Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prayer Requests

* Prayer request: to pass my UBTEB & get a certificate from UBTEB & I continue with my course of motor vehicle I did on 27, 28 Nov. 2011. I want to pass them. I don’t want to repeat because the fees are too much.
* I would like you to pray for me to get genuine sponsors from across the world because I have tried but all in vain and for my academics because I’m just battling with A-levels. Eric
* Pray for me, I want God to fulfill my plans to marry, to have capital, self-employed & to keep my blood negative. Only Jesus can do so. Gilbert
* I pray for a God-fearing husband who, this time, won’t break my heart. Vic
* Yes, I don’t have to feel lost, my life is miserable and so desperate for a job. Pray for me, I’ve tried all in vain. I’m a university student. Henry
* Pray with me to get 25 points in my UNEB & a government scholarship and for my sister’s wedding.
* Pray for me so that I may forget my ex-boy. He disappointed me by impersonating a gal and up to now I feel I still love him. I want him to get born in the family. Jen
* I do architectural drawing but every time I get a job I get a hindrance amidst or shortly after employment. I don’t have a job. Please pray for me, I need a well paying job. Peninah
* Pray and help me get delivered from the grips of the devil who is ruining my family members. Andrew
* Pray for my wife Lucy and myself Amos.
* I’m asking for prayer for help – I’m doing something wrong and whenever I try to stop I go back repeating the same thing. Cecilia
* I would like to be prayed for against allergic problems. I tried all tabs and was treated many times but all in vain. Rose
* Prayer request: I want my husband, John to come out of Luzira prison which he has been in for over a year. We need God’s miracle. Justine
* Pray for me, I need a financial breakthrough in my life. I have a job but things are not well. Jullian
* Pray for me for God to open my ways and blessings. Paul
* Pray that my dad stops smoking and pray that I get a good paying job. Esther
* I’m single and need a husband, 3 years old than my age of 31 and single, a born-again from a caring and God-fearing family with a wedding to bring us together.
* Now I need God’s power to enable me to go back to school and above all to heal me. Dora
* Pray for me to get promoted at work this year. Pray for love and good health in the family, also that friends that abandoned me come back so that we can be good friends again. Joan

Prayer Requesrs

* I have a driver’s permit but am jobless. I am requesting for a prayer which will get me employment. Geoffrey
* I am heading to S.6 next year but I just pray that the Lord helps me out with this. I have tried all kinds of ways but all in vain like looking for sponsors who will help me out & on top of that my academic performance is really poor.
* Pray for my business. It is slow this month. Emma
* I’m saved and my father is a strong believer. Now my problem is we have culture but for him he is against the beliefs. Now as his children we are suffering for yet I don’t have enough to pay. Pray for us. Isaac
* Pray for me to get a government scholarship when the results are back & to get a good job during my vacation. Martha
* Help me pray for my job. I had a dream as if one of the staff members went to the boss and blackmailed me. Simon
* Pray for me to be closer to Christ. My fiancé has disappeared. Pray that he comes back. Esta
* I need a job and also I’m not feeling well. I need your prayers that this year may be a year of successes & prosperity in my life. Irene
* Pray for my family, my husband, my daughter and I need so much strength, faith & hopes. Things are not good for us. We want to live together but many things are blocking us. This has made my husband so disappointed; sometimes he just goes out and makes himself drunk to avoid the loneliness. Annet
* I believe in God for to be healed from nose polyps, fibroids & hemorrhoids. I fear to be operated. I’m oppressed. I’ve hated my life.
* Pray with me to overcome an enemy who wants to ruin my job. Let Jesus punish her. Ivan
* Pray for me and my family to have good health. I suffer from arthritis. Also pray for me to get a promotion at work in the New Year. Joan
* My brother is very sick due for an operation. Help me in prayer. Rose