Wednesday, April 25, 2012

* Pray for me, I am 7 months pregnant but I keep having strange dreams that the kid in me is possessed by the devil. Joyce
* Pray that I don’t pay for lost items at office [video camera and hard drive] and provision for a cake, dress and dinner for my graduation. Miriam
* Pray for us as we lead a crusade/conference and children’s work at Kayunya near Lake Victoria and Busuri. John  and Jane
* Pray for me so that I can get money for my daughter’s senior 4 registration.  Tomorrow is the last day and I still have nothing yet. Juliet
* Pray for me that God gives me a marriage partner. I also want to thank God for my job because I prayed with you and He answered. GBY!
* Pray for tuition fees for university studying mass communication. Moses
* Pray for me. I am sick and have no money to cater for my needs.
* Thanks for your good work. My prayer request is to get a sponsor because I want to go to school. Rosemary
* Pray for me and my daughter, we have TB. Jennifer
* I thank and praise Him because I managed to buy land. Lydia
* My family is falling apart. My parents are not working. Life is so unbearable. Worse news comes every day. God seems far away. I am losing my mind. Please help. Justine
* Pray with me to get money for constructing God’s House. Pastor Kenneth
* I like your program. I would like you to pray for me to get money for my introduction & wedding. Robert
* I pray that we overcome the great financial crisis we’re going through.
* Jesus says, ‘If ye shall ask anything in My Name I will do it.’ Pray for me that God blesses the work of my hands, mind, heart & mouth, that out of it I may build my dream home. Salem
* Pray for me so that I can settle with the right man whom I was created from his rib.
* I want to testify that you prayed when I sent the sms about the lost funds – I got it back! Christine
* Pray with me so that I get closer to God this year and that He may help me raise my son with upright Christian values. I want God to cause discomfort everywhere I turn until I solely focus on Him as my sole provider.
* A splendid Easter season to you as well, thanks a lot for all the awesome inspirations, I’m always blessed. Ken
* A million thanks, Happy Easter to you too and the Lord's family @ activated. Blessings, Nicholas.
* Thanks very much for your useful articles as usual. Allow me to also wish you  Happy Easter! Kind Regards, Denis
* Happy Easter to you and your families. May the Good Lord bless you and fill your lives with so much happiness. Have a blessed Easter. Angel
* Thanks for the Easter greetings. We had a great time at home and even watched Jesus' film in the neighborhood.  Patrick
* Thanks for my sweet inspirations. I pray He continues giving you wisdom to inspire his children. Charity
* . prise Jesus thanks for always sending me encouraging messages which keep me going i am blessed by them . may God richly bless you.  Sarah
* Thank you for your faithfulness to encourage me!  We will be praying for you on your return home for a visit.  We will be leaving also in 3 weeks so will see you sometime in Sept.The LORD richly bless you in Jesus Name,  Sally & Larry