Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and New Year's Greetings

May the joy of Christmas be real and meaningful and a new year that is fruitful in your ministry and mission. Benjamin K.

Merry Christmas! May the peace of Christ be with you all. Happy New Year! Brian C.

Christmas is a wonderful day to pray, to love, to care, to smile, to celebrate, to visit and to thank God for everything. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Albert

The Lord will surely reward you in this new year, may He smile on you this season, may He be your healer, your provider and your protector. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Henry

His destiny was the cross; His purpose was love; His reason was you. Have a joyous Christmas. Catherine [Entebbe]

The loveliest day is when you wake up one morning and discover the truth that love still colors our world. How lovely to be loved by Jesus. Francis

God has 4 gifts for you: a key for every problem; a light for every shadow; a plan for every tomorrow; and a joy for every sorrow. My prayer for you in 2009 is while others sit you'll stand; when they stand you'll stand out and when they out stand you'll be the standard. Have a prosperous 2009. Alex M.

As we end the Christmas holiday, let's be sure not to forget the big story: that Jesus descended from Heaven in human form 2000 years ago to seek that which was lost - like me and you.

On your account of 2009 I deposit much love, joy, peace, victory, favor, blessing and to grow more like Christ in your walk of salvation. Michael

Happy Holidays. The blessings are in abundance much as the obstacles. Happy new year and God bls. Arnold.

Christmas is here! May it bring a special kind of happiness & fill each new day with joy, peace & love the whole year through. Merry Christmas! With love from the management of Pet's Alley Ltd.

A raindrop may look too small to eyes, but somewhere a thirsty flower awaits its fall. An sms may seem too small to you but somewhere a friend remembers you truly. A gracious Christmas & Happy New Year. Romans 5:1-5.

May God's blessings overwhelm you & happiness attack you, wherever you go.

Greatest season's greetings & blessed New Year filled with love. Angie

May your Christmas sparkle with memories of love, laughter and good will. Good news is that Jesus came along with every good thing you've ever desired. Make Him part of you. Eric

Have a Merry Christmas. The good Lord's choicest blessings upon you. Enjoy the day. Horace

Angels are moving door to door delivering New Year blessings. I've prayed to God so that they can pass at your door since they've just left mine. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Diana Kiss

Just wishing you a Merry Christmas & a prosperous 2009, plus the most peaceful and joyful festive season. Thanks for your shepherding. Thank God I'm 32 today. Richard

Merry Christmas to you all. May the peace of Christ be with you this season and the year to come. Eddie Ivan & family

Faith makes all things possible; hope makes all things work. God makes all things beautiful - may you have all 3 to brighten your future. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

The child is born today, let's celebrate His birthday with love, joy & peace. Merry Christmas and a joyous 2009 and may you share the blessings of the King of kings.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - a message from my heart - a place where I keep special people like you. Dorin Trish

Joy has come to the world and peace unto men; may you and your family have a joyous, cheerful, happy & Merry Christmas and may the new year 2009 be prosperous. Macklean & family

May this festive season be full of love and fruitful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Solomon, a dear of Nightlight

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas. Duncan & Fergurson

Christmas is here again to remind us of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Time to share our love with friends, relatives and fellow countrymen/women. Welcome Him 'Emmanuel' - for God is with us. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. John Arube-Wani & family

May peace, prosperity and surprises be the gifts that Christmas brings this year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Jackson

As God waters His creation, I pray He showers you and your entire family with love and blessings. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Mary & Janet

Hi ALPHA FM! This is to wish you a Merry Christmas and a fruitful and rewarding year ahead. Be blessed throughout the festive holidays. Edgar, Daily Monitor


PTL! Since Prosy disappeared 2 months ago, I just got a telephone call from our former neighbors that she came to their place yesterday. Thank you for standing with us in trusting prayers. I give glory to our loving God. Two months ago our dependent daughter Prosy disappeared from our home at Mbalwa-Namugongo. Today I finally got and brought her back home. Although she looks frail, I thank God she is alive. Thank you for being in prayer with us. Ignatius

One time I was doing badly, no job, no money but you prayed with me and I got them. Ivan

I thank Jesus for the beautiful Christmas celebrations & I thank Jesus for reconciling my girlfriend and I. Joram


Please join in prayer for my aunt (Juliet) she's been admitted in acute condition. She can't talk, eat, drink and is on oxygen. I don't want to lose her. I love her!! I believe the Lord can heal her. Esther

Pray for God's favour upon me & to resume the business. Jean

I'm Morris from Kisasi. Pray for me, I have a lot of problems. I don't have peace in my family. I make a lot of mysterious loss of cash as I sell the companies air time. Pray that God brightens my future and success in life & God's blessings.

Pray for my sister who is in jail because of her husband, for God to rescue her and set her free. Kellen

Please pray for my aunt who just had a stroke. Agnes

Pray for my health and to finish my nursing course. Michael Clooney

Please pray for my brother so he can pass the test, his girlfriend is intentionally spreading AIDS around.

Please pray for me. I tested positive and the doctor said that I will be starting ARV'S in January. I don't want them. I believe God for good health. Ann in Namasuba

Please join me in prayer to understand my classwork, especially a subject called Global Marketing. Melinda from Entebbe

Please pray for me. I'm in a fix, I need a house before January and my fiance needs a well paying job now to enable us to get married. Laura Grace

This is Stephen Ariho. Pray for my girlfriend who is in South Sudan so that she can come well and for our family, especially Mum.

I'm Juruni Benard at Kagoma. It's my dad's prayer request - he wants to quit alcholism, smoking & he wants to be back to his normal senses. Pray for him that he might receive salvation.

Because of disagreements among family members, I and my brother were sent away by our guardians. We are still students, our dad died and mum is poor. We need help. Vincent

Please pray for me to get a job. I want to start working by January. Di

Monday, December 22, 2008


Good Grades in Exams: Solomon

Tuition fees: Enoch

Jobs: Christine, Rose

Financial breakthrough: David

Pray for peace, wisdom & prosperity in my family. I am tired of being mediocre. Gloria

Pray for me, I sell airtime but I make too many losses unknowingly. Pray for my family to live in peace. Morris from Kisasi

We are building Springs Alive Children’s Centre. We have some money to continue to build but local authorities here want strong buildings thus the need for more money, please pray for us.

Pray for me that I succeed in my plan to work and stop smoking and break all the bondages in our family. Olobo from Entebbe

Pray for me to stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Morris from Mulago

Pray for me to get married next year and rebuke evil spiritual curses in our clan. Pray for my friend Kate in Greece to get a job.

Pray for my boy Opio Trevor who has problems with the eyes. Bosco

Pray for me to always do what pleases God, to become a better Christian and get closer to God. Solomon

I'm Nathan & I've been a volunteer at MUK in a project yet to end in Feb. but at the same time there is a vacancy I want God to give me in ALPHA Biotech.

Pray for me, I am feeling back pain. Mary.

Pray for me I am being afflicted by a terrible flu. Lawrence

Pray for my mother & me, my brother passed away and I am down. We are desperate. Prossie

Pray for me. I am facing a lot of challenges at work and for a healing of a problematic injection. Stella

Answered Prayer

You prayed for me and I got a job. Thanks be to God. Bosco

I am so happy because Jesus’ grace is helping me witness to people and some allow Him in there lives! Mary A.

Urgent Prayer Requests

Please stand with me in prayer under Isaiah 53.5 my grandma has diabetes and her second leg is to be amputated tomorrow morning. .But I refuse that. Barbra

I am born again yet I have a lot of personal and family problems. I have even thought of suicide. Please help and pray for me as well. Dickens, Ntinda

I got saved but my guardian changed her attitude towards me. My dad died & mom is poor. The college wants a lot of requirements. I tried to look for sponsors & failed. One day I wanted to kill myself because life has lost meaning for me. I don’t want to do anything which will annoy Jesus. I feel am not loved & am growing small everyday because of worries .Even the transport I used to come back from the college I borrowed from a friend. Please pray for me. Vincent

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Good Grades in Exams: Benjamin, Racheal, Martha, Carol, Unice, Marble, Joan, Zubedda, Deo, John,

Mates: Denis

Jobs: Ibra, Christine, Semakula Paul,

Financial breakthrough: Ibra, Sauba. Dorothy

I applied for a green card to USA so please pray for me. Maureen

Sometimes many worries about my future over take my heart, so please pray for me. Deo

I've been married for 4 years and still no child. I need prayers!!

Pray for my mum to recover from a stroke. Horace

Pray for me to over come the spirit of rejection. Sauba

Pray for me to get married in church before God. Christine

Pray for me to recover from sickness. Harriet

Pray for me to get favour at the fashion show at my ofice. Christinne, Ntinda

Pray for me for my workmate who doesn't like work while my boss love me more. Jane.

Pray for me because I have HIV/AIDS. I'm saved. Dan

Pray for me to stand strong in salvation and for my dad to get healed frome the high blood pressure..Phionah.

Pray for me, I have the flu, a cough & even a headche. Mary

Pray against my headache. Esther

Pray for me. I have Alargy disease & painful swellings in my breasts. Resty

Pray that I get a USA visa. Ron

Pray for my health (I have premonia that brings blood cough). John

I have a baby who was born with a hole in her heart.. Please pray for her. .Judith


Thanks for your joined prayer: the Lord has healed my lower- back pain (Repro d'tive organ problem) and no more nightmares! He is Yahwe, the God of wonder, unshakable, unstoppable and unseasonable. Brian C

I’m healed of the fever after you prayed. Allan

I missed your program for along time because I didn’t have a radio and I praise God now

I got a good one. Thanks for blessing my soul. Martha in Kisubi

I thank God for healing me although I have not yet gone back for a test but I believe He has done it.

I had an ulcer but through prayer on your show I got healed. Mary A.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Good Grades in Exams: Paul & Prime from MUK, Rehema from Kasubi S.S., Sarah, Samari, Leah, Olivia,

Tuition fees: Joan

Jobs: Chris, Mary

Financial breakthrough: Stella, Shan's mum

Pray for me. I have a wound on my leg [bone marrow] & it's taking time to heal. Francis

I'm having a difficult pregnancy with 16 more weeks to go! Liz

Pray for me that I be confirmed a winner in the Zain promotion to win a house. Andrew

I'm down with a serious fever please belive with me to get healed. Allan

Pray for and with me. Some dreams I've had appear to indicate a barrier to God's blessings in my life. Come against all schemes that stand in the way of God's plans as purposed in my life. Pray for his protection and display of his works in me that I may enjoy his full glory and blessing. Hannah

I am a registered midwife. Pray for me to get a vaccany in Mulago Hospital.Gloria

Pray for me to get healed of Uterine Fibriods. Betty

Pray for my job because I always feel uncofortable yet its paying me well. Nelson

Pray for the many sons & daughters of Jesus who are going through heartbreks over failed relationships God. Dave

Pray for my mother to get saved & to get the money she demands from the army.

Pray for my friend James; his mission of prophesy and evagelism in Rakai & Masaka. Henry

Pray for my exams, my ulcers to be healed, money for upkeep and my family. Olivia.

Pray with me for God's will to be done through me. Bright Emma.

Pray for my boyfrend - Halson to recieve salvation & become a new man in Christ Jesus. Leah

I'm going through a depression, my heart is bleeding in pain, I need an encouragemet and prayer. Moureen

Pray for me to stand strong in salvation and for my dad to get healed frome high blood pressure. Phionah

Pray for me I feel too much pain in my chest and throat.

Pray with me for God to clear up my dreams because they scare me at times. Mary A.

Monday, December 8, 2008

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Here's the link to the inspiring article I read on Monday's show called, "Joy to the World!--A Second Time. Log onto:

For hundreds more inspiring articles on a huge variety of topics, also free devotionals emailed directly to you, check out

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have completed my course of two years. I thank God for the job He gave and for finishing my course. Juliet.

Thanks to God I got healed. Miira

I thank God for the money He put on my account from no where. Rosette

I thank God for healing me & also Terence for visiting me.

Prayer Requests

Mates: Juliet

Tuition fees: Sally, Grace’s husband

Financial breakthrough: Morris, Jackie, Lisa, Elias

Pray for me to love more & excel in my exams.

Pray with me for Gods healing gift. Margaret

Pray for me because my husband wants a divorce. Ellen from Kawempe

Pray for God’s protection to me and my family and for peace in Uganda and to strengthen my faith. Morris

Pray for me that God makes a way where there's no way and to lead me into success in everything I do. Andrew

Pray for me so that I can have Jesus in my life. I am sick. Jackie

Pray for my sons who are sick. Lydia from Kyengera

Pray for my dad who doesn't believe that Jesus is a Savior for God to open his eyes & for divine intervention in my family. Lindsay

Pray for me so that God gives me wisdom like He gave King Solomon. Sarah in Kawempe

I’m Serubiri John in Kabowa. Pray for the divine protection of my truck that I got after 1460 days of affliction and torment.

Pray for me to learn how to hear from God using the Bible and for my parents to get better. Resty

I want to be so close to God; pray for me to strengthen my faith. Miriam

Pray for me. I plan to set up an agro business. It’s hard but I am trusting God.

Pray for me pass my exams which I start on Wednesday. Brenda in Kawempe

Please stand with me in prayer because I have an interview on Friday and on the same day I’m supposed to meet some boss about a job issue. Kim

I am going through a phase in my business. Pray for me that whatever evil that is in the way may be rebuked in Jesus' name. Pam

I am Herbert having back pain for quite along period of time.

Pray that the will of God may be known to me. Mercy

Pray to God to give my parents a gift of salvation and for me to have a successful give-away. Rosette

Pray for me & my son Pius to be healed from HIV.AIDS

Pray for good health, I get the flu frequently & I’ve a prolonged stomach ache. Deo

Pray for me to be a winner in the Zain promotion to win a house, to know God as my Provider and that God's grace will be with me and lead me to live in God's ways. Andrew

I need your prayers- the man who I thought I was honestly in love with and was 'the one', is getting married- not to me. Pray that God totally heals this hurt in me and that He leads the man that He has ordained to be my husband into my life. Pray that God fills me with His hope, joy, peace and blesses me in all aspects of my life. Pray with me that I'll grow closer to God and that He purifies my life and enables me to be righteous to receive Him. Pray that God breaks the chains of my past sins in my relationships, delivers, cleanses me and makes way in my life for His full blessing. Hannah

Pray for me that the anger and rage I have for my mom reduces because out of the respect I still have for her. Lynda

Pray with me for healing from HIV. Prisca

Pray for me am beginning exams on Monday, yet am very heavily pregnant. Martha

Pray for me, I’ve gone very low in the spirit. James.

Pray for a flawless skin. I've suffered from severe acne since 1999 and I'm 26yrs old now. Melinda

Pray for my mother who was admitted in Mulago hospital. It could be TB/cancer that has crippled her. Arthur

Pray that God’s grace draws me close to God, and that I overcome the devil that takes my money. Stella

Pray for love, peace and unity in our family and my brothers to know God and stop taking alcohol. Prosy

Pray with me for peace, unity & above all salvation.

I need the Lord’s direction in my current work. Frank

Pray for success for my papers. Maureen.

Pray I pass my exams. Samari

Since Prosy disappeared a month ago we've not yet found her. We are now devastated with anxieties. Please pray for her. IGNATIUS.

Pray for me I am sick and really weak. Betty

Pray that I may complete my B Thesis & discipleship program. Lisa.

Please pray with me:
(1) To devote to Christian prayer & the Word!
(2) Need to propose for marriage. God presents many to choose from
(3) Am not faithful in finances
(4) Vision for 2009
(5) Healing for Maria, she’s got ulcers. Solomon