my low financial status and excellence in my forthcoming UNEB exams because I have all the faith. Eric
n     I want to serve God around the world for the rest of my life. Pray that God opens doors. I am also single so pray that God may show me a true wife for me. Amos
n     Pray for me, I really need a job. I am tired of poverty. Olive