Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prayer Requests

-         I need your prayers. My business is not going well from where I am and also I need you to pray for my boyfriend. He has the wickedness of not caring for me when I am sick but when I am not sick he cares. So I need God to change his heart. Immaculate
-         Pray for me. I am sick and the pain is too much. I am longing for God’s touch once again.  Apophia
-         Pray for me. I am experiencing a great problem since I lost my parents in 1994 when I was 3 years old. I don’t know when God is going to release me from this problem but Jesus loves me  and He will answer. Solomon
-         Pray for me, am strongly going to my boyfriend’s place but need God’s Love.
-         Each time I put myself in prayer or listen to any preaching from radio or TV, I go through great shakings always. I need more prayers because I am also holding it in my hat day & night.
-         Pray for me to settle down quick so I can get my son to live with me. I need to forgive his dad who left us for another woman.
-         Please help me. It is now one year since I got married and I am experiencing a lot of problems which may even cause separation. So please pray for my family. Tabu
-         I lost a relative & traveled upcountry last night. Please stand with me in prayer.
-         Help me pray for my prodigal son to return home and for a financial breakthrough. Hope
-         Pray for me to go to King’s College Budo for the S2. Solomon
-         I need a spiritual revival. Robert
-         Pray for me so that I can get a better job. I know everything is possible with God. Rocky
-         I really want the friends I wronged before I was sorry to forgive me. I am scared of losing them. Pray for me please.
-         Pray for me to get a good job so that my baby can start school next year and also pray for me to forgive the father of my child for leaving us and loving another woman. Tina
-         I can’t figure out who I am and what I want. I feel lost and so confused. Pray for me so that I can break through. Also I am tired of the job I am working. Pray for me to get something better.