Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prayer Requests

Pray for me not to get a retake – I am doing exams for my 3rd year at MUBS. Helen
Please help and pray for me a guidance prayer. I am jobless. Robert
Please pray for my brother Martin who is doing exams to excel. Violet
I made a promise to God that I would stop masturbating but I have failed. I stop for awhile then it comes back. At times I get frustrated. Pray for me. Chris
Pray for me, I need to build a house for my family in the village. Pray that the Lord will provide finances. Willis
Please pray for me. I have problems in my relationship. Claire
My boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months ago because of many reasons but I can’t seem to get him out of my head. Please pray I forget him.
I just came from church but I still feel empty. Pray with me that I will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit as I take on the day’s tasks. Grace
Please agree with me: I pray with week to earn $1500.00 from my company – QI Group. Christine
Pray for me to get God’s wisdom, favor and grace. Denis from Naaya
My dad – James – is sick. Pray for him. Agatha
Pray for me, I am applying for a UK visa. Pray for the Lord’s favor and mercy. Pamela
Pray with me, I always dream about snakes and at times I feel some too heavy sitting on me especially when I’m asleep, then suddenly I become scared. Joan
I request for a blessing from you for me and all UCU students for success in the forth coming papers starting tomorrow. Ivy Martha
Please pray with me believing God for a promotion. I’ve been doing the same job for 3 years yet I’m confident I can handle the other job I am eyeing. Peruth

Monday, November 29, 2010

Answered Prayers

 Praise God! Sometime back I sent you a message to pray for me to get a job and I thank you for praying for me – I got a job which I believe is going to enable me to get to the higher place I want to be. Thank you very much. God bless you abundantly. Martha
 Once you prayed for me to get institution money at YMCA and I got it. Thanks to the Lord. Christine

Prayer Requests

 Pray for me, I’ve been ill and still frail and yet I have exams in the afternoon. John
 Pray for me, I am expecting to deliver by caesarian soon next month because I am HIV positive. I ask God to deliver me and also give me a healthy baby.
 Pray for me to get a job and for God’s healing upon my life. I have Candida and ulcers. Lydia
 Pray for me. I applied for a job in URA and I hope to be employed there and I need God to bless me with a husband. Martha
 Pray for me to get a job. I’m desperate. Scovia
 Pray for me that I get a nice paying job, favor from God and a financial breakthrough. James
 Pray with me for excellence in exams.
 Pray for me to have a peaceful night. Judith
 Pray for me, I feel pain all over my body, especially my chest. Angie
 Pray for me to pass well my exams [not to get a retake]. Mary Leah
 Pray with me for my mum to overcome depression and worrying. Enock
 Pray for me so that I can believe in myself because I look at myself as a failure since I have failed to get a good job and I cannot do something successful.
 Pray for me to get Mr. Right in God’s Name. Florence
 Pray for grace of salvation & renewal. Pray for my brothers Moses [backslidden] and Patrick and my sister Carolyn. Richard
 I need a prayer which can deliver me from debt. I work hard but when it comes to paying me there are always delays. I need a breakthrough in my work. Alex
 Pray for us, we need a financial breakthrough & to grow in the Lord like never before. Daphne
 Pray for my children Genevieve, Anthony, Tony, and Gloria – no jobs despite several interviews. Pray for me to so that I get healed from cancer and the imbalance I got from treatment. Betty
 Pray for me, I’m starting my exams tomorrow. It’s my final and first paper at campus. I want to pass with a first class. Joy
 Pray for me to pay my debts, for my kids Malcolm and Maureen to be first in class. Pray for their dad Jack. Rose
 Pray for me, I am facing a relationship challenge. It’s making me think a lot of the days of my life. I am in love but we are both hiding it, especially him. Cruz
 Pray for me, I’m always having discouraging satanic dreams, like when I’m in my former school, and always dream about my late mum and brother. Aggie
 Pray for me to get a job as I have just finished my studies. James
 Pray for my first born son Sewava Mark who is going to sit for PLE exams tomorrow. Pray for my baby girl who has a big cough.
 I have not yet gotten a job but I have faith that before the year ends I will have a job. Pray for me to hold on to that faith. Julie
 I’m 22 years old, in the 3rd year at university. Pray with me so that I can be righteous, holy and strong in salvation for the rest of my life. Pray for me to get a husband and a job. Lillian
 Pray for my brother Don, he’s jobless and looking for a job. Pray for me that the Lord sends financial help to me so that I can meet the bank’s deadline tomorrow. Pray for my mum that she travels safely. Pray also that I get a financial breakthrough and be granted a UK visa this week.
 Pray for my brother who is in a hard place now – may the Lord open his paths and grant him breakthroughs. Pamela
 Pray for me to get through this. I have been dating a Muslim guy for over 9 years and I am in bondage. I want to get rid of him because I don’t feel safe anymore. It’s hard but I want to get out of this spiritual bondage but can’t do it on my own. Julie
 Pray for me to get a good husband. Jane
 Pray that I may get wisdom in whatever I do and ask for God’s favor to be with me, my mum and my friends. Musiimenta Christine
 Pray for me that I may get the scholarship I am applying for my PHD research. I also thank God for my family.
 Pray for me to hear Jesus’ audible voice & to get money for rent & transport to my new home. Daniel
 Pray for me to get a better job and for the spirit of unity in our family and lastly for the young children who suffer. Sam
 I have a problem. My money goes through my hands all the time when I get it. Pray for me. Benjamin
 I am in S.5. Pray for me to pass my exams. Barbie in Ntinda

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Answered Prayer

- Despite all odds Jesus is my only answer to my prayers. He blessed me with a baby girl. Martha
- I would like to testify of God’s goodness. Four days ago 6 people were laid off and I survived. I praise God and give Him thanks and praise for preserving my job. Pam

Prayer Requests

- Pray for me so that God can make a miracle because I have ulcers which have failed cure using medicine but I believe God can do it. Simon
- I had a job but I never paid tithe, now I have accumulated a lot of debts that I ran away from and I’m in hiding. Help me pray that God may restore and forgive me. Lydia
- Pray for God to intervene in my life, for God to show me His purpose for my life. I am lost. Osbert
- I am a student at YMCA. Pray for God to provide me with fees, keep me financially stable, healthy and believing in Him. Christine
- Pray for provision – tuition fees, a breakthrough in my business and divine health. Joan
- Pray for me, I’m expecting some job this week, hope I get it. Joel
- My brother Jacob has left the true faith and joined the Branch Davidians. He lives in the U.K. Pray for his restoration. Tamaly
- Pray for promotion for I believe in prayer. Onyango
- Pray for me, I have a problem of severe stomach pain. Also pray against stress at the work place. Reginah
- Pray for my brother Ron to get a job. Martha
- Pray for me to get a job. I’m a mason. Pastor Richard
- Pray for me, I feel that my life has changed, I don’t have enough money and what I get I spend from the hospital. Monica
- Pray for me for a better paying job, salvation for dad, land and family protection. Thomas
- A friend hates me more each day for a problem out of misunderstanding. Pray to God to allow them to come out of their hardheartedness.
- Pray for me to get tuition fees so that I may be a blessing to others. Tony
- Pray for me. I get dreams when someone is using me sexually. Emily
- I’m sick unable to attend church today, join me in prayer for healing. Joseph
- Pray for me, I’m blind and with HIV. I need deliverance from medication. Jane
- Pray for me that the storm in my marriage settles and that I get a job too. Angela
- I need serious prayers my spirit is too low and discouraged. My business is not working well, I don’t have a job. I really need a job.
- Pray with me for a better job so that I am able to rent a house and stay with my son who is in army training. His intention is to earn a living. He and I are worried that it’s more than that. Eva in Ntinda
- Pray for me to get a job from one of the interviews I have done, especially in Laborex Uganda.
- Pray for me that I succeed to have a visa to the U.K. Pray for my Mama Regina to receive Christ. Julian
- Pray for me, for God’s love, kindness, guidance, peace, blessings, strength and victory in my past, present and future life. Patrick
- Pray for me to get a husband who loves God like I do. Nana
- Pray for me, I have a stomach pain, a headache and I need a job. Carol
- Pray for me to have joy and smile though I may have problems hanging over my head. Prime
- Pray for me to get a job, by faith I’m believing for one this week. Ruth
- Pray for me to make sales. I need to see God bless the work of my hands. Hilda
- Pray for me, I need to forgive all who have hurt me. When I think of them my heart aches. Help me to learn to forgive. Annet
- Pray for me that I may get a job. I still have faith that I will get a job before the year ends. Mary
- I’ve been unemployed now for 5 years, I feel I’ve hit a wall and my life is now worthless. Pray for me to get a job & deliverance from whatever is blocking me from achieving what I plan for. Charles
- Pray for my sick mum who was poisoned way back in June but standing on God’s promises – no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. I believe she’ll get better. Also pray for God’s favor on me and for a financial breakthrough. Fred
- Pray for me, I cannot keep money in the house, I’m ever paying debt. Mike
- My sweet girl friend tested positive with HIV. Jesus raised the dead, He can save her. J
- Pray for me, I have very many out comings. Jesus promised to be with us till the end of the age and am not worried because Jesus is with me. Patrick
- Pray for me, I need rent for my shop. I need 2 million. Anna at the Hotel Equatoria

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Answered Prayers

I want to thank God for healing my broken heart. I am happy because I know I will be able to love again.

Praise God! Three years ago I asked you to believe God with me for a job. My Father in Heaven just blew my mind! I return to give Him praise. Gloria

I want to thank the Lord for delivering me through the pain and tribulations. Daphne

Thank God because He paid my tuition even when people turned their back on me. Mary

Praise God who has opened my womb at 40 years of age. Helen from Nsambya

Mine is a testimony to the Lord’s favor. My brother was released and I’m thankful for that. My finances are improving and for that I praise God. I know He’s doing great things for me.

Praise Jesus! Thanks for your prayers. I delivered well. I had a baby girl. Jackie

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests
Pray for me, my heart is so hard. I want to feel the Holy Spirit. Denis

Pray with me, I’m 42 and tired of the single life. Liz

Pray for me. I am in need of tuition about 1.3 million. Though I know that God cares, I just can’t stop feeling down. Kristin

Pray for my friends and me to pass our final A-level exams with at least 23 points & win scholarships. Pray for a financial breakthrough and for my family to be thankful for what we have and for my sister living with her boyfriend to marry in church & live successfully. Pray for a long, productive and healthy life for my family. Liz

Pray for my brother and sister, both with life threatening diseases – that God intervenes. I trust His mercy. Joy of Mengo

Pray for me that God will give me the spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His Word. I’m tired of reading the Bible like a newspaper and the devil snatches away whatever I read. I am undergoing prayer and fasting for that issue.

Pray for me. My mail business is stuck and I have a lot of debt to be paid. Moses

Pray for me. I hate my father.

I’m a widow living alone. I need a husband. I’m so lonely. Thanks for praying for me.

Pray for me. I had a miscarriage. It was so painful for me and I felt really bad & have bad dream. Jamie Jane

Pray for me for God’s help, mercy & favor because there is a man who made me pregnant, denied me and abused me bitterly. Jackie

I was operated twice through much pain but I have failed to recover. Pray for me, I’m so scared. I don’t want to leave my daughter. Grace

I request prayer for my brothers and sister and for my mum to get better as she’s sick. Ethel

Pray for my tuition for Makerere University. Judith

Pray for me and my sisters for jobs & finances from God & for blessings in our lives. Thank you. Stella

Pray for me, I have problems in my business. Mary [Bugalobi]

Pray for me not to lose my job that I got recently. The management say they want to close their operations in Uganda. Prossy

Pray for me to be able to prove for myself and for people who need my help and for Psalm 70:2 to be implemented on me. I’ve been admitted to take a university course but am afraid I might be thrown out due to tuition problems. Pray for me then to get money enough for fees, I badly need the course. Tony

Pray over my university results to be well rectified by the people responsible. It’s hard but I pray for a miracle from God since I have hope that He can intervene in it and everything will become okay. Lillian

I am in great distress. My children are to return to school but I see little means of sending them back, especially the university one. Pray with me a for a financial breakthrough. Ignatius

Pray for my father. He is ill and pray for my financial provision [I need a paying job.] Daniel

Pray to God to forgive me & to give me more anointing and the Holy Spirit & to make my husband Sam love Him. Pray also for blessings and success in our family & all we plan to do. Pray for protection for baby Solomon.

A prayer request for my daughter Diana who will be sitting for her PLE come November this year @ Greenhill Academy. Also pray for my 2 daughters to get jobs. They have completed university.

Pray for me to get a visa and have a financial breakthrough and a successful wedding and divine favor. I trust it will come to pass in Jesus’ Name.

Pray for me to get a job. I’m so confused. Comfort

Pray for my kids: Mark, Noah & Paul to excel in their exams. Jane

I prayed and the Lord made me a miracle of a job but now it’s spoilt. So help me and pray so that it stabilizes again.

Pray with me that God blesses me with a job. Moira

Pray that God blesses Njuba Susan with the car she intends to purchase. Freddy

Pray for my mum who is suffering from osteoarthritis and for my sister who has malaria. Rachel

Pray with me, I have pain in my lower abdomen. Stella

Pray for me to get a U.K. settlement visa. Esther in Ntinda

Pray for my mother Regina Tiperu to receive Christ as her Lord & Savior and for the transformation of my dad Atiku Moses completely in Christ

Pray for me for wisdom and financial support for this semester. I’m at KIU. Prossy

Pray for me, I need healing from HIV-AIDS.

Pray for me, I need a financial breakthrough, a job and a man who will truly love me and I love him in return till death do us part. Doreen

Pray for me so that I can get tuition for this semester. I’ve also backslid. Pray for me so that I know Jesus more and more. Martin

Pray for me that I and my boyfriend may be able to get a very good paying job so that we can take care of our son and also to stabilize my relationship. Winnie

Thanks for the program. Pray for me. I want to find my soul-mate, a loving spouse. Mercy

I have been praying for a job and doing everything to get one but I feel my efforts are in vain. Has God forgotten me? I have pushed my faith. Pray for me to keep believing because I’m soon giving up. Julie

Pray for me so that I can get a job. Henry

I am newly admitted to MUK masters student who needs over 3.3 million to take up the course. Pray for a miracle. Marian

Please believe with me for my mother. She is in hospital and the doctors can’t see anything. Pray against the spirit of witchcraft. Sarah

I need your prayers. I always have bad dreams. I also need success in my plan. Annet

I need you to stand with me in prayer for a job. It’s now a full year without anything to do. I need a way out. Ben

Pray especially for my parents who after a short while fall sick. Henry

I’m struggling to get a D-Visa. Pray for the security of my property. Nathan

Pray with me for my mom’s safety as she travels. May the Lord provide for her and watch over her for me. There seems to be a shuffle at work. Please pray for me that I survive it. I’ve been threatened since I got the job so I seek God’s mercy. Pray for my father that he may have favor and win in the campaigns for Nebbi District. I also pray for the resources sent to him for fees for my siblings. Pray with my family that we have favor in the campaigns, as we collect the votes we pray for divine help.

The Lord calls me to serve Him fully so pray for me to be courageous and bold when witnessing. Rogers

Pray for me to get a job. I thank God for healing me of malaria. Martin

Pray for me that the Lord keeps my aunt and uncle alive and that I find my long, lost brother and sister Maria and Phillip.

Pray for my studies and spiritual guides so that God provides me with knowledge and wisdom. Isaac

Help me pray for the spirit of unity in my home because we’re not always on good terms. Sam

Pray with me to get a God-fearing man for a husband.

Pray for us for good results for HIV in a month’s time and for divine health. Jackie

Monday, July 26, 2010

Answered Prayer

I finally got school fees for my brother. Thanks for your prayers. Oscar

Thanks for the program and for praying for me. I have managed to get fees for my son through my brother. Glory to God. Ktea

Praise God! My mum was pardoned in her case and wasn’t taken to jail. Pauline

I need God’s favor before Interpol for a letter of good conduct. Thanks be to Jesus, He answered my prayer of favor with the police. Nathan

Prayer Requests

I have been suffering humiliation both at home and work. Please pray for me to receive God’s favor. Rachael

Pray for my kid sister Gloria, she’s now down and everything passes though the tube [drinks, food, etc.] Mary

Pray with me to start labor pains & have a safe delivery. I am 9 months now and according to the doctor’s report I’m supposed to deliver today or tomorrow but unfortunately I’ve seen nothing yet and am worried. Agree with me in prayer.

I get bad dreams every night. I dream of going back to secondary school. I am a degree holder and married but I see myself in my old school every night. Jackie

Pray for me, I also want to become a preacher but have some fear. Moses

Pray for me to get a job and also for my mum to get cured and also for my friend David to get a good course at MUK. Innocent

I would like you to pray for me to get a job that I was promised and Phiona’s quick recovery. Lillian

Pray for my brother Chol, he drinks very much and is not responsible at all. Meeke

Pray in my situation for a financial breakthrough so I can send my children back to school. Ignatius

Pray for my intimate relationship with Ema to be a meaningful one.

I recently had a miscarriage and sometimes I get bad dreams of thoughts of my womb being damaged. I’ve been praying to God for a miracle for children in my womb. Please pray for me that I can finish my fasting for one month. Pamela

I am a lady of 30 years, with a good job. I have faithfully waited on God for marriage but of late I feel so lonely. Pray for me that the Lord will give me grace to wait. Ruta

I am requesting for your prayers to get a miracle of visa and air ticket either for the U.S.A. or U.K. Ivan

Please join me in prayer to ask our God to bless my new business management consultancy firm. Florence

I need wisdom. Livingstone

Pray with me so that I get business to settle my debts. Ann

Pray for me, I want capital to start up a nursery and primary school and further studies, a God-fearing, responsible husband and pure financial breakthrough. Maureen

Kindly say a pray, I am to sit council [PSU] exam but politics hinder. Please pray with me that it shall be well and bind delays. Rutho

Please pray for me because I need to get married and no man has ever told me about marriage. Betty

I have not yet gotten a job but I believe with my whole heart that I’m getting one soon. I thank God for everything He has done for me. Julie

I met someone I like. Please pray for me that he may want a long term relationship and that I may have favor in his eyes. I also pray for job stability.

Pray for me to overcome sin. Joseph

Pray for me, I need deliverance from constant headaches. Esther

Pray for me. I want to rededicate my life to Jesus. John

I’m going through a hard time from somebody in our church who keeps abusing me verbally. I have been to my pastor but he has done nothing. I don’t want to leave the church. Jane

I request you to pray for me to get a God-fearing husband and to be freed from debts. Cathie

There’s a situation I am going through which needs your counseling and prayers as well. Rebecca

Pray for peace and reconciliation between my kids and their paternal relatives. Jane

Pray for my kids, we need a breakthrough. Pastor Peter

Pray for me to get a UK settlement visa. I was given 50 days of reply and today is my 20th day. Esther

Pray for me. I’m demanding my pay but they are like they don’t want to pay me. And my son Joshua doesn’t perform well in class. Maureen

Pray for my son Bajja Matthew who is always sick and right now he is sick. Please put him in the blood of Jesus.

I was sleeping and had a dream that scared me and my sister said it’s just a dream but sometimes God talks to us through dreams. Anyway, I dreamed that someone was bewitching me. Please pray for me. Julie

Believe God with me for a breakthrough in my life. I am on a program of going to Iraq. Let God’s favor and blessings lead my way so that I can go. Ben

I would like you to pray for me. Sometimes I get complications in breathing. I had a sleepless night yesterday because I could hardly breathe. Justus

Friday, June 25, 2010

Answered Prayers

Thanks for your prayers. My introduction ceremony was filled with the glory of God. Joshua

I am testifying for my baby who made 1 month yesterday. Thank you for the counsel you gave me about 5 months ago when all had gone wrong. I now have a healthy baby girl and am so proud of it. Connie

I managed to pass all my papers for last semester. Thank you for your prayers. Pray with me as I believe in God for success in this semester’s exams. Godfrey

I had a job but lost it 3 months ago and was so depressed but am happy that God has given me a new job. I start working in mid-June. I praise & thank God for answering my prayers. Eunice

Prayer Requests

I want you to pray for me so that I get the job. I’m a pianist. Kenneth

Pray that I overcome my fear and shyness in order to stand my ground & fight for my rights & others. Pray that my brother will settle and do well in class and that I also could get the blessing of memorizing Bible verses. Melissa and Alexa

Pray for me, my phone got lost last week & was stolen from my shop. Mary

Please believe with me for God to bless me with a job by the end of the month. Julie

I thank God because of a salary increase. Pray for my introduction & wedding this year. Martha

Pray for me, I need a financial & spiritual breakthrough in our family. Prossie

Pray for me because I feel I have no peace and am very broke. Pray that I can get school fees for my brother. Oscar

Pray for me, I need a job & money to pay the debts. Faith

I lost most of my loved ones including dad. This is affecting me in my studies. I see everything is a waste of time. I see my past in future. People see potential in me but I don’t see them. Pray for me. Ronnie

Pray for me that I may stop criticizing others. Brenda

Pray for me. I have HIV & I want to get married but I fear to kill. Robert

Please pray for me. So many times I’ve wanted to commit suicide & now this force is so strong because I feel that God has abandoned me. I grew up in a polygamous family & suffered psychologically. From childhood I asked God to give me a faithful husband when I grow up but things never turned out to be as I expected. I got a man when I finished school. We had spent 2 years together and were planning to marry and have a family. One day he told me we couldn’t continue. I felt so low since I was operated and given 6 months to conceive so that the fibroids don’t re-occur and this is the last month and we broke up 2 months back. I can’t take it anymore because God has left me alone. So many times I feel God never listened to my childhood prayer. I’m now 30 years old. A few days later I found him with another woman in bed. Agnes

Pray for me, I’m sinking in debt, to get fees for my son and tuition for myself. I did an interview & one week later I was told that I was the best but at my old job my boss is away so I can’t leave. Pray that my new job is not given away. Kate

Pray for me, I need God’s favor and to find a good job. Byron

Pray for my salvation and walk with Christ. I’m not sure whether or not I’m still saved because of the problems and burdens that surround me. I don’t have friends and my family isn’t united. Help please. Lilie

Pray for my daughter to stop moving around and to get saved & to go back to school. Mother Jennifer

Pray for me to be humble & not proud & to fear the Lord all day long. Kezia

Pray for my fiancé who got in an accident. Scovia

Pray for my family to get a financial & spiritual breakthrough. Pray for my father Benon to get saved. Sara

Pray for me, I have a workmate who visits witchdoctors to harm me & my 2 sons plus my unborn child so that they send me away from work and that I have complications during and after birth. Please help me. I am the breadwinner for my children. Lydia

Pray with me that God’s grace may increase in me, also for a job, wisdom to know God with His written Word & total blessing. Ronald

Pray for me to get a better paying job with better working conditions. Maureen

Pray that I get a good market price for my produce – maize price above 320/= per kilo. Edward

I am in need of school fees for my kids so we pray together. Gaius

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Answered Prayer

I want to thank God for healing me after 6 months of pain from arthritis. Joan

I thank Him for protecting & providing for me at my place of work. Lydia

Prayer Requests

Pray for me. I need a financial breakthrough in my home, especially now. Jill

Pray that my father may accept Jesus in his life & come back to his family. Pray that I can pass my exams & get a scholarship in Canada in medicine. Pray that God blesses the hard work of my mother and young brother. Melissa

Pray for spiritual and heavenly blessing & wisdom. Bravo

Pray for success over my travel abroad where I am heading for a job and for my breakthrough. Pray for my family to have peace & joy always. Pray for my brothers Pelvin & C’rajay to get jobs for they have toiled for so long but they’ve failed. Nohris

Pray for me so that I excel in my exams this semester. Viola

Pray with me for God’s guidance & excellence in exams. Deo

I thank God because I have made 3 years in my place of work today. Martha

Pray for my wedding this year. Let His will be done in my life & to be blessed & favored in all that I do. Martha

I’ve suffered with asthma for a long time. People have prayed for me but I’m not getting healed and I’m planning to travel abroad. I’m discouraged. Pray for me. Ronnie

Pray for my loan to be fruitful, for God to provide money for school fees & rent & for my family that we buy a fully furnished house. Irene

Pray for me for a financial breakthrough. I want to serve the Lord. James

Prayer request: my sister Jael and niece Davina to be fine and for a financial breakthrough. Ktea

Pray for me. I’m not feeling good, am weak & have back pain. Mary

Pray with me for my mum that the judge will pardon her. She’s now in custody waiting for results. Pauline

Pray for the healing of my feet which are painful & paralyzed giving me sleepless nights & restless days. David

Pray for me, I’m not stable with my printing work. Tom

Pray for complete healing, good health and for my kids. Joan

Pray for me in my business ventures because most of them seem to fail due to weird circumstances. I need to be able to cater for my family. Eddy

Pray that I change my bad habits. Lily

Pray for me, I am so stressed with my wedding preparations. Scovia

Pray for the refreshers & self-worth generation conference and that many souls will be changed. Joy

Pray for me. Someone at work goes to witchcraft so that I’m sent away from work & wants to harm my kids. I’m a single mother of 2 kids & expecting my 3rd & I need that job. Lydia

I’m sitting for my final exams in campus. Pray for me to excel & for good health. Clem

Pray for me & my boyfriend Ivan for a good job. I’m having a hard time at home & I don’t know what to do. Pray for me & for my aunt to change her bad ways of living with people. Esther

Pray for me to get the internship I applied for in WFP. Irene

Pray for me to pass my exams and to have clear relationship and to get a new better paying job. Maureen

I’ve been facing trouble but didn’t even want to admit it. However I feel that I have to humble myself and ask for prayer. Please pray for me. I’m not happy at all. Iga Barnabus

Pray for my grandma who is very sick – pray for her healing. My brother is searching for a job; let’s pray together for his breakthrough. Pray for my dad and family, we are seeking a financial breakthrough to pay for rent and fees. Ella don

Pray for my home, there is a lot of division among us. Patrick

Pray for me that I will overcome sexual temptations. I’m single, 22. Jackline

Pray that I can get a steady job. Esther

Pray for my family because we are going through a lot of things. Pray that my family is let loose from any evil spirits or curse it has been put under. Julie