Monday, July 26, 2010

Answered Prayer

I finally got school fees for my brother. Thanks for your prayers. Oscar

Thanks for the program and for praying for me. I have managed to get fees for my son through my brother. Glory to God. Ktea

Praise God! My mum was pardoned in her case and wasn’t taken to jail. Pauline

I need God’s favor before Interpol for a letter of good conduct. Thanks be to Jesus, He answered my prayer of favor with the police. Nathan

Prayer Requests

I have been suffering humiliation both at home and work. Please pray for me to receive God’s favor. Rachael

Pray for my kid sister Gloria, she’s now down and everything passes though the tube [drinks, food, etc.] Mary

Pray with me to start labor pains & have a safe delivery. I am 9 months now and according to the doctor’s report I’m supposed to deliver today or tomorrow but unfortunately I’ve seen nothing yet and am worried. Agree with me in prayer.

I get bad dreams every night. I dream of going back to secondary school. I am a degree holder and married but I see myself in my old school every night. Jackie

Pray for me, I also want to become a preacher but have some fear. Moses

Pray for me to get a job and also for my mum to get cured and also for my friend David to get a good course at MUK. Innocent

I would like you to pray for me to get a job that I was promised and Phiona’s quick recovery. Lillian

Pray for my brother Chol, he drinks very much and is not responsible at all. Meeke

Pray in my situation for a financial breakthrough so I can send my children back to school. Ignatius

Pray for my intimate relationship with Ema to be a meaningful one.

I recently had a miscarriage and sometimes I get bad dreams of thoughts of my womb being damaged. I’ve been praying to God for a miracle for children in my womb. Please pray for me that I can finish my fasting for one month. Pamela

I am a lady of 30 years, with a good job. I have faithfully waited on God for marriage but of late I feel so lonely. Pray for me that the Lord will give me grace to wait. Ruta

I am requesting for your prayers to get a miracle of visa and air ticket either for the U.S.A. or U.K. Ivan

Please join me in prayer to ask our God to bless my new business management consultancy firm. Florence

I need wisdom. Livingstone

Pray with me so that I get business to settle my debts. Ann

Pray for me, I want capital to start up a nursery and primary school and further studies, a God-fearing, responsible husband and pure financial breakthrough. Maureen

Kindly say a pray, I am to sit council [PSU] exam but politics hinder. Please pray with me that it shall be well and bind delays. Rutho

Please pray for me because I need to get married and no man has ever told me about marriage. Betty

I have not yet gotten a job but I believe with my whole heart that I’m getting one soon. I thank God for everything He has done for me. Julie

I met someone I like. Please pray for me that he may want a long term relationship and that I may have favor in his eyes. I also pray for job stability.

Pray for me to overcome sin. Joseph

Pray for me, I need deliverance from constant headaches. Esther

Pray for me. I want to rededicate my life to Jesus. John

I’m going through a hard time from somebody in our church who keeps abusing me verbally. I have been to my pastor but he has done nothing. I don’t want to leave the church. Jane

I request you to pray for me to get a God-fearing husband and to be freed from debts. Cathie

There’s a situation I am going through which needs your counseling and prayers as well. Rebecca

Pray for peace and reconciliation between my kids and their paternal relatives. Jane

Pray for my kids, we need a breakthrough. Pastor Peter

Pray for me to get a UK settlement visa. I was given 50 days of reply and today is my 20th day. Esther

Pray for me. I’m demanding my pay but they are like they don’t want to pay me. And my son Joshua doesn’t perform well in class. Maureen

Pray for my son Bajja Matthew who is always sick and right now he is sick. Please put him in the blood of Jesus.

I was sleeping and had a dream that scared me and my sister said it’s just a dream but sometimes God talks to us through dreams. Anyway, I dreamed that someone was bewitching me. Please pray for me. Julie

Believe God with me for a breakthrough in my life. I am on a program of going to Iraq. Let God’s favor and blessings lead my way so that I can go. Ben

I would like you to pray for me. Sometimes I get complications in breathing. I had a sleepless night yesterday because I could hardly breathe. Justus