Thursday, April 30, 2009

Answered Prayer

Thanks for your prayers. Today I completed 1st semester exams. In 2 weeks I will resume. Joan

I thank God my prayers were answered. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. My file was sent to Nairobi. Mrs. Ilunga

Prayer Requests

Jobs: Evelyn, John Sserubiri, Juliet
Financial Breakthrough: Joan

Pray for me that the Canadian Embassy in Nairobi says yes so that I and my daughter can join my husband. Mrs. Ilunga & baby Antoinette

I’m Timothy on Entebbe Road. Someone is tying on me a pregnancy which she aborted. What can I do? Pray for me.

Pray for me so that I can complete my studies without fail this semester because I’m struggling with research & an uncooperative supervisor. I promise to call back and testify if God answers my prayer. Dennis MUBS

Pray for my cousin Martin in Jesus’ Name who is possessed by demons. He hears voices. Both his parents are dead. He has lost hope in life. He reads the Bible but acts strange. Jane

I need prayers for my brother Paddy who has had an attack and is very sick. Miriam

Pray for wisdom. I am about to re-do my S.6. Frank

Pray with me so I get closer to God; pass my semester exams with a 2nd upper degree. Christine

Pray for us. My mother had a stroke and has not recovered. Horace

Pray for me to pass the forthcoming exams. Nicolas

Pray for me. I dream about dead people. Pray for my dad who is addicted to drinking. Immaculate

Pray for me that God gives me wisdom because a position He has put me in is one which everybody will be amazed at. Philemon in Nsambia

Pray for my sister Imy for wisdom & knowledge. I want her to be the next term & to heal her from asthma/sinuses. Helen

My family is miserable. My cousin ran mud last year but this year he is recovering. I’m poorly performing in S.4 and got addicted to masturbation due to school peers. Please pray for a change towards us. Daniel of Julius Peters Ochens family

Monday, April 20, 2009

Prayer Requests

My prayer request is for a job, financial breakthrough, healing, spiritual healing, introduction and marriage. Moses Asiimwe

I’ve not been fine. I’m emotionally disturbed. Pray with me that I may get emotionally okay and to get government sponsorship at the university. Charles

Pray with me for a job. I am really in need of one. Angie

Please pray for me. I have chest problems for almost 10 years. It’s like a cough but I’ve tried every hospital and nothing was found. Julius from Kamwokya

Prayer Request: my marriage. Bettina Ilunga

Pray for me because it seems my boyfriend and I are about to break up but I still love him. Mauryn

I’m Martin. I need a prayer because my leg is paining me.

Pray for me. My mind is not settled. I need divine intervention. Horace

Pray for my family – my parents and siblings’ families. We lack peace, love and have no joy. Always lacking and in debt – typical of a generation curse. Please pray for us and advise. Thanks.

Pray for me so that I get rid of a married man and I stay with my own man and that I get a vacancy to study nursing. Irene Kagoma

Pray for me so that I pass my exams and get what I want in my life. John

I need help. I’m under a spell of sexual immorality. I’m now 23 years but I’ve been raped and used many times. I feel wasted even if I surrendered my life to Christ. All the abuse haunts me, even what hurts are amongst those my relatives. I’m so broken. Please help me get over this. Thanks. Shanita

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pray for me. I have a spirit of rejection and bad dreams – every man that promises to marry me disappears. The one I now have has told me to forget him after 3 years without reason. Susan

I have a heart problem and no peace of mind. Pray for me. Catherine

I had an abortion 3 years ago but I have much pain in the reproductive system even now. I want a child but I have failed. Pray for me that God forgives me so that I can conceive and that He heals me of other sicknesses that have attacked me. Beatrice

Pray for me that God makes a way because UNEB delayed to release my S.6 exams. So please stand with me as UNEB processes for them. Robina

Pray for me to be delivered from depression. Immaculate

Pray for me so that the spirit of fear and bitterness go away. Naomi

Pray for us. I always receive money but it just passes through my hand. I also need long lasting peace, love and prosperity in my life and God’s protection on me, Sarah Bright and the rest of my family. Morris

I want God’s favor in everything I do. Adam

Sunday, April 12, 2009


May the sacrifice of love at the cross bring a new meaning in your life. May you truly be blessed as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Happy Easter!

Hearts receive love, minds receive wisdom, hands receive gifts and only special people like you receive Easter greetings. Happy Easter! Morris & family

Joy sounds in the hearts of those who deserve it. May you enjoy the resurrection of Jesus because your sins have been catered for by Christ. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

I hope and pray that you celebrate the true meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection. Happy Easter. Shalom. Cynthia

Urgent Prayer Request

Please stand in the gap for me and pray for my children – Ronaldo & Sande – whom their Jeneth has been misled by the devil and went away with them. Pray so that she brings back my children. Bitek

Prayer Requests

Pray with me. I don’t have a job and money is needed for my boy who is taking his O levels – may God help. Not only that, I have many challenges. Julius

Pray for my family. Pray for me to have passed my exams. They are soon to be released. Doreen

Pray for me to get a job and a husband. Annet

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Answered Prayers

In January I sent in a prayer request on Sunday morning to ALPHA about my exams. The results came back on Friday and I had excelled. I believe I’ll graduate in January next year. Thanks for the prayers that Sunday morning. Julie MUK

I only have thanksgiving for God because He has provided for me, people wonder where I get all the money I spend, yet I am jobless. I have Him to answer. Liana

I sent in a prayer request about my tuition fees early this year and I want to testify that my sister covered all the fees. Melinda in Entebbe

I would like to thank God for saving my brother from a terrible accident on Entebbe Road. Sauba

You prayed for my dad and he is now saved and free from alcohol but one more thing is cigarettes. Juruni

General Prayer Requests

Job: Agnes, Annet, Adam

School/Tuition Fees: Joan, Mbillie

Marriage Partner: Annet

Exam Results: Joan, Doreen

Prayer Requests

Pray for me to get a stable family. Agnes

Pray for me to learn to wait upon God & also do His will. Lately, I’ve been confused about my relationship. Christine

Pray that immigrations in Canada send my file to Nairobi for my visa so that I and my daughter can join my husband. There is another woman who is trying to destroy my marriage. Pray that her evil plan is cancelled. Bettina Ilunga

Pray for me that I’m not overtaken by the pleasures of the world. Josephine [Mukono]

Pray with me for the strengthening of my relationship with my boyfriend.

Pray for me to overcome the spirit of poverty and to receive knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Richard

Pray for a job that pays minimum net salary 1.7 m UGX a month. Melinda in Entebbe

I received Jesus in my life from my friend who is also saved. Pray for me so that my salvation can be a true one. I am newly married so pray that we stay in the love of God. Pray also for the one who led me to the Lord. Anthony

I love God but I don’t have power to pray, fasting, reading the Bible and fellowship. Please pray for me. The credit crunch disturbs me. I have many debts because of losses. William Bulenga

Pray for me. I am looking for a place to do my industrial training. I am an electrical engineering student. I would love to do my training at radio Uganda & any transmitting place. Otim David

Pray for my mum. She’s weak since dad passed away last week. Otim David

Pray for the salvation of my sisters Betty & Angela and for protection, unity & boldness in the family & wisdom for Anna & Adrian

Pray for me. I have a stomach ache. Samuel in Muyenga

Pray for me. I have a debt of 2million shs. I have no way through and even now am sick. Alex

Pray for our office, since last month it seems like something is wrong. Plead the blood of Jesus over it. Our boss is harassing us. Dora, Fred and G

Pray for my son Jacob to be paid his wages. He was told to work but for 2 months he has been denied pay. his mother

Pray that the executives pay my outstanding salary 2.7m shs owed for 2 years now. Jane

Pray for me to have [1] good health [2] financial breakthrough [3] power to do God’s work [4] prosperity & peace. Julius E.

Pray for my cousin Bruce against his bladder problem for his healing and salvation. Agnes

I’m John in Kabowa. I lost my job a month ago and am desperate for finances. Pray for me.

Pray for my mum who has had diabetes for over 6 years and now I have no money to buy her medicine. Richard
Please pray for me to have strong faith and to overcome the spirit of rejection and fear. Sauba

Pray for me to become wealthy. Daniel from Nsambya

Pray for me, I am lacking a job and I am a mechanic. I believe you can pray for me and I will find a job. Juruni Bernard at Kagoma

Pray for me to get back and stay strong in my Christian life. Ever since I backslid I stopped praying, going to church and even worshipping God which I loved to do with a passion. Pray for me. I miss the joy of being in His presence.

I need your prayers. My wife Sarah wants a divorce but I still want her very much in my life. I am troubled. Morris