Thursday, September 9, 2010

Answered Prayers

I want to thank God for healing my broken heart. I am happy because I know I will be able to love again.

Praise God! Three years ago I asked you to believe God with me for a job. My Father in Heaven just blew my mind! I return to give Him praise. Gloria

I want to thank the Lord for delivering me through the pain and tribulations. Daphne

Thank God because He paid my tuition even when people turned their back on me. Mary

Praise God who has opened my womb at 40 years of age. Helen from Nsambya

Mine is a testimony to the Lord’s favor. My brother was released and I’m thankful for that. My finances are improving and for that I praise God. I know He’s doing great things for me.

Praise Jesus! Thanks for your prayers. I delivered well. I had a baby girl. Jackie

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests
Pray for me, my heart is so hard. I want to feel the Holy Spirit. Denis

Pray with me, I’m 42 and tired of the single life. Liz

Pray for me. I am in need of tuition about 1.3 million. Though I know that God cares, I just can’t stop feeling down. Kristin

Pray for my friends and me to pass our final A-level exams with at least 23 points & win scholarships. Pray for a financial breakthrough and for my family to be thankful for what we have and for my sister living with her boyfriend to marry in church & live successfully. Pray for a long, productive and healthy life for my family. Liz

Pray for my brother and sister, both with life threatening diseases – that God intervenes. I trust His mercy. Joy of Mengo

Pray for me that God will give me the spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His Word. I’m tired of reading the Bible like a newspaper and the devil snatches away whatever I read. I am undergoing prayer and fasting for that issue.

Pray for me. My mail business is stuck and I have a lot of debt to be paid. Moses

Pray for me. I hate my father.

I’m a widow living alone. I need a husband. I’m so lonely. Thanks for praying for me.

Pray for me. I had a miscarriage. It was so painful for me and I felt really bad & have bad dream. Jamie Jane

Pray for me for God’s help, mercy & favor because there is a man who made me pregnant, denied me and abused me bitterly. Jackie

I was operated twice through much pain but I have failed to recover. Pray for me, I’m so scared. I don’t want to leave my daughter. Grace

I request prayer for my brothers and sister and for my mum to get better as she’s sick. Ethel

Pray for my tuition for Makerere University. Judith

Pray for me and my sisters for jobs & finances from God & for blessings in our lives. Thank you. Stella

Pray for me, I have problems in my business. Mary [Bugalobi]

Pray for me not to lose my job that I got recently. The management say they want to close their operations in Uganda. Prossy

Pray for me to be able to prove for myself and for people who need my help and for Psalm 70:2 to be implemented on me. I’ve been admitted to take a university course but am afraid I might be thrown out due to tuition problems. Pray for me then to get money enough for fees, I badly need the course. Tony

Pray over my university results to be well rectified by the people responsible. It’s hard but I pray for a miracle from God since I have hope that He can intervene in it and everything will become okay. Lillian

I am in great distress. My children are to return to school but I see little means of sending them back, especially the university one. Pray with me a for a financial breakthrough. Ignatius

Pray for my father. He is ill and pray for my financial provision [I need a paying job.] Daniel

Pray to God to forgive me & to give me more anointing and the Holy Spirit & to make my husband Sam love Him. Pray also for blessings and success in our family & all we plan to do. Pray for protection for baby Solomon.

A prayer request for my daughter Diana who will be sitting for her PLE come November this year @ Greenhill Academy. Also pray for my 2 daughters to get jobs. They have completed university.

Pray for me to get a visa and have a financial breakthrough and a successful wedding and divine favor. I trust it will come to pass in Jesus’ Name.

Pray for me to get a job. I’m so confused. Comfort

Pray for my kids: Mark, Noah & Paul to excel in their exams. Jane

I prayed and the Lord made me a miracle of a job but now it’s spoilt. So help me and pray so that it stabilizes again.

Pray with me that God blesses me with a job. Moira

Pray that God blesses Njuba Susan with the car she intends to purchase. Freddy

Pray for my mum who is suffering from osteoarthritis and for my sister who has malaria. Rachel

Pray with me, I have pain in my lower abdomen. Stella

Pray for me to get a U.K. settlement visa. Esther in Ntinda

Pray for my mother Regina Tiperu to receive Christ as her Lord & Savior and for the transformation of my dad Atiku Moses completely in Christ

Pray for me for wisdom and financial support for this semester. I’m at KIU. Prossy

Pray for me, I need healing from HIV-AIDS.

Pray for me, I need a financial breakthrough, a job and a man who will truly love me and I love him in return till death do us part. Doreen

Pray for me so that I can get tuition for this semester. I’ve also backslid. Pray for me so that I know Jesus more and more. Martin

Pray for me that I and my boyfriend may be able to get a very good paying job so that we can take care of our son and also to stabilize my relationship. Winnie

Thanks for the program. Pray for me. I want to find my soul-mate, a loving spouse. Mercy

I have been praying for a job and doing everything to get one but I feel my efforts are in vain. Has God forgotten me? I have pushed my faith. Pray for me to keep believing because I’m soon giving up. Julie

Pray for me so that I can get a job. Henry

I am newly admitted to MUK masters student who needs over 3.3 million to take up the course. Pray for a miracle. Marian

Please believe with me for my mother. She is in hospital and the doctors can’t see anything. Pray against the spirit of witchcraft. Sarah

I need your prayers. I always have bad dreams. I also need success in my plan. Annet

I need you to stand with me in prayer for a job. It’s now a full year without anything to do. I need a way out. Ben

Pray especially for my parents who after a short while fall sick. Henry

I’m struggling to get a D-Visa. Pray for the security of my property. Nathan

Pray with me for my mom’s safety as she travels. May the Lord provide for her and watch over her for me. There seems to be a shuffle at work. Please pray for me that I survive it. I’ve been threatened since I got the job so I seek God’s mercy. Pray for my father that he may have favor and win in the campaigns for Nebbi District. I also pray for the resources sent to him for fees for my siblings. Pray with my family that we have favor in the campaigns, as we collect the votes we pray for divine help.

The Lord calls me to serve Him fully so pray for me to be courageous and bold when witnessing. Rogers

Pray for me to get a job. I thank God for healing me of malaria. Martin

Pray for me that the Lord keeps my aunt and uncle alive and that I find my long, lost brother and sister Maria and Phillip.

Pray for my studies and spiritual guides so that God provides me with knowledge and wisdom. Isaac

Help me pray for the spirit of unity in my home because we’re not always on good terms. Sam

Pray with me to get a God-fearing man for a husband.

Pray for us for good results for HIV in a month’s time and for divine health. Jackie