Monday, November 29, 2010

Answered Prayers

 Praise God! Sometime back I sent you a message to pray for me to get a job and I thank you for praying for me – I got a job which I believe is going to enable me to get to the higher place I want to be. Thank you very much. God bless you abundantly. Martha
 Once you prayed for me to get institution money at YMCA and I got it. Thanks to the Lord. Christine

Prayer Requests

 Pray for me, I’ve been ill and still frail and yet I have exams in the afternoon. John
 Pray for me, I am expecting to deliver by caesarian soon next month because I am HIV positive. I ask God to deliver me and also give me a healthy baby.
 Pray for me to get a job and for God’s healing upon my life. I have Candida and ulcers. Lydia
 Pray for me. I applied for a job in URA and I hope to be employed there and I need God to bless me with a husband. Martha
 Pray for me to get a job. I’m desperate. Scovia
 Pray for me that I get a nice paying job, favor from God and a financial breakthrough. James
 Pray with me for excellence in exams.
 Pray for me to have a peaceful night. Judith
 Pray for me, I feel pain all over my body, especially my chest. Angie
 Pray for me to pass well my exams [not to get a retake]. Mary Leah
 Pray with me for my mum to overcome depression and worrying. Enock
 Pray for me so that I can believe in myself because I look at myself as a failure since I have failed to get a good job and I cannot do something successful.
 Pray for me to get Mr. Right in God’s Name. Florence
 Pray for grace of salvation & renewal. Pray for my brothers Moses [backslidden] and Patrick and my sister Carolyn. Richard
 I need a prayer which can deliver me from debt. I work hard but when it comes to paying me there are always delays. I need a breakthrough in my work. Alex
 Pray for us, we need a financial breakthrough & to grow in the Lord like never before. Daphne
 Pray for my children Genevieve, Anthony, Tony, and Gloria – no jobs despite several interviews. Pray for me to so that I get healed from cancer and the imbalance I got from treatment. Betty
 Pray for me, I’m starting my exams tomorrow. It’s my final and first paper at campus. I want to pass with a first class. Joy
 Pray for me to pay my debts, for my kids Malcolm and Maureen to be first in class. Pray for their dad Jack. Rose
 Pray for me, I am facing a relationship challenge. It’s making me think a lot of the days of my life. I am in love but we are both hiding it, especially him. Cruz
 Pray for me, I’m always having discouraging satanic dreams, like when I’m in my former school, and always dream about my late mum and brother. Aggie
 Pray for me to get a job as I have just finished my studies. James
 Pray for my first born son Sewava Mark who is going to sit for PLE exams tomorrow. Pray for my baby girl who has a big cough.
 I have not yet gotten a job but I have faith that before the year ends I will have a job. Pray for me to hold on to that faith. Julie
 I’m 22 years old, in the 3rd year at university. Pray with me so that I can be righteous, holy and strong in salvation for the rest of my life. Pray for me to get a husband and a job. Lillian
 Pray for my brother Don, he’s jobless and looking for a job. Pray for me that the Lord sends financial help to me so that I can meet the bank’s deadline tomorrow. Pray for my mum that she travels safely. Pray also that I get a financial breakthrough and be granted a UK visa this week.
 Pray for my brother who is in a hard place now – may the Lord open his paths and grant him breakthroughs. Pamela
 Pray for me to get through this. I have been dating a Muslim guy for over 9 years and I am in bondage. I want to get rid of him because I don’t feel safe anymore. It’s hard but I want to get out of this spiritual bondage but can’t do it on my own. Julie
 Pray for me to get a good husband. Jane
 Pray that I may get wisdom in whatever I do and ask for God’s favor to be with me, my mum and my friends. Musiimenta Christine
 Pray for me that I may get the scholarship I am applying for my PHD research. I also thank God for my family.
 Pray for me to hear Jesus’ audible voice & to get money for rent & transport to my new home. Daniel
 Pray for me to get a better job and for the spirit of unity in our family and lastly for the young children who suffer. Sam
 I have a problem. My money goes through my hands all the time when I get it. Pray for me. Benjamin
 I am in S.5. Pray for me to pass my exams. Barbie in Ntinda

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Answered Prayer

- Despite all odds Jesus is my only answer to my prayers. He blessed me with a baby girl. Martha
- I would like to testify of God’s goodness. Four days ago 6 people were laid off and I survived. I praise God and give Him thanks and praise for preserving my job. Pam

Prayer Requests

- Pray for me so that God can make a miracle because I have ulcers which have failed cure using medicine but I believe God can do it. Simon
- I had a job but I never paid tithe, now I have accumulated a lot of debts that I ran away from and I’m in hiding. Help me pray that God may restore and forgive me. Lydia
- Pray for God to intervene in my life, for God to show me His purpose for my life. I am lost. Osbert
- I am a student at YMCA. Pray for God to provide me with fees, keep me financially stable, healthy and believing in Him. Christine
- Pray for provision – tuition fees, a breakthrough in my business and divine health. Joan
- Pray for me, I’m expecting some job this week, hope I get it. Joel
- My brother Jacob has left the true faith and joined the Branch Davidians. He lives in the U.K. Pray for his restoration. Tamaly
- Pray for promotion for I believe in prayer. Onyango
- Pray for me, I have a problem of severe stomach pain. Also pray against stress at the work place. Reginah
- Pray for my brother Ron to get a job. Martha
- Pray for me to get a job. I’m a mason. Pastor Richard
- Pray for me, I feel that my life has changed, I don’t have enough money and what I get I spend from the hospital. Monica
- Pray for me for a better paying job, salvation for dad, land and family protection. Thomas
- A friend hates me more each day for a problem out of misunderstanding. Pray to God to allow them to come out of their hardheartedness.
- Pray for me to get tuition fees so that I may be a blessing to others. Tony
- Pray for me. I get dreams when someone is using me sexually. Emily
- I’m sick unable to attend church today, join me in prayer for healing. Joseph
- Pray for me, I’m blind and with HIV. I need deliverance from medication. Jane
- Pray for me that the storm in my marriage settles and that I get a job too. Angela
- I need serious prayers my spirit is too low and discouraged. My business is not working well, I don’t have a job. I really need a job.
- Pray with me for a better job so that I am able to rent a house and stay with my son who is in army training. His intention is to earn a living. He and I are worried that it’s more than that. Eva in Ntinda
- Pray for me to get a job from one of the interviews I have done, especially in Laborex Uganda.
- Pray for me that I succeed to have a visa to the U.K. Pray for my Mama Regina to receive Christ. Julian
- Pray for me, for God’s love, kindness, guidance, peace, blessings, strength and victory in my past, present and future life. Patrick
- Pray for me to get a husband who loves God like I do. Nana
- Pray for me, I have a stomach pain, a headache and I need a job. Carol
- Pray for me to have joy and smile though I may have problems hanging over my head. Prime
- Pray for me to get a job, by faith I’m believing for one this week. Ruth
- Pray for me to make sales. I need to see God bless the work of my hands. Hilda
- Pray for me, I need to forgive all who have hurt me. When I think of them my heart aches. Help me to learn to forgive. Annet
- Pray for me that I may get a job. I still have faith that I will get a job before the year ends. Mary
- I’ve been unemployed now for 5 years, I feel I’ve hit a wall and my life is now worthless. Pray for me to get a job & deliverance from whatever is blocking me from achieving what I plan for. Charles
- Pray for my sick mum who was poisoned way back in June but standing on God’s promises – no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. I believe she’ll get better. Also pray for God’s favor on me and for a financial breakthrough. Fred
- Pray for me, I cannot keep money in the house, I’m ever paying debt. Mike
- My sweet girl friend tested positive with HIV. Jesus raised the dead, He can save her. J
- Pray for me, I have very many out comings. Jesus promised to be with us till the end of the age and am not worried because Jesus is with me. Patrick
- Pray for me, I need rent for my shop. I need 2 million. Anna at the Hotel Equatoria