Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prayer Requests

- Pray for a financial breakthrough. Rose
- Pray for my spiritual life. Esther
- I’m a student at Makerere University. I’m worried about tuition. Please pray for me. Judith
- Pray for me. I’m in trouble that my uterus is bulky. The doctor checked me last Thursday & told me that I have 2 fibroids in my uterus & that there will be no kids for me. Dora
- I’ve been saved for some time but I don’t feel like I’m acting like a born-again Christian. I’ve even resumed boozing – something that I don’t want but can’t control it. I would really like to be a pastor one day. Please, I need your prayers. Ronnie
- Pray for my mum. She is still in the hospital. Horace
- Pray for my visa application to be accepted and I get a study visa to Canada and to get my residence acceptance letter this week. I’m running out of time. Stella
- Thanks for your prayers because it was not easy when I lost my grandmother but due to God’s mercy I am now very fine. Mary
- Pray for my father Seimi to regain his memory and do God’s work. Ram
- Pray for me to get tuition and a job. Godfrey
- Pray for my home. I left because of school but they have taken the advantage of my absence to steal. Pray for my performance in school and for good health. Patrick
- I thank Jesus because He blessed me with a baby girl. Pray for her to be a mighty woman of God. Maryam
- I’m a builder. Pray for me to find work. Daniel
- Pray for me to have God’s favor. I have transferred up-country and my confirmation was postponed. I have been working for 9 months. Jennie
- Pray for me. I’m just angry whenever I think of my past. Rachel
- Pray that I forget the past. My husband died a young man and I always feel sorrowful yet God tells us to be joyful. I love the Lord. Juliet
- Pray for my sister & I to have excellence in studies and guidance with my relationship with my boyfriend. Miriam
- Pray for me to have peace of mind. I have many thoughts. Judith
- I’ve been jobless since January. I’m growing weary. Please pray. Faith
- Pray for my prime land real estate deal to go through. Solomon
- Thank you for praying for my brother’s son who was weak & vomiting. Now he is improving. Mary
- Pray that I can get a house for business. Tazewell
- Pray for a job for my good friend. James
- Pray for a good job for me, sponsorship for my children & a house to live. Grace
- Pray for academic excellence throughout my course & provision for my nursing school fees. Deborah
- Pray that I pass my tests both this week and next week. Emily
- Pray for my career. I’m hoping for placement and pray the Lord leads me and gives me wisdom and grace. Patience
- Pray for me and Bosco to succeed in being paid by Euro Africa Co. which is to be paid by the Attorney General. Pray for good health, a family house, to get enough money for my children. Peter Ogang
- Pray for my studies. I’m hoping to get a scholarship to study in the States. Pray for my mum who is sick. Stephan
- Pray for me to get a good job in Kampala because I want to work and study as well. Esther
- Pray for me to stop worrying so much due to failure to get a job. Olivia
- Pray for me. I have a problem with my stomach. It normally pains me. Joan
- I’m becoming weak & not concentrating on my books. Pray for me. My heart feels heavy. I want to have peace in Jesus’ name. Denis Ngizwe
- I’m poor, working as a security guard requesting your blessing and prayers. Chris

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

my husband is very much in pain in his knees and can\'t really walk and work. we are very low financially and need miracles in supplying fudns for rent and for our our voluntary projects, we also have few kids which make us even more desperate. please pray the Lord will supply financially and also for our faith and encouragement and for few miracles from above! thank you to all who will take time to pray for us. great is your reward in heaven! Olivia

Friday, September 11, 2009

Answered Prayers

This is a thank you pray for Jehovah God Almighty for providing me with my job contract this week. I give Him all the glory, honor and power for always taking care of us. Imani

I am the pregnant woman who sent you the sms previously. I thank God He provided money so that I could buy food. Maryam

Prayer Requests

Pray that I can get capital to start the business & pay all my debts. Sauba

Pray for me to get more spiritual wisdom and strength from Jesus. John Segaku

Pray for my grandmother, she’s down & not feeling well. Mary in Bugalobi

Pray for my finances. The situation is alarming. My business is down. Joan

I am in bed at old Mulago Hospital following the accident I got last year in which I sustained 4 fractures on my right leg. I want you to pray for my healing and recovery. Andrew Libel

Pray for marriage for me. Marian

Pray for me that no more sickness rules my life because about every two weeks I’m sick and everytime I get something that is about to succeed I fail. Pray that the sponsorship I’m processing will come to pass. Nancy

Pray for a breakthrough in the financial crisis in my family. Pray that I can find a job. I just finished campus. Miriam

We join in prayer for a capital breakthrough. Mukisa

Pray for me. My mom smokes and is a drunkard. She doesn’t treat us right. I want God to reach out to her. Joan

Pray for excellence in my UACE exams in November – to be focused & for endurance & perseverance in all trials & temptations of life. Kevin

Stand with me in prayer as I pray for a sponsor and a new guitar. My dad broke it because of my faith and now no fees for me because I’m a born-again Christian. Joe

Pray with me for my mum & my darling are sick. Gerald

Pray for me to grow more in the spirit and the Word of God. I also need a financial breakthrough for my tuition and school requirements. Beckie

Pray with me for peace and grace and to know God more. Laila

Pray for my infected bone in my left hand which I’ve been suffering from since 2006. There’s a cut plus discharge. Steve

Pray for Mama Alice who is sick at Birungi Treasure with sickle-cell anemeia for 2 weeks now in Mulago Hospital. Martha

Pray for me because I’m worried about how I will get tuition & upkeep. It’s really affecting my concentration. Resty

Pray for me so that I can get fees. Esther

Pray I get a sponsor to help me out with fees this academic year. Lydia

Help me pray for Kyambogo admission for a degree as well as school fees. George in Lira

I am believing God for a husband. I’m 35 & a virgin. Please stand with me in pray as I wait upon God. My family is not happy but I’m trusting Him. Agnes

Pray for me, I did the 3rd interview for the job. It’s been unpredictable. There’s one stage to go so pray that I’ll be short listed for that final stage so I’ll be able to get that job. Julie

Pray for me to get a financial breakthrough. I really need a miracle. Joan

I’m searching. Pray that God connects me to the right lady to marry. Robert

Pray for my friend Dorcus Namara who is sick and in abdominal pain. She needs recovery. Ben in Seeta

I want God to give power to overcome the power of darkness and get me out of those hard times that I’m going through without losing my faith in Him. Muhamad in Kireka

Pray for me. There’s a lot of witchcraft at my place of work. People don’t like me. Janet

Pray for me to get a good job. Mercy

Pray for a breakthrough to find a godly husband and finances for graduation. Juliet

Pray for me to find a job to continue with my studies and God help me to cope with my dad, we are not moving on well and I don’t like it. Reagan

I’m a born-again Christian searching for a lady to marry. Pray that God connects me to the right person. Bwarnbale

Pray with me that my mother will be pardoned in court. She was caught stealing wine in Dubai & also that God will give her a better job than wine. She’s in court now. Ham

Pray for me, I work for my parents as a shop attendant. I’m 33 years old and still dependant on them. I get bouts of depression and sometimes psychotic episodes. I’ve been on medication for years now. I’m single & I feel like I have no future. I’ve tried to kill myself twice. I need prayers. I just want to be loved and have peace. Doreen

Pray for me to get a deeper relationship with God and become a better person. Flower

I asked God to open doors of finances in my life to overcome debts and have something to do. Max

Pray for me that I may feel God’s Spirit when praying because when I’m at church I feel it but when I’m alone I don’t feel like praying at all. Irene

Pray for me so that I can get a husband. Annie

My prayer request is for a job, financial breakthrough, healing, spiritual healing, introduction & marriage. Moses

Pray for divine guidance. I’m relocating to a village in Tororo on a new job. I need to find a spiritual church. I need inner peace and favor. Tina

Pray for me. Whenever I’m writing my hand becomes stiff and shaky. It’s only God who can help me. Dora

May the Holy Spirit intercede for me to be blessed with a God-fearing husband. Juliet

I’m praying for a job. Violet

My son is going for a job interview on Tuesday. Help us pray that he gets the job soon. Rose

Stand with me in prayer for school fees, hostel fees and requirements. I am in S2 Rock High in Tororo. Joshua

Pray with me that God makes a way to me to get married His way. Beth

Pray for me to get my UAE certificate. Angela

Pray for me so that God directs our love relationship with Emma. Liza in Bukoto

Please keep praying for me. Things are not easy. I need to see God’s hand. Pastor Peter

Pray for my husband to get a job before this year ends. Jennifer

I’m believing God for a divine job. Tusiime

I am believing that God will heal my wife of the cough that is resisting medication. Edward

Pray with me for a financial breakthrough and to clear the bills. Pross

Pray for me to get healed from allergies as I’m allergic to most foods. Pray also that I get a good job. Clare

Pray that I get money for the air ticket to New York to meet my fiancé. Ruth

Pray for me now to get the dream job I long for. Ibra Buks

Pray for the give-away and the wedding party to be successful. Prose - Entebbe

Sometimes I doubt. Pray for me. Peace

Pray for me to overcome all the hardships ahead of me, get a job as I wait for my results. James in Rubaga

Pray for me to get university tuition and requirements. Moses

Pray for me to get money to invest in a business. Solomon

Pray for me to put the Lord first in all that I do – too many temptations are coming my way. Paul

Pray with me to get a better job & for a financial breakthrough in my family, protection and for my mother and brother to get saved. Maria in Entebbe

Pray for me. I have a boyfriend and we want to get married. I have body pain & am not feeling well. Pray for my mum and dad – they’re not born again. Vicky from Naguru

There is a lady in our workplace who goes to witch doctors in order for me to be fired. I thought of her as a friend and a sister but now I know she is not. She has been doing it for several months. I love my job because it’s where I get food and other things for my sons. I think she wants me dead. Pray for me. Lydia

Pray for me because my name wasn’t short-listed in the Kyambogo admission but I wrote an appeal letter. The results will be out tomorrow. Doreen

Pray for my tuition fees & that God increases the thirst & understanding of His Word. I’m desperate for His endless presence. Brian from Mukono

Pray for my mum to get healed and that she gets money to look after us. She’s a strong believer but she’s tied in bondage. Also pray for my cousin/brother who is sick and needs to be taken to a specialist but there’s no money. Mercy

Pray for me and my family. I am about to deliver our son Elijah naturally due on September 4th and for reconciliation with his father Isaac and for the presence of the Holy Spirit in our family and relationship. Jovine

Pray for my family that has a lot of division now. We don’t have peace and are sick all the time. Oyiki JP

Pray for my sister to have a baby. She’s been married 4 years and pray for my little niece Bertha who is sick. Miriam

Pray for a better job. Solo

Thanks for praying for me – I now have a boyfriend. Pray that he gets a job to maintain us. Sue

Pray that God gives me a well-paying job this September. Irene

Please let’s pray together that God will forgive my sins and take away this sadness and bitterness in my life and also give me the job that I’ve been asking Him for since Monday. Rachel

Pray for the restoration of my marriage and for a financial breakthrough. Sylvia

Pray for me to find a beautiful God-fearing lady for marriage. Nic

Pray for me, I have 2 girls that need school fees and tomorrow is the last day. Maryam

Pray for my father Simei Anubo – he has a great memory loss. Ram

Pray that God strengthens my faith & find myself something to do. Reagan