Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Answered Prayer

I want to thank God for healing me after 6 months of pain from arthritis. Joan

I thank Him for protecting & providing for me at my place of work. Lydia

Prayer Requests

Pray for me. I need a financial breakthrough in my home, especially now. Jill

Pray that my father may accept Jesus in his life & come back to his family. Pray that I can pass my exams & get a scholarship in Canada in medicine. Pray that God blesses the hard work of my mother and young brother. Melissa

Pray for spiritual and heavenly blessing & wisdom. Bravo

Pray for success over my travel abroad where I am heading for a job and for my breakthrough. Pray for my family to have peace & joy always. Pray for my brothers Pelvin & C’rajay to get jobs for they have toiled for so long but they’ve failed. Nohris

Pray for me so that I excel in my exams this semester. Viola

Pray with me for God’s guidance & excellence in exams. Deo

I thank God because I have made 3 years in my place of work today. Martha

Pray for my wedding this year. Let His will be done in my life & to be blessed & favored in all that I do. Martha

I’ve suffered with asthma for a long time. People have prayed for me but I’m not getting healed and I’m planning to travel abroad. I’m discouraged. Pray for me. Ronnie

Pray for my loan to be fruitful, for God to provide money for school fees & rent & for my family that we buy a fully furnished house. Irene

Pray for me for a financial breakthrough. I want to serve the Lord. James

Prayer request: my sister Jael and niece Davina to be fine and for a financial breakthrough. Ktea

Pray for me. I’m not feeling good, am weak & have back pain. Mary

Pray with me for my mum that the judge will pardon her. She’s now in custody waiting for results. Pauline

Pray for the healing of my feet which are painful & paralyzed giving me sleepless nights & restless days. David

Pray for me, I’m not stable with my printing work. Tom

Pray for complete healing, good health and for my kids. Joan

Pray for me in my business ventures because most of them seem to fail due to weird circumstances. I need to be able to cater for my family. Eddy

Pray that I change my bad habits. Lily

Pray for me, I am so stressed with my wedding preparations. Scovia

Pray for the refreshers & self-worth generation conference and that many souls will be changed. Joy

Pray for me. Someone at work goes to witchcraft so that I’m sent away from work & wants to harm my kids. I’m a single mother of 2 kids & expecting my 3rd & I need that job. Lydia

I’m sitting for my final exams in campus. Pray for me to excel & for good health. Clem

Pray for me & my boyfriend Ivan for a good job. I’m having a hard time at home & I don’t know what to do. Pray for me & for my aunt to change her bad ways of living with people. Esther

Pray for me to get the internship I applied for in WFP. Irene

Pray for me to pass my exams and to have clear relationship and to get a new better paying job. Maureen

I’ve been facing trouble but didn’t even want to admit it. However I feel that I have to humble myself and ask for prayer. Please pray for me. I’m not happy at all. Iga Barnabus

Pray for my grandma who is very sick – pray for her healing. My brother is searching for a job; let’s pray together for his breakthrough. Pray for my dad and family, we are seeking a financial breakthrough to pay for rent and fees. Ella don

Pray for my home, there is a lot of division among us. Patrick

Pray for me that I will overcome sexual temptations. I’m single, 22. Jackline

Pray that I can get a steady job. Esther

Pray for my family because we are going through a lot of things. Pray that my family is let loose from any evil spirits or curse it has been put under. Julie