Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am exceedingly happy because my dad Atiku Moses finally surrendered to Jesus. Please pray for him so that he may be established in salvation. Ben

Thank God for the MBA course I recently started. Hannah

Thanks be to God! I am steadily seeing the fulfillment of issues I’ve prayed for a lifetime. Joan

For Mates: Martha; Emily; Evans; Irene; Hannah; Joy, Taaka, Olivia; Maureen

For School Fees: Morris; Pius; Paul

For A Financial Breakthrough: Lillian; Moses

For Good Grades: Frieda, Flo, Echo, Julie

For a job: Grace’s husband; Moses; Joy, Juliet, Taaka, Nelly, Kirya


Prayer Requests

Please pray for my boyfriend to stop smoking. Frieda

Pray for total deliverance from any form of bondage created by known or unknown witchcraft or spiritism and God’s guidance and favor in my career. Hannah

Pray for our daughter Esther and her husband Hosea. She is having her very first pregnancy and expects the baby next month. John

Pray for my parents to get rid of their addiction to alcohol and to get saved. Justine

Pray for me because work is consuming most of my time that I end up worried. Mary

Pray for my family to put God in the center of their lives and to turn to God when faced with challenges in life. They are undergoing very difficult times and it is tearing everybody apart. Jane

Pray for my family members to receive Jesus in their lives. Topister

Pray for me to be pay-rolled, scholarship/sponsorship for further studies, prosperity, to have a God-fearing family, protection from Satan. Nzanzu

Pray for me, I feel like I’m drowning. I have lost my helpful friends and God’s presence. I do anything bad knowing that it is sin but I continue doing it. I no longer resist evil and always cry after doing it. I know how amazing it is to have the Holy Spirit guiding you and that’s what I’m longing for. Eric

Pray for me that I might be firm in the Lord. I don’t want to cry anymore but to rejoice always. Judith

I’ve been called today to submit in an application & CV as administrative secretary at CBS Bulange Mengo – pray that I am selected. Joan

Pray for me, I’ve got shoulder joint dislocation which has been very severe. Joan

Pray for me to get healed from malaria. Andrew

I got a miracle! I’m 5 months pregnant! Pray for me, my stomach pains me all the time. I’m tired of drugs, no improvement. I have one fallopian tube. Flavia

Pray for me that I get to buy the property I want. The agent is making it difficult. Maureen

Pray for me to work with the disadvantaged. Richard

Pray against the morning headaches. Paul

Pray that God heals little Elisha’s tummy & umbilical cord. Pray for our own home, fridge, DVD player and a car. Lillian

Pray for me to overcome the spirit of rejection. Sauba

Pray for me to have kids with Peter. Shone

Pray for my aunt who has been sick for 6 months, unable to walk & talk properly. Caesar in Lira

Pray for me that God restores me to Himself. Jessica

Pray for me to get a scholarship, well paying job & a car. Peter

Pray for me that I understand God’s requirements the more and for good health. Richard

Pray for deliverance and control my mind which is always filled with bizarre thoughts. Josephine

Pray for the healing of HIV. Andrew

Pray for me to get healed from klebsiella – a STD and it is resistant. Anthony

Pray for me. I’m pregnant and not feeling well. Iryn

Pray for my friend Rachel – she just lost her dad – that she knows that God loves her & lives in her. Linda

Pray for my dad to restore his wealth because his brother is using witchcraft against him to take him down to zero. Louis

Pray for me that I get a catering job and that my current boss realizes that I need finances for those I take care of. Florence

Pray for me and my boyfriend Nobert, who is studying in the USA, that we bring our relationship to another level. Joyce

Pray for me. I have malaria & some back pain. Mary

Pray for assistance to go to the USA this year. Safina

Friday, January 9, 2009

Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer
You prayed for me and I got a job as a branch manager. Kim


Pray for me that God may grant me wisdom and concentration as I go in for my papers and that I get peace of mind. Rhona

Pray for my mum, she’s been feeding through a tube for months & months. Horace

Pray for a financial breakthrough for me. Godfrey

Pray for me that I’m posted in an area that I want. Thanks & be blessed. Kim

I’m Betty and due for an operation. Please pray for me so that it is successful.

Please stand with me. I’m HIV+

Pray for me. I’m suspecting my wife Sara to be cheating on me with a guy called Majid. I love her very much. Pray that she will be faithful to me and love me very much as the husband. Pray for us.
We have a misunderstanding which has affected our love. Pray for us to continue with our love and for peace. Morris

I’m sick. Pray for a quick recovery as I’m supposed to report at university for studies on 7th Jan. Also pray for abundant provision. Joan

Pray for me to be religiously strong and for my baby sister Natasha to pass PLE. Hanipha

I need a renewal in my spiritual life & God’s mercy. I believe I am a good writer. Please pray for me that I get a breakthrough. Henry

Pray for me. I have a debt of 452,000 /= and I lost my job but the company still holds my wages of 857,500 /= but doesn’t want to pay me. Lastly, my sister has a criminal case in court on Wednesday. Kellen

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Greetings

We love you like you will never fully know, for that reason we bind you all to Christ Jesus forever because He does love you more than we ever can. Increase in all Godliness this 2009. Catherine

Just wanted to wish you a prosperous 2009 and may God bless you more in whatever you do. Thanks for the good work and preaching and spreading God's truth.

May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of His love in 2009. Charlotte


PTL! Your prayers made a difference. Juliet has now improved and is no longer on oxygen. She can eat and drink a little and even talk. I am so much encouraged. I believe God will heal her completely.


Prayer Requests

To find a mate: M’wood, Marian, Becky

School fees: Solomon

I'm suspecting my wife to be cheating on me. I love her very much. Pray to God to let her only love me, the husband. We need peace also. Morris

My eyes pain a lot. Pray for me. Michael Clooney

Stand with me in prayer. I'm believing God to heal me of HIV and for my daughter, age 15, to test negative. Esther.

Pray with me for my dad's salvation and that 2009 will be a blessed year for me. I want to bless people too and do God's work. Isabella

I need your prayers. Last year I lived in Kabale from February on missions. I heard from the Lord. I fled in December and spent 2008 in Lira. My heart is towards Kabale & He reminds me of the same yet. Solomon

I'm trusting God for a job in a bank where I applied. Also pray for my boyfriend Richie who is Buddhist & lives in Dubai to know Christ with my help so we get married in church. Christine

I backslid sometime back and lost my job. My spiritual growth is very low. I need to reconcile my life to Jesus. Pray for me. Daniel

Pray for me to get a financial breakthrough. Daniel

Pray for me. I need strength and sleep at night because I depend on drugs to get to sleep for just 2 hours and the rest of the night I am awake. Annet

Pray for me. I need my heart to be very clean because sometimes I behave like a non-believer. I need a new job that's well paying. I'm Dennis in Kireka Barracks

Pray for my sister Honest whose blood vessels [upper veins] are blocked and also for my brother Kennedy whose tongue was bound by the evil one, so that he receives his healing this year. Rita

Pray for my job. I've got a difficult boss who has extended my probation four more months. Pray that after this period I am confirmed. Betty

Pray for a job and a good S.6 results due in March and for my spiritual life. I backslid and I want to come back to Christ. Penina

Pray for me. I would like to complete registration of my company and also get an office. Opio

Pray for the healing of a virus, blood pressure and to be able to pay debts & rent. Flora

Pray for me to get a job and for my sister to be paid. Resty

Pray that God touches my boss, who is now in Congo, to come and pay our salary. Adupa

Pray for my studies, that my father will pay my school fees and for the relationship between me and my family [polygamy]. There’s a lot of jealousy and hatred. Hanipha

Pray for me, I’m having a hard time letting go of the past and pray that God will make me excel in my exams. Marianne

Pray for soldiers who are born again for God’s favor and protection and for me to have good development in the Headquarters. 2nd Lieutenant Okello

Pray for my small business and for me to know God more than I do. Manuel

Pray for me that I can find a place to put my boutique container, the rent and beginning capital.

My stepmother continues to demonize me. I need your prayers for God’s protection. Jane

One of the kids got burned with grade 2 burns and is not well yet. Please pray. He’s 3 years old. Matthew