Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prayer Requests

Answered Prayer
A month ago I sent you a text about my rent situation and you prayed for me and God came through. Maurice

Prayer Requests
Pray for me. My heart is so low. The father of my fiancé tries to reject me. John

Pray for my academic excellence. I got a man friend. Pray that the relationship works out. Joan

Pray that God will give me strength to pray. Blessing

Pray that I get admitted to university and find a good sponsor. Dixon

I thank God I’m starting campus this August. Pray with me that the Lord will provide me with tuition fees and that I will not lack. Charles

Pray that the Lord provides me with a job this month. Norah

Last year I lost about 1,200,000. Pray that my boss adds me money and a job for my wife. Mike

Pray for me. I need a job and money for the rent. Faith from Makerere

Pray for me, I have many debts, my family is in poverty and next year I need to join campus but no help. Yesterday I had a misunderstanding with my wife to be and now she has refused to pick my calls. I’m worried. Laurence

Pray for my father as he’s facing so many difficulties at his workplace. Sara

Pray that the Lord increases my faith. I am believing the Lord for a miracle and that I pass my exams. William

Pray for me because I have very bad dreams about dead people and also pray for my husband to get a better job. Rhoda

Pray for me that I get a job. I’ve posted my papers somewhere. Mary

Pray for my peace of mind. I’m going through a difficult time. I feel helpless & nowhere to turn to except Jesus. My step-mother demonizing and blocking the blessing and progress the Lord gives me. Jane

Pray for my job whose contract is ending next month that my contract is renewed. Gloria from Kireka

I need to ask God to hold the future – all is not well. I’m not happy & feel I’m in a box of despair. Sarah

Pray for me to get the property I want. The owner is undecided. Pray that she decides in my favor. Maureen

Pray for a financial breakthrough. Sauba

I’m soon opening the house fellowship for children in Bulenga off Mitayana Rd. Pray with me. Let God’s will be done. It’s going to be a children’s church in my home every Saturday.

Pray for my family, lost business. I don’t know where to begin. I don’t have anything to feed my family. My wife is barren. Fred James

Pray for my healing. I am having an operation. Andrew

I want to leave porno. Pray for me. Denis

Pray for my little boy [1 year, 8 months] he breathes heavy due to a cough & flu.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Answered Prayer

I thank God so much because last Sunday I was very sick but because of your prayers I am now fine. Mary in Bugalobi

Thanks for your prayers. My operation was successful. Betty

Prayer Requests

Pray for a quick healing of the wound from the operation. Betty

Pray for my brother’s baby to get healed. Godwin from Entebbe

Pray for my family which is now in a critical condition & for my job, my boyfriend and for my dreams to come true. Joy

Pray for my boyfriend that he comes to know God and I need for God to show me my future husband. Samar

Pray for me to get a visa. Betty

Pray for victory, opportunity to join government school & salvation for our family. Samuel

Pray for me to get a job and a responsible man and for God to take away the evil powers that bring married men my way. Pray for a solution because I am failing to leave a married man. Fionah

Pray for me. I have a lump in my left thigh. It is sometimes painful, also fever. Joseph

Pray for me that God gives me certainty because I am not at ease and I need to find a truthful friend. Brenda

Pray for me that I am not sacked on my job. I’m working as a part-timer and it’s ending this month [30th] Annet

Please join me in prayer. I’m going under serious attack. I need the Lord’s hand of protection & deliverance. Brian C.

Pray for me as I struggle to go out of the country, for my business and children. Benjamin

Pray for me. I have fibroids. Grace

Pray for my boyfriend Ben. He has resistant malaria and he’s always sick.

Pray for my studies and my elder brother who is mentally disturbed. Ben

I got a case against me in the police. They want me to report tomorrow. Pray with me that the Lord shields me. Moses

Pray for Edward who suffers from chest pains with no real diagnosis. He is only 27 & it’s robbing him of his life.

Pray for me. I’m going through a trying time and I need a refocus. Tina

Pray for me to triumph over chest & abdominal pains & for perfect health. Steve

Pray for me to be protected from all enemies and to bind all bad dreams. Maureen

Pray for us. We need a financial breakthrough. Pastor Peters

Pray for me as I sit for an interview this Monday morning. I need a miracle. Nalumansi

Pray for me because I seem to be backsliding in all areas of my life. John B.

Pray for me. I’m feeling weak with aches and pains. Mary

Pray for me that God gives me the strength and the right answers for the job interview tomorrow and be able to pass it and for my sisters to get the scholarships. Olivia

Pray for me that I may find a true partner [wife]. Juruni Benard in Kagoma

I’m HIV+. Pray that the Lord will heal me completely. Curtis

I am now in Kampala from Sudan. I got some cash for my medication. Pray for me. I have an operation on Friday. Libel

I just lost somebody dear, I need your support in prayers. Harriet

Pray for me that I get a promotion at my work place. Peter

Pray for me & my friends Richard & Isaac, we are beginning theory papers tomorrow. Maureen

Pray for me. I need 1 million to finish my lockup shop. Rose

Pray for me to be able to complete my end of semester exams tomorrow & head for field practice to Kasese. Maate

Pray for me to get a job with South African Airlines as a air hostess. Phiona

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Answered Prayers

Today I want to thank God because He provided for me last week when I was broke. It’s been 18 years since Dad passed on but God has seen us through school. The youngest is joining campus. I was 5 and I’m completing campus this semester. I just give God all the glory. The Lord has been good to me. I finished campus and He provided for me all throughout. Rachel

Praise Jesus! I’ve been sending in several prayer requests about my education, tuition, acceptance for my course but finally it’s all done and I’ve reported at Rubaga Nursing School. Susan

I thank God so much because He has done it for me. I’ve been praying for my contract to be renewed and God has answered me by giving me a better job from a different department. Betty

Thanks for your prayers. The girl with multiple allergies is improving and she is back in school. The mother is thankful to God. Jane

I want to thank and honor God – He is faithful, loving and merciful. Life itself is His wonderful gift to me and I can’t wait to enjoy every great thing that He has planned for me. Glory to God. He is worthy.

I want to give my thanks to God for His goodness, provision & protection & to ask Him to continue to look after me. Dorin

I thank God for He provided for my tuition when I had lost all hope. Viola

Prayer Requests

Pray for me to be blessed with my fiancé so that Jesus fights for us all the time and for me to make a daily appointment with Jesus. John S.

Pray for me over the feelings and attitude that no one cares which makes me desperate. David

Pray for my mum to have good health & enjoy the fruit of her labor. Rachel

My prayer request is that He will bless me with a job & help me pass my research which is really stressing. Rachel

Pray for me and my class during this time of our final A level exams. We have 2 more weeks of exams and we pray that it goes smoothly and that we find the wisdom and courage. Pam

Pray for my brothers Moses and Richard that God changes their lives – they’re drunkards & for family bondages to be broken.

I have been unemployed for the last 6 months. Pray for me. Patricia

Pray for me to get a job. Hellen

Help me! I got saved at the beginning of the year but over the last 3 months have been returning to my vomit. I don’t find reading the Bible fulfilling anymore and I keep sinning. Alan

Pray for a transformation in my life, promotion and favor. Richard

Pray for me. I feel so low. Brenda

Pray for me because I’m sick. Alex in Mukono

Darkness doesn’t seem to go from my life. First AIDS, secondly my boyfriend denied with my baby, thirdly my dad dies and now my friends are all against me and I can’t take care of myself anymore. Pray for me.

Pray for me. I’m 28 years old suffering from hypertension – a very difficult & complicated condition. I’ve been on treatment for 2 months now but no improvement. I just need to cover myself with prayer because even the doctors can’t explain why. Pray for me and my wife. We are planning to wed but we have no money and yet time is running out. Eddie Cleaner of St. Francis Chapel, Makerere

Pray for a stable good paying job that I need. It’s now 2 years down and no good job yet. I feel so hurt. Stephen

Please pray for my health. Arnold

My prayer requests are: permanent job, wisdom, financial & spiritual breakthrough, Godly marriage, family salvation. Moses Asiimwe

Pray for my brother Marcial and family in Central America whose son was murdered this weekend.

I need 2 million by Friday. I have no salary this month because of a shortage at work. My dad’s logo book is at stake and my check will bounce. Pray for me. Barbara

Pray for me to get a job. Also, I have a project with my friends and I want you to pray for me so that it becomes successful. Rita

Pray for me to get healed of the pain in my chest & to be able to buy the property I want. Maureen

Pray for me that I get a job soon. My daughter hasn’t gone back to school yet and I haven’t paid my rent. Betty

I have this problem that I feel lonely and rejected that makes me cry all the time and I have a spirit of rejection. Sauba

Pray for me, I have final papers in late June and I’ve failed to concentrate. I desire for a stand in salvation. Tracy in Fort Portal

Pray for me to get to know God more & also to know that He is always there for me and that I can always rely on Him. Solomon

Pray for me. I’m always attached by bad dreams. I want to go for further studies, find a good husband and good job.

Pray for me to succeed in all my exams. Viola from Kyambogo University

I need God’s guidance. I have been tested to the extreme & I just don’t know what’s God plan for me is. Pray for me. I’m pregnant and going through a bad relationship. I need a miracle.

I can’t live joyfully at home with my family because I can’t meet all their basic needs due to lack of money. Pray for me for a financial breakthrough so that they may also get what they need. Your worried brother, Tonny

Pray for me to get a job. Kenneth

Pray for my brother Emmanuel’s healing – he got in a car accident. Also pray for me to find a job. Jackie

Pray for me to be encouraged. I’ve relaxed a lot in reading my Bible, praying and waking up to pray. Esther

Pray for me that the Lord renews His Word in me for His ministry. Michael from Soroti

My friend Nadia is very sick. Nathan