Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer Requests

Pray for me to get knowledge in class and to learn how to speak English fluently. I am in S.6. Carol

Pray with me in regards to keeping holy & righteous and keeping Jesus’ ways in all I do. Renny

Pray for my sister who has been operated on and pray for our baby, she is not fine. Carol

Pray for me, I am a student nurse who is going through a tough exam which will determine if I am to sit for my final exam in May.

Everything is not fine and I am sick with a fever. Pray for me. Julie

Pray for me, I got a job in South Sudan, it’s not a peaceful place but pray for me for peace and for my friend Eve to get a good nice job. Martin

Pray for my dad, he is struggling with high blood pressure and weight. Esther

Pray for me, I need capital. I am selling my shares. Pray the buyer keeps his word to buy them. Joshua

Pray for me, I have a strong phobia for church, when I go I don’t understand anything. Suzan

Please pray for me to get a new job. Mary

Pray that God gives me the grace to read His Word daily and understand it. Norah

Pray for me and my girlfriend to get sponsors and a good job for me. Benjamin

I have started a business and need God to bless me so I can get clients, otherwise, the loss would be too much for me. Samari

My prayer life is declining; please believe with me to God for a revival. Wendy

Pray with me for my relationship to mature into a holy, Godly and lasting love-filled marriage, also for my account to grow this year, for my mum’s plot to be acquired and for me to achieve my desired career because I’ve been 9 years out of school after my high school. Lucy

Pray for me so that I can get a job. I have a diploma in social work.

Pray for my wife who is very sick and needs an operation. Pray for house rent, debt, school fees.

My prayer request is that I will never have to spend another Valentine’s Day alone, so help me God. I am tired of being lonely. Diana

I need more of your prayers & below are my needs: 1. Job as a driver for a company called Tullow Oil or any NGO. 2. British/USA visa. 3. Wisdom from Heaven. Ivan

Pray for me so that the promises made by my boss of salary increment, paying for my driving lessons and getting me a laptop come to action soon. Davis

Pray for me, I have a dry cough and am failing to sleep.

Pray for a peaceful and successful election this month. Sam

Pray for me, we have hospital finals this week. Irene

Thank you for praying for us. We’ve been invade by flu, cough & malaria. Pray for us all to get well. Pray for me so that I get the money for school shopping for my kids. Rose

Pray for my business, though they are still small, they’re going to make me a billionaire. TYJ!

Pray for me, I’m sick with a fever and painful ulcers. My mom’s account was blocked and she has no job now. Pray for me to make it to university. Julie

Stand with me in prayer for the Lord’s guidance & comfort. Arnold

I need a partner who knows God, success, health. Pray for me. Annet

Stand with me in prayer for healing from a very painful ulcer & wounds in my private parts. Amos

Join me in prayer as I trust God for a virtuous wife with the help of the Holy Spirit. I have limited finances too. Rogers

I’ve been out of school for 2 years. I’ve been admitted to KIU for a diploma in clinical medicine and community health in the Sept. 2010/2011 intake but failed to report. From s.1 to s.6 I made charcoal for fees. I’ve tried to look for assistance from many sources but failed in the past 2 years. As a result I’m stressed and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. I request your prayers. Calvin