Sunday, February 22, 2009


I give the big God the glory and praise for He answered my prayer of a job. And now let us pray for my mother to recover. Resty

I thank God for taking me through surgery. Join me in prayer for my recovery. Dina

Thanks for your prayers. I got a job. Patrick

Ever since you prayed for me when I had no hope, Jesus has blessed me. I want to start giving my tithe because Sundays I have church with you. Stephen


Pray for my brother Dennis. He repeated A-Level 3 times. One day I got a vision of darkness following him as I prayed. I’m afraid there could be a demon of witchcraft onto him by an evil person. Winnie

Pray for me to continue putting Him in the center of my daily life despite the challenges. Jane

Pray for me, I have a high temper and I over react on issues very fast. It has at time led me into conflict with friends. Morris

Pray with me for providence. I built a house on loan but I need to pay back. Prisca

Pray for me to stop smoking. Morris

Pray for me. I am hurting. I found my boyfriend with another girl together, yet I believe he is the man that God has chosen for me. I don’t want to lose him. Rachel

Pray for my mama who is down with diabetes. Miriam

Pray for me. I’m a single man and very lonely. I need loving friends to share with my happiest moments, my worries and heartbreaks. Musa

I have just dreamt that my mother has been murdered. It was so real. I’m so worried. Please pray for me and my family so that nothing wrong happens. Eunice

Pray for me. I have mouth cancer. I try different medicine but it’s still the same. Paul

Pray for me, I feel rejected by my family. I don’t even talk to my step brothers and sisters. I am a failure in all sections of life. Jimmy

Pray for me. I have syphilis & itching in my private parts which has taken 7 years. Frank

I need your prayers. I am passing through some trying times. Saul

Pray for me to excel in my academics at campus and to get someone to sponsor my studies. Jessica

Pray for divine healing, my cough has become worse. Olivia

Pray for me. I am in much pain because my fiancĂ© left me and I have never found any man in my life. I am going wild and can’t control tears anymore. Olivia

Pray for my mother who is mentally sick to be healed. Billy

Pray for my son Jeremiah that his dad may be a responsible father and take care of him. Evelyn

Pray for me to get 25 points on my results. Solomon

Pray for me, my relationship is at stake. I need a job to make money for tuition. Carol

Pray for me to know my calling tonight. I am so anxious for it. Oliver

Pray for me to overcome the spirits of spiritual, emotional, physical & financial oppression from my life. Teddy

Pray for me to overcome my debts. Margaret

Pray for me to be delivered, I feel pain in my head and stomach. Artha

Pray for me. I want a buyer of my land to pay for it tomorrow. Joshua

General Prayer Requests

School Fees: Patience, Mac, Irene

Good Jobs: Patience, Lubega J.B., Tricia, Jane, Mary, Moses, Christine

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I thank God for blessing me with a nice job. Stella

I have a praise report: I got a job and I’m reminded daily of God’s love. Sauda

Thank God for providing me with fees and thank you for praying for me. Juliet - School of Nursing

Ever since you prayed for me when I had no hope, now Jesus has blessed me & I want to give my tithe at each end of the month. Stephen

General Prayer Requests

For jobs: Stella’s boyfriend Moses, Agnes’ father, Andrew, Henry, Joseph

For tuition: Samuel, Bernard


Pray for me, I’m having pain in my chest. Eva

Pray for God’s protection of my son Bright. Morris

Pray for me that I will have no retakes in the exams we did last semester & for good health. Brenda

Pray for me that the application I submitted will be considered. Godfrey

Pray for my dreams. I keep on dreaming that I’m sinning yet I am a child of God. Alan

Pray for my family to do the will of God & proclaim His message and for me to get a financial & spiritual breakthrough. Godfrey

Pray for me that I can secure a loan from Barclay’s Bank. Betty

Pray for me to get transport for the thanksgiving gift I bought for my village & church. I bought it 2 years ago but up to now it has never been sent. I feel like I’ve cheated God. Irene

Pray with me for my friend. She’s so concerned about a gal who is so close to her husband. It’s bothering her heart. Prossy

I thank God for everything He has done for me and will yet do for me. I need more prayers over my plan of traveling. I need 1m to finish everything – with God I can make it. Kellen

Pray for me, I want the Lord to help me get a land title for my land & sell it & raise capital. Joshua

Pray for wisdom in doing my research this semester and that the Holy Spirit will lead me. Kezia

Pray for me. I am so down. All that I am doing is not good – the job, the family & no serious boyfriend. Pray for me to get married this year. I’m 27. Vicky

Pray God rescues my dad from everything his brother sends him through evil because he is the only hope of the family. Louis

I acquired land but was forced to move into my unfinished house. Now my major challenge is transport to and from work. Please pray with me for a miracle. George.

Our S.6 results are out soon. Pray for me to get all ‘A’s. & a distinction in general paper. Tasha

I got a loan to start a small airtime business. Pray for me to succeed & pay back the loan in the given time. Morris

Pray that God will send a tenant for my house. Grace

Pray for my brother Joseph, he’s sick. Maureen


I thank God because last week you prayed for me and I got healed from malaria. Mary


Pray for abundant provision increment in my business and for a spouse and family. Joan

Pray for me. I need a job. Musana

Pray for a financial breakthrough for my life and for me to find favor so I can get a job as soon as I finish school. I’m in my last year of campus. Myriam

Hearts of kids are being plucked out for evil sacrifices in anticipation of riches. Please pray for kids – especially in Lira where the act is rampant. Jimmy

Pray for God’s protection of my son Bright. Morris

Pray with me for a blessed semester, for wisdom that comes from God, for me and my siblings this year and for protection & grace over my parents. Cece

Help me pray! My son is going for a job interview. Rose

Pray I grow spiritually as well as memorizing the Word & my friend is sick. Nathan

The 2nd semester is starting at university. Please stand with me in prayer for the 1,180,000 tuition. Samuel

Pray for the small business I just started. Kenneth

I am jobless. Pray for me for God’s intervention and against people, friends and relatives who block others from getting jobs just because they are jealous – may God make the opposite happen. Jane

Pray for my grandmother Catherine, she is seriously down with pressure and diabetic. Morris

Pray for a God-fearing husband for me. Violet

Please let’s stand together in prayer and believe God for school fees for my children. Grace

Our results are back & I’m praying for a miracle. I hope I will be given PEM/ENT. Gift

Pray for my daughter Cynthia who couldn’t be admitted to a school of her choice. Pray with me. I want Jesus to be my Friend & for me to spend more time in search for the Lord through prayer and fasting. Betty

Pray for me. I have itching in my private parts. Frank

Pray for me to get a family and for success in life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Thank you for being a blessing always, by the way I noticed that all the people you pray for to get jobs succeed. Liana

I thank God for bringing peace between me and my wife Sarah. Pray that God makes us love one another more than before and should be forever and to understand each other better than before. Morris


I am an IT wizard with a BSC degree. I am so stressed in job hunting. Please pray for the doors to open for me. David

Pray for me. I’m suffering from fever. It has caused me painful sores in my mouth. Alex

Pray for me that I get married this year, have kids and a happy life with the Holy Spirit being between me and my partner.

Pray for me for a good time in school, God’s guidance, provision and protection. Deo

My dad is blind. My mum is a housewife and both of them are helpless. The thing that really bothers me is that they sleep on a papyrus mattress. I can’t afford to buy them a mattress and neither can they. Each time I go to bed I remember what they sleep on and I start pouring my heart out to God about this situation. Please pray for me.

Pray for my daddy to get well soon and also pray for my family members to overcome all the stress and worries. Joan

My prayer request is to know the Lord well, excel in my final year exams in campus this year and get a good job. Dennis

Pray for me to stop shaking or panicking [trauma] in my hands because I’m failing to perform some of my work. Samuel

Pray for me. I have been terminated from work but I am trusting God all the way and believing Him for the best. Olivia

Pray for me. It’s a difficult moment for me right now but I don’t want to turn God away from me because I know He has a purpose for me which He has yet to reveal to me. May His will be done. Jane

I got married in November. Pray for me to have a child.

Pray for me that God may show me the man that is to become my husband. Pray for marriage and a new job. Gladys

Please pray for me & my family. My husband has abandoned us for another woman. We have 2 boys together [12 & 7]. Pamela

Pray with me. I feel so low, depressed, negative, alone. I am also in need of a scholarship. The semester starts next week and I haven’t a penny. I need a sponsor.

Pray for me and my business which I’m opening tomorrow on Luwum Street. I promise to always give God the tithe because I’ve realized that it really works. Irene

Pray for my 78 year old mum in surgery for an ankle fracture. I need to overcome the anxiety because she’s hypertensive. Joan

Pray for me for better results on my S.6 exams and to get a job. If I don’t pass I may not live long. Patrick

Pray for me. I need the hand of God. I’m looking for 1.6 million for my air ticket. Deadline is tomorrow. I believe in miracles. Kellen

Pray for the orphanage called Eagles Wings – some people wanted to burn their home and church. Christine

Pray with me to get a well paying job & to get married soon. Agnes

Pray for me. I am in financial difficulties and need fees for my children.

Pray for me to have the Holy Spirit experience. Kezia

Pray for me. I am so lonely. I’ve got no one to talk to, no friends and no job. Diana

I need God to use me so that I can glorify Him, to sanctify me and to help me pass my S.6 papers. I need God’s favor in my life.

I’m tired of life & I feel like ending my own. I’ve prayed for a job but I’ve failed to get one. I have a big debt of 200,000 /= for rent. I’m stuck. Eve

Pray for my brother. He has been sick for 7 months and has been tested several times at the hospital but no disease found but my brother is sick. Sr. Bab

Pray for me because I’ve been sent back for fees but my dad doesn’t have money. Julliet

I’m struggling with spirits of sexual perversion and now spirits of Islam are following me. Pray for my deliverance.