Thursday, October 29, 2009

Answered Prayers

Mum has gone to be with the Lord. Horace

Thanks for your prayers for my 2nd operation. It was successful. Glory to God. Libel Andrew

Prayer Requests

I am going through a very hard time. I lost my mum. I’ve tried to look for a job but I’ve failed and I can’t pay rent. Please pray for me. Grace

Lost my job on September 16, 2009 due to unethical reason, though it was informed to me that it is not unethical.  I felt the same, hence it was not intentional. I need your help in praying for me to get a suitable job very fast in the present location. Anthony Fernandes

I ask God to help me and my boyfriend to successfully get the bank statements we need for him to get a place in school and join me in Australia. It is taking so long and we are running out of time so we really need God\'s intervention. Hazel

Pray for my father. He has a lot of debts & pray for me to get strength & have God’s Word as my weapon. Mary Bugalobi

Pray for me to excel in my job & to graduate in January 2010. I’ve been delayed & rejected by my supervisor. Leah

Pray for my elder sister’s marriage. It’s not going well. She is called Julie & the husband is Peter. My family also needs prayers because there is a lot going on & I know that only God can settle it. I also need a job so that I can raise 280.000/= to get my papers from university.

Pray for me to get healed in my stomach. Prossy

Pray for a financial breakthrough in our family in payment of our outstanding dues.

Pray for me. I need to get married. It’s high time but I want a God-fearing one and the tribe I want.

Join me in prayer for healing from hypertension. Also pray for Earl [my fiancé] and I for other jobs. Groeti

My young brother Moses lost his wife today in childbirth – the baby and mother died. Stand with me in prayer. I have no transport funds to go for burial. Pastor Peter

Pray for me. I have a headache and need God’s help for my work and study assignments. Kezia

I want to perform well in class. Pray for me. I have a friend who just left me with no reason and it’s hurting me so much. I don’t want to lose her. Pray with me please. Denis Ngizwe

Pray for me. My life is hopeless. I need a miracle in my life. Primrose

Pray for me to get a distinction. I’m starting exams & my boyfriend has just chucked me today. I am also believing God for a worthy husband. Kaziro Moureen

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Answered Prayer

I was praying for a phone and the Lord has given one to me. Mauryne

Two weeks ago I took my product to one of the top hotels in town. Today when I called they told me my product is the best. Pray for me that God blesses the works of my hands. Rose

I’ve surely seen God’s favor for me. He has been so good to me in that He has taken me to places I could never imagine. Jennipher

I am grateful for the job He has sent my father. I give testimony that the Lord gave me a job and in one month I got my permanency.

I used to sleepwalk and had bad nightmares but prayed and Jesus delivered me. Pray with me that God blesses me soon with the job I asked for. Rachel
2nd Response
We prayed together on Wednesday asking God for a job and He was faithful. Yesterday I was invited for a job interview scheduled for Wednesday next week. Pray with me again that the Holy Spirit may guide me through this interview. Rachel

Prayer Requests

Pray I get a job soon. Mauryne

Pray with me that God will heal me from allergies that have tormented me for a long time and that I pass my exams. Jamie Jane

Pray for me against bad dreams which always disturb me at night. I’m dreaming badly for people back home in Sudan. Andrew Libel

Pray for me, I am being oppressed in all directions. Joan

Pray for me to get a job this month and for preparations for my introduction ceremony and for my circle of friends. Judith

I’m in a tight situation at work & failed to register targeted sales. The MD is opting for my dismissal. Pray for me because I’d rather resign than being dismissed. Moses Josh in Mengo

Pray for me. I need a lot of faith. I’m so sickly yet I can’t afford to go to the doctor. Pray for me that I can get better & also pass my tests & course work. Felix [MUK]

Pray with me that I will graduate in January 2010. I have been held back by my supervisor. Leah

I have a prayer request of peace, happiness, deliverance in my life & all my family. Pray for the healing of my mum’s leg. Immaculate

Pray for God’s wisdom. I have back fees balance to pay so pray for God’s provision. Emma

Pray for me. I have asked DFCU Bank to employ me as a debt collector to help me clear my debt with them. Joshua

Pray for me that God joins me in a relationship [marriage] and for God’s wisdom in all situations before me. Grace

Pray for me. I was conned of all my money. I’m pregnant and stopped worked because of the pregnant stress. The man responsible is the one who took my money. I’m so down, penniless & can’t take care of anything. I’ve always had relationship problems and am tired of living. Patrica in Ntinda

Pray for me. I’m in a relationship and have doubts whether I should continue in it. Sam

I’m changing schools, pray for me to get the right one and also wisdom and knowledge in my studies in life. I also have fear. I am a student in S.5 – whenever I read my books after a few pages I get a headache. I don’t know why. Pray for me to pass my exams very highly as my mum expects. I want her to be proud of me. Gloria

Pray for my bulging eye due to high blood pressure. Also pray for Earl that he gets the job he did the interview for.

I messed up. I was saved but fell into sin and am now HIV+ & lost my job. I feel so weak in spirit. I’m 32 years old & not married.

Pray for me, someone was killed at home and now my parents are arrested because they are the landlord and lady. The killer has reported himself yet they have made my parents sleep in jail.

Pray for me to get a salary increase & for God’s provision for my wedding. I am feeling low & sick but the doctors checked me & found nothing. Pray for me to get well. Scovia

Pray for me, I had a bad dream that I had T.B. Deborah from Butabika

Pray for me because I always get bad dreams & nightmares.

Pray for God’s protection, favor and good transfer from Kidepo Valley. Pray for salvation in Karamajo, no born-again people in the place. Lt. Paul

Pray for me to get a job and also for Moses my brother. We want to see God’s mercies in our lives. Lydia

Pray for financial stability and a wonderful wedding. Grace

I praise God for a fantastic year by meeting all my needs & looking after my family. I’m also praying for God to bless me with a new job. Imani

Pray for me to get a good job, for my points to increase to 4 and for my husband-to-be and for God’s favor. Pray for Mboney. She is weak and not in good health. Yvonne

Pray for me. I am depressed and I don’t know how I can express myself because I am in a courtship with my partner for 2 years now but…?

Pray for a sponsor for my children. The one they had died 5 years ago. Now they are out of school and my income is low. Rose

Pray for me, I am in a very hard situation. Denis

Pray for me to strengthen my faith, just like you. Thank the Lord for blessing me with a business. Pray that my business prospers. Jennifer from Bugalobi

Pray for my mom who is very sick that she may recover fully. Ruth

Pray for me to get a good job and a financial breakthrough. Betty

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prayer Requests

Answered Prayers

I’m thankful to God for helping me to excel academically last semester. I may have had the highest points in my class. Joan

Prayer Requests

Please pray for my mum, a neighbor beat her up. She is not well. The suspect is already in prison. His intention was to kill & we’re not ready to let him be released. Jennifer Asimwe

Pray with me for my mum’s hearing at 11:00 a.m. in Dubai – may she be pardoned and not be deported as she has no job here. Pauline

Pray for me and my children. We’re all sick and seek God’s healing power in our lives. Eve in Mukuno

Urgent Prayer Request

My brother\'s girlfriend, Eva, has lost her unborn baby for the second time in their life together. Please pray that they will be able to conceive a healthy baby, and that the baby will be born. Lene