Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayer Requests

- Pray for me: I want to get a man to marry but no man has ever approached me for marriage.
- Pray for me that I improve on my focus and concentration. I often struggle in these areas. Pray for me to make progress in my business, personal life and my relationship. John
- Someone, after praying for me, told me that she saw my name written on a stone and put somewhere and she didn’t know who did it. We found out what this meant and we were told its bondage. Please pray for me to get over this bondage. Anne
- On Sunday I felt God was calling me to do ministry to war-torn areas. I need more revelation about it. Lonnah
- Pray for me to learn how to deal with lack of self-confidence. Sarah
- I need your prayers. I lost my job, no money, not even food at home. I’ve spent 2 days not eating food because I have no job. Money was everything to me. The devil has eaten my soul and I need your prayers for the spirit of the knowledge of God to come back to me. Pray for me to stop having negative thinking for my life. Agnes
- Pray for me to be free from spirits that use me for sex. Maureen
- Pray for our mum, Grace. She’s had a mental problem for about 19 years. Pray for me so that my application is considered at Makerere University. Mark
- Prayer request: I applied for sponsorship at Kyambogo University shortlist will be out this July. Pray for me that my name appears on that list & I pass through. Pray for me to get a job and be able to build my mother a good house & look after her. Pray for my brother to overcome the spirit of alcoholism. He is a terrible drunkard and has even missed a lot of chances in life because of alcohol. Rachel
- Pray for me for Holy Spirit guidance.
- I am requesting for your prayers that I and my family may stand strong in the Lord and that He will be our guide and that we will let Him have His way in us. Beth
- Pray for me to get a job. Helen
- Pray for me to get a better paying job and to always hear from the Holy Spirit. Maureen