Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prayer Requests

Pray for me. I am a Kenyan student learning in university here. My wife works and she has been transferred to a rural area forcing me to stop my studies & care for the children in Nairobi.

Pray for my mum – her blood pressure is high and she has headaches. Solomon

I need help learning to pray to God. My life is not really in a good place and I need salvation. Lynn

Pray for me, I forget things very fast in the lectures. Winnie

Pray for my son to get a job, rent and unity in my home. I thank God for my father’s promotion. Pray for my sister who is very sick. Winnie

Pray for me that my life will be spiritually okay because I’m divided amongst books, work and church where I’m struggling. Walter

Pray for me. I dream about snakes a lot. I hate it because it’s so terrifying. Peruth

My prayer request is the salvation of all my Moslem relatives on my mum’s side. Tim

Pray for my husband who is looking for a job, for my pregnancy, for my job, my life that God may touch me and I get saved. Susan

I have been with this man for 11 years and we have 2 daughters. God revealed that he has another woman who is bewitching me & wants to kill me & he has a dark heart towards me. Pray for me. Beatrice

Pray for my sister. She’s due to give birth to twins but with some complications. Mary

Pray for me to overcome the jealousy from my neighbors who look at me badly and has a shrine in her house. I’m scared. Kesime

Pray for me. I have been believing the Lord for a job. I feel the time has come for this to pass. Dorah

Pray for me to go back to school, see my mum whom I don’t know where she is for over 16 years now and for me to prosper. Emma

Pray for the release of my results and a job. Xanx

I need you to pray for me so that I can get a job.

Pray for me so that my challenges I am going through can be solved. Ethel

Pray for me, I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen to me. Pray for me that I may pass this last semester’s exams.

Help me in prayer for good health because my body is surrounded with sickness: ulcers, malaria, plus others. Anthony

Pray with me for healing. Leilah

Pray for me. I am born again and had sexual relations with an HIV/AIDS lady though protected. I feel condemned in that. Husein

Pray for me to find a career.

Pray with me so that I can get a job. Sara

Pray for a quick, safe normal delivery because it’s due! Mary A.

Pray for my sister Joan whose neighbor is a devil worshipper such that God provides for her another place to stay and also the protection Jesus prevails in her family. Lydia

Pray for my mum. She has been attacked by demons in the night which struggle with her until she wakes up. Pray for her because she lives in the U.K. She is a single parent and we all depend on her. She is not working because she has been weakened by the demons. Her name is Ruth. Carol

I don’t have a job and am believing in God for one. Brenda

Pray for me, I want to pay my tuition balance and get my certificate from the institute. Mary

I did an interview last week so pray for me so that I go through and I also need peace of mind. Julian

I have a child to take care of , pray for me to get a job.

For 2 days now my eyes are paining me so much. I broke my glasses. Pray for me to get healed & to buy another pair of glasses. Richard