Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prayer Requesrs

I’ve been sick for 3 weeks now. Please pray for me. Rhodah

Pray for me to forgive and love my mum for it’s so hard for me and all I think about her is bad. She has treated me bad and I even avoid to be where she is. Phiona

My friend Christine gave birth to a baby boy but lost him. God gives and takes away. He knows why it happened, pray for her to be strong. Stellah

I thank Jesus for my mum’s recovery from depression, having prayed along with you on air. Enoch

Pray for me and my family to overcome the challenges that we are going through, we need financial breakthroughs, I personally need to get another job, and I have already submitted my application for one at
MONUSCO Entebbe. Please ask JESUS to let me secure this job so that I can have my contributions towards the works of the Church and also extend family support. Robert

Pray for my twin brother Ben who is going to sit for his final S.6 exams this term. His performance hasn’t been so good before but we hope that God will give him divine courage & wisdom to do them & excel in them. Ken

I need help learning to pray to God. My life is not really in a good place and I need salvation. Lynn

I’m 7 months pregnant. Pray for me to have a safe delivery and be able to provide for the baby and I. Priscilla

Pray for a financial breakthrough.

Stand with me in prayer for a friend who has just lost a dad and has another patient in the hospital. Vic

I’m a PLE candidate. Pray for me to pass in 1st grade and be taken to school of my first choice. Michelle

I really need your prayers. I am sick of goiter and it has made my life complicate. I need complete healing. Juet

I need your prayers to avoid the devil’s temptation. I lost my senses and I want to have the wisdom of God to come back to me in my life. I’ve given all my life to God and I need protection of God for me and my people. I’m behaving like an animal and I don’t even know why. Agnes

My prayer request is that Jesus will free me from debt. I lost my job in early August but I owe so many people and the bank. I am between a rock and a hard place yet I am expecting my 3rd born. Only Jesus can bail me out. I am so stuck. Barbara

Prayer request: the man I love no longer picks my calls.

Pray for my girl Anisha, she will be sitting for PLE this term. Joy

I believed God for the passport and I received it. Then I prayed for a visa and that same night I dreamt that I received it. Please pray for me that God may grant it to me. Resty

Pray for me and my children. My mum is bewitching me. Pray we get money for rent and stay away from my mum. Nyakato