Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prayer Requests

    • Pray for my family to attain peace through Christ Jesus. Ronald
    • Pray for me to learn how to teach others about Christ, plus peaceful relationships.
    • I saw a snake in my room at night. We looked for it in vain. I’m frightened and can’t sleep. Help me pray and also pray for my prodigal son to return and for God to provide financially. Rose
    • Pray for me to get wisdom and riches & also to surrender my life to God. I am a plumber. Wilber
    • I am requesting you to help my family in prayer so God can give us a financial breakthrough because my family can hardly afford our basic needs much as we are saved & my father being a reverend. Sylvia
    • Pray for me please. I am 37 years old and not married or even dating. I am getting desperate and lonely.
    •  I need to worship God in spirit and in truth, please help me in prayers. Julie
    • Please pray for me because all I wish is for me and my baby to die so that I rest from all this suffering, frustrations, joblessness and hurt – especially from my family. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried to find jobs but I’ve failed. I am a single mother. My family doesn’t support me at all inclusive of my sister I live with who seems fed up with me. I can’t afford to take care of my child. She has to start school next year. Tina
    • Thank you for your phone call and for praying for me. I believe life will be better. Please pray for me also to get a job to take care of my baby and to have our own home too. Tina
    • Pray that God helps me to get proper sponsors for my tuition fees. It’s a struggle in my life. Mercy
    • Pray for me to stay strong in Jesus. My wife is completely weak in Christ. Please stand with me in prayer.
    •  Thank you very much for your prayers. I feel better now. God bless you. Your reward is in Heaven. Judith
    • Pray for me. I constantly dream about my dead mum when I’m stressed or worried. I always experience bad dreams. I need your prayers. Also pray that I can get a part time job as I wait for my graduation next year. Jane
    • I am waiting for the government district quarter sponsorship so pray for me such that I get. Olive
    • I am tired of having doubts! Thanks for the daily program because faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Jackie
    • I ask God for wisdom, knowledge & understanding. Nansubunga
    • Pray for me to have a spirit of discernment and to get a job. Rose
    • Thanks for the forgiveness series, they have really inspired me. Please guide how I can be a sample and not a sermon please. Teach me how I can leave by faith. Francis
    • Thanks allot for the thoughts on humility. My prayer is to be humble always and wait on God to lift me up. Sammy
    • What you send is always very nourishing and refreshing. May the Lord bless you for all your efforts. Sr Angelina
    • Pray for my wife’s skin. She took some medicine that’s reacted to her skin. Emmanuel
    • Thanks for the book you gave me to read (Dare to be different). The book was interesting. When you gave me a book, I asked myself what can I give you and all I thought of was that I can pray for you that God will give you what your heart desires. I believe you have seen a lot and knowing you will contribute a lot towards my life. Alex
    • These thoughts on praise and thankfulness, just reached me when I most needed them. TYSM! GBY! Samuel
    • I’ve been going through a lot, pray for me. I’m broke, can't find a job and most of the things God has
      put on my heart need money to move forward. Now I just stay home, sometimes stressed, at times I worry about my future. Ivan
    • Please pray for me. I need a financial breakthrough and also pray for love in my family. Ritah
    • Pray for our family. We need stability, peace and jobs because most of my family members don’t have jobs.
    • I have a problem. I lost my job. I had taken out a loan and paid for 7 months but for the last 2 months I failed to pay. These people said they are going to sell my land. I am a widow. Pray for me. Betty
    • Pray for my business to rise again and get money from bad debtors. Aminah
    • Pray for me to get a job. It’s now since I left school that I have failed to get a job and am so desperate. Erina
    • I am encouraged that somebody out there is waiting to pray for me. Pray that my faith in God will be strong. I need a well paying full time job. Charity
    • Pray for me for healing against ulcers and chronic urinary track infection that has stayed for over four years and also pray for my girlfriend who seems not to trust me these days. Chris
    • I believe that if you pray for me I’ll be healed. I’ve not been able to go to church. I have some painful lesions that have recurred after my operation. Christine
    • I am about to complete my diploma course. Pray for me that I may get a job. Pray also for my parent’s business that they can pay their debts. My siblings didn’t go to school last term. Pray for my parents to receive Christ. Viola
    •  I’m 34, a single mother with no source of income. I’m neck deep in debt and growing very desperate. Pray for me to be freed.
    • Education failure, I’m so depressed, I always sit for papers without permits.
    • I am 35 years old and still single. Pray for me to get a God-fearing man. Favour
    • Pray for me for wisdom and to remove laziness and fear [low self-esteem] within my life. James
    • I am 26 years old and have a 2 year old daughter. I still live with my parents. I am in and out of relationships and I know I need help but don’t know what kind of help. I know I am under a serious bondage. I just broke up with the last one and don’t know what to do now. I am tired of this situation. How will I ever know that the right one has come and how many more men will I meet before the right one comes? I’m getting really desperate and need lots of prayer. Connie
    • I request for your prayers, asking God to guide me as I fix my life, especially to bring up my children under one roof. Fred
    • Pray with me for my husband’s salvation. Justine