Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Answered Prayer

Thank God for providing my tuition this semester before the deadline. I can’t thank Him enough. I can’t doubt Him anymore. Liana

I want to thank God for the financial breakthrough. Peter

I am a commission earner but God has done great things for me in my job. Diana

I had a skull partly damaged [I was excreting every bad-smelling mucus through the nose] but God completely healed me. Richard from Lugazi

Thanks for your prayers. God is great! I can see peace & love returning between Sara & I and I thank God for it. Morris

I thank God for granting me success in my S6 exams. Charles

Urgent Prayer Request

I have a demon inside my stomach that eats all I eat. Please help and pray for me. My life is in danger. Francis-Mulago

General Prayer Requests

Jobs: Stella, Diana, Anna, Barbara, Brenda. Morris, Teddy, Terrance, Ombaru, Moses

Excel in studies: Cecilia, Dorcas, Maureen, Joan

Financial Breakthrough: Brian C., Esther, Olivia, Ombaru, Joan, Moses

Marriage Partner: Brian C., Olivia, Jean, Peruth


Pray for me that the Lord will unite me with my cousin Jacob. Pray also for God’s protection and deliverance. I’m under serious attack. Today a wicked group of people had succeeded in their evil and gave us a poisonous drink. When I tried to pray after the drink a deep quivering and shaking like an earthquake happened. I heard people crying all over the place. They also gave me poisonous food but I heard a voice telling me not to eat it. Pray for me that I get a new place. There are 20 of them bothering me. Brian C.

I’m an orphan from northern Uganda and I need a driving permit. I don’t have money. Pray for me. Johnson

Pray for my courtship with Evelyn to have a good family in the future. We are both born-again. Victor

I need healing. My hair can’t grow because there are wounds all over and it’s giving me so much pain. Jane

Pray for my sister Honest to be healed. She’s been down since mid 2007. Rita

I’m Joyce. Pray with me for my boyfriend Nobert who is in USA to get a job.

I need your prayers to be successful. I have some misunderstandings with my boss. Pray for me. Olivia

Pray with me for a normal delivery of a healthy baby boy. Maggie

Pray for me that the financial crunch will get down so that people can get back their jobs and for many to be employed. Pauline

Pray with me so that God can bless me with a job, husband, children, favor, wisdom & for Jesus to strengthen my faith so that I can serve Him forever. Esther

I am believing God for an invitation to England for ministry. I want to go there on the 27th of May, 2009. Pray for me. Mukisa Emma

Pray for me to gain more self-esteem. Resty

Pray for me to get the gift of interpretation of tongues. Alan

Pray for me. My boss likes me and for that reason am on a serious attack with my workmate. Jane

Pray for me. I am experiencing demonic attack & depression. Peter

Pray for me to get money for upkeep, research and dissertation and for Mom to get the land title from the surveyor. Olivia

Pray for my brother who has started taking alcohol seriously. Pray that he stops. Susan

I backslid but I yearn to come back to the Lord but I’ve failed. Pray for me. Agnes

One day I came into my house and something attacked me on my shoulder. It keeps moving in my body, especially the back and chest and shoulder. It scratches me inside. Pray for me. I need to be set free. Charles

I’m Martin. Pray for me so that I stop backsliding & that the stammering goes away.

Pray for me to get a government sponsorship at university. Jean

Pray for my parents. My father has pressure and my mother doesn’t see well. Naomi

I’m a bit confused with my life right now. I’m torn between two different studies. Pray for me I make the right decision. Isaac

Pray for me. I’m going for an interview and want God’s favor & wisdom. Maureen

Pray for me. I need confidence and I want to be healed of stammering and to overcome fear. Mari

18 people were conned by one soldier convincing to take us to Canada but thank God he was arrested. Pray for us to get our money and passports back. Steve

Pray for my business and good health. Joan

Pray with me again that God may grant me government sponsorship at the university. Charles

Leg ulcers have attacked me. Pray for me. Ronald

Pray for me, I always go to bed tired and it’s a tug of war waking up to pray in the early hours. Esther

I need your prayers. I am suffering from a long-term stress which has caused an openness of ulcers, pressure to attack me. Even center top of my head is sinking down. Alex

My prayer request is for healing both physical and spiritual, introduction and marriage. Moses

Pray also for my brother-in-law’s wife who is in hospital with a liver abscess. John

Pray for me. I have to pay a friend 500,000 /= but I don’t even have 100,000 /= to give him. I need a miracle. Barbara

Pray for my healing from HIV. Jessica

Pray for me. I am being disturbed by spiritual husbands which normally attack me at the end of the month. I’m tired of the single life. Sophie

Pray for my husband to get enough money so that we can repossess the land he had bought 9 months ago plus pray for our family devotion time. Priscilla

Pray for me to get my papers correct because I would very much like to visit home.
Pray for peace and harmony in my family e.g. my children. Esther

Pray for me to settle well in my new job as and adapt to environment and colleagues. Fred

My prayer request is for me and my sisters and boyfriend to get citizenship in the U.K. and be successful and for my boyfriend to be released from detention. Grace

Pray for us for more peace, love & faithfulness between us, to make us a more God-fearing couple & family, to let Sara stop that new relationship & forever to be faithful to our marriage as I do the same and for God’s blessing in our lives and to bless us with our son Bright. Morris

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Praise Jesus because all we did was trust Jesus for Jackson’s life and it’s done. They have discharged Jackson – Simon’s boda-boda driver! He still has headaches and your prayers are needed. Eric

I’m Moses. Last time I sent a prayer request of God providing me a job and indeed I got it. Now pray for me that God keeps me in the job.

General Prayer Requests

Mate: Nicholas, Eleanor, Vicky, Irene
Job: Vicky, Grace, Chaltu
Financial Breakthrough: Geoffrey, Joan, Eleanor


Tomorrow I’m going to meet another Christian brother who has proposed marriage – may God’s will be done. Mary A.

Can you pray for me so that I get a place at campus? I didn’t do well on my A-levels. I got 11 points and I was doing science. Martin

Pray for me to be registered as a nurse. Since March 2008 I was searching to be registered but they didn’t consider me. Norah

Pray for me. I am sick. Jamiilah

Pray for my business. There has been demonic depression. Pray that it’s lifted off & prosperity comes my way. Pray for divine intervention & direction. I’m desperate. Pray the Lord helps me as I revise for exams and that I excel academically. Joan

Pray for me. I’m having a mouth cancer & it has lasted for a long time. My lips have turned red. Paul

Pray for customers and for my CEL members to love God dearly. Mervis

Pray for my sister who has a mental problem, unsaved, too religious. Jan in Zzana

Pray for me so I can learn to pray. Ruth

Pray for my family for healing. I am on leave and I want God to use me. Eleanor

Pray for me that my prayer life improves. Angela

Pray for me. There’s a business I want to start up but I don’t have capital. Sauba

I really need prayers so that I can do well in my school. I am in S.5. I also want to be prosperous because everything I do fails. Matthew

Pray for me. There is a woman who has persecuted me for no reason for many years. This woman started by telling lies against me without any evidence to spoil my name, even her daughter. She started by coming where I was living. When I was studying in Kenya she wanted to kill me. I never did anything bad to her & her daughter. She stole my pictures and she has done much evil. Charles

Pray for my family. My mama’s liver is sick. I need patience, forgiveness. I am suffering. I need Jesus in my life. Chaltu

Pray with me that I get customers at my job. Stephen

I need money and sponsors for a MSC degree in nutrition from Israel. Nathan

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I want to testify that God provided my tuition fees on time. I had sent in a prayer request about that last year in December. Melinda in Entebbe

I’m so thankful! Today I had made a shortage of 10m but by God’s grace I was able to recall the client I had overpaid. Charlotte

My husband got a job in answer to prayer. Grace

Urgent Prayer Requests

Pray for my sister. She’s sick. At first she had malaria, then the doctor realized she had typhoid. She’s on treatment but not getting better. She says that her heart is paining. Twiggy Kojjo

Pray for 22 missionary families that are to be executed today in Afghanistan by Islamists

Please pray with me, my grandma was on oxygen this morning and she had diabetes for over 15 years. She was amputated and the other leg was affected as well. Barbra


Exam results: Charles, Hellen K, Melinda, Liz, Solomon, Christopher, Christine, Shamim
Sponsorship/Fees: Charles, Doreen, Christine
Job: Jane, Daisy, Ronald [USA], Lydia, Andrew
Mate: Charles

I’m so down because I just lost the lady that I loved most in my life – my mum. Please pray for me to get over it. Adrian

Pray for my friend James. He’s sick. Johnie

Pray for me. I’m so lonely hearted and getting aged and need a husband this year. Juliet

Pray for me. I have things walking all over my body and get sleepless nights because of satanic powers. Paul

Pray for my brother Martin who has a mental illness. Jane

I sent my wife to school for studies, now she is dating another man and has little love for me. I still love her and am heart broken. We have a child. Pray for me. Ogenyi

Pray for my niece Patience. She needs healing.

Pray for a humble heart that will obey the Word of God always and live, walk by the spirit. Martha

Pray for me to be filled daily with God’s love – for perfect love casts out fear. Kezia

Pray for me. I have been diagnosed with arthritis. I’m on medication but know God is my healer. Margaret

Urgent Prayer Request

Pray for my sister. She’s sick. At first she had malaria, then the doctor realized she had typhoid. She’s on treatment but not getting better. She says that her heart is paining. Twiggy Kojjo

Pray for 22 missionary families that are to be executed today in Afghanistan by Islamists

Please pray with me, my grandma was on oxygen this morning and she had diabetes for over 15 years. She was amputated and the other leg was affected as well. Barbra