Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prayer Requests

 Pray for me, I want an international job, favor, joy, peace, protection and a wife from abroad – either from U.K., U.S.A. or Spain and the anointing of God. Jimmy
 Pray for me and my girlfriend. We are in need of finances as well as an increase on our savings. Maggie and John
 Pray for me to be with my girlfriend even though she wants another one.
 Please help me with prayers. We have a land dispute and all my relatives have pulled out my living mom, almost killing her one night when she was there.
 Pray for me. I am in need of money to meet my bills in the next few days as well as to save. John
 For the last 2 weeks I have been feeling so low. I have failed to get a job, kids, etc. Angela
 Pray for me that God will provide me with finances because I have debts. Daniel
 I am really in need of a job. Pray for me so that I can get one. Oscar
 Chris loves me but he didn’t go to school. I have thought of him learning English but I feel it’s not enough. I am somehow troubled because I am being laughed at. He has no job also. He loves me and I do. Pray with me.
 My prayer request is to get a better job. Lillian
 I would like to give God great thanks for the wonderful things He has done for us. Help me with prayer; I have a terrible headache since 1992 up to now. Sometimes I can’t sleep when it starts. Sam
 Please pray for my academic excellence in my mock exams and final papers. Julius
 I would like for everyone to help me pray because I can’t tell how my money goes whenever I get, it makes then end by debt. I have tried all the ways to save since but I have failed yet I have many responsibilities. In fact, I end up even selling sometimes whatever I bought in the house. It started 15 years back or even earlier, as soon as I started handling money in primary. Moses
 I am Eunice, a single parent. Pray for me, I need fees for my 2 kids.
 I believe in God for a financial breakthrough in our family. It has been a tough time for us. Pray for us. Adreen
 Pray for me to stay strong in Christ. Maureen
 I am dating a Caucasian man who loves me deeply but I am afraid to accept his proposal because he wants me to move to Europe yet I love to stay in Africa. Pray for me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prayer Requests

• Pray for me in my studies. I need your prayers as I am sitting for a nursing final this coming November. I am trying to read but things aren’t entering. I believe in God for the best. Patrick
• I am a student nurse. Pray for me because I am starting my final exams soon. Juliet
• Pray for me to have peace in my heart. I’m sad. Betty
• Pray for me to be delivered from barrenness and bondages. Gladys
• Agree with my God to provide me with a job. Norah
• Please believe with me and my course-mates that we may excel in our finals which start soon. Daisy
• I have a problem with ulcers & am not feeling good. Pray for me. Mary
• Pray for my friend Molly. She has lost a child 2 days ago. Let God comfort her. Mary
• I am greatly troubled at work. There is a workmate who discriminates against me in everything. She doesn’t want to talk to me, yet I didn’t do anything to her, although I try hard to communicate with her, she shows no interest. Please pray for me because I love my job. Jackie
• Please believe with me that when I go for the interviews for human resource business associate of NSSF, I’ll be the best candidate.
• My husband and our son got into an accident on their way back home from Hoima. They both have fractures. Kindly pray for us. I know our Redeemer live. The devil is a liar. I have papers to sit for in 2 weeks’ time [masters, have paid fees]. Please, I need God’s grace. Vic
• My husband’s [Julius] leg is being operated on due to the accident. Pray for a successful operation and quick recovery. Thanks. Vic
• I need a miracle for my husband to stop justifying his cheating and saying that I’m a cheat too. It hurts so much to spoil my name. I need God to fight for me.
• I’m requesting your prayers to get a job as a driver with any good NGO. Ivan
• Pray for me, there is a lot to revise in a short time. Pray that I will also be able to pay back money I borrowed to top up tuition fees. I need money for upkeep since I’m getting a leave soon. Allen
• I request you to stand with me in prayer so that God may enable me to secure a piece of land in Mukono and set up a temple for God. Pastor Joseph – Divine Life Ministry
• Pray for me to get a good husband who knows and fears God and who respects me and for God to break off from my life all works of Satan. Maureen in UK

Answered prayer
Thanks for the nice program. Well, I am now somehow good. Mary