Friday, June 25, 2010

Answered Prayers

Thanks for your prayers. My introduction ceremony was filled with the glory of God. Joshua

I am testifying for my baby who made 1 month yesterday. Thank you for the counsel you gave me about 5 months ago when all had gone wrong. I now have a healthy baby girl and am so proud of it. Connie

I managed to pass all my papers for last semester. Thank you for your prayers. Pray with me as I believe in God for success in this semester’s exams. Godfrey

I had a job but lost it 3 months ago and was so depressed but am happy that God has given me a new job. I start working in mid-June. I praise & thank God for answering my prayers. Eunice

Prayer Requests

I want you to pray for me so that I get the job. I’m a pianist. Kenneth

Pray that I overcome my fear and shyness in order to stand my ground & fight for my rights & others. Pray that my brother will settle and do well in class and that I also could get the blessing of memorizing Bible verses. Melissa and Alexa

Pray for me, my phone got lost last week & was stolen from my shop. Mary

Please believe with me for God to bless me with a job by the end of the month. Julie

I thank God because of a salary increase. Pray for my introduction & wedding this year. Martha

Pray for me, I need a financial & spiritual breakthrough in our family. Prossie

Pray for me because I feel I have no peace and am very broke. Pray that I can get school fees for my brother. Oscar

Pray for me, I need a job & money to pay the debts. Faith

I lost most of my loved ones including dad. This is affecting me in my studies. I see everything is a waste of time. I see my past in future. People see potential in me but I don’t see them. Pray for me. Ronnie

Pray for me that I may stop criticizing others. Brenda

Pray for me. I have HIV & I want to get married but I fear to kill. Robert

Please pray for me. So many times I’ve wanted to commit suicide & now this force is so strong because I feel that God has abandoned me. I grew up in a polygamous family & suffered psychologically. From childhood I asked God to give me a faithful husband when I grow up but things never turned out to be as I expected. I got a man when I finished school. We had spent 2 years together and were planning to marry and have a family. One day he told me we couldn’t continue. I felt so low since I was operated and given 6 months to conceive so that the fibroids don’t re-occur and this is the last month and we broke up 2 months back. I can’t take it anymore because God has left me alone. So many times I feel God never listened to my childhood prayer. I’m now 30 years old. A few days later I found him with another woman in bed. Agnes

Pray for me, I’m sinking in debt, to get fees for my son and tuition for myself. I did an interview & one week later I was told that I was the best but at my old job my boss is away so I can’t leave. Pray that my new job is not given away. Kate

Pray for me, I need God’s favor and to find a good job. Byron

Pray for my salvation and walk with Christ. I’m not sure whether or not I’m still saved because of the problems and burdens that surround me. I don’t have friends and my family isn’t united. Help please. Lilie

Pray for my daughter to stop moving around and to get saved & to go back to school. Mother Jennifer

Pray for me to be humble & not proud & to fear the Lord all day long. Kezia

Pray for my fiancé who got in an accident. Scovia

Pray for my family to get a financial & spiritual breakthrough. Pray for my father Benon to get saved. Sara

Pray for me, I have a workmate who visits witchdoctors to harm me & my 2 sons plus my unborn child so that they send me away from work and that I have complications during and after birth. Please help me. I am the breadwinner for my children. Lydia

Pray with me that God’s grace may increase in me, also for a job, wisdom to know God with His written Word & total blessing. Ronald

Pray for me to get a better paying job with better working conditions. Maureen

Pray that I get a good market price for my produce – maize price above 320/= per kilo. Edward

I am in need of school fees for my kids so we pray together. Gaius