Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prayer Requesrs

• Prayer request: I am in my 2nd trimester but I have been bleeding and getting contractions. Pray for God to stop the bleeding and preterm labour and for God to see us through to the due date.
• Pray for me. I am feeling so low. Pray for me to get a job. Miriam
• Pray for me to get a loving, caring, understanding partner. Anne
• Pray for me as I go through a big life setback. Pray for God’s blessings upon me and my entire family. Thomas
• Pray for me. Baby Anna has been diagnosed with a rare bone disease – 1 in 100,000 and no known cure. There may be a chance of a trial drug. Pray for us.
• Pray for me, I need God more than ever. I’m going through a hard time. I remember you once prayed for me when I was still at campus and God did something for me. Eve
• Pray for my father who is bedridden for complete healing: body, mind and spirit. Pray for the healing of my painful right ankle. Brother David
• Pray for me to get a better job. David
• Pray for my sister to have children. They are married without children.
• Pray for me to get school fees for my son who is in S.4. Flora
• Pray for me to have God’s blessings. Pray for me to acquire my own land, not ancestral land, favor of God. Martin
• I’m praying for reconciliation & forgiveness between me & my boyfriend that I have been with for 5 years. Violet
• Pray for me that I stop blaming God for my disappointments. However much I pray and fast I cry every second and I don’t know what to think. I find it hard to believe in God’s promises again. Please help me. Justine
• Pray with me for strength. I am in mission work but am feeling so weary. Kenneth
• I’m 4 months pregnant but my husband though not legally lived together for 2 years has rejected the innocent one in the womb yet he asked me we get it. He has now chased me out of our home. He has left me without food for several days. Pray for me and my unborn baby and that He may bring him back to us for I truly love him and that God may strengthen my salvation. Alice
• I need to get a job and a good husband who is a real man, just as the pastor described. Pray for me. Becky
• I thank God for enabling me to pass with 21 points. I pray that He enables me to get a scholarship at the university that I’m applying for. I have faith that I will obtain it. My family is in great crisis with money problems taking the front seat. What’s worse is that my big brother is an antichrist. Pray for him.
• Pray for me that He might renew my faith. I’m becoming inadequate. Christine
• This week I lost a lot of money stolen by someone I know. I pray that I get to meet the man who stole the money and that I get it back. Christine
• Pray for my introduction and wedding Jimmy
• Pray for me for a better job of driving for an NGO. Ivan, a silent listener of ALPHA
• I got paralyzed and getting better. I want the hand of Jesus to touch me and heal me. It is my left side. Suzan
• Pray with me that I may get a right fiancé because these days my feelings are high and I don’t want to mess up with someone not mine. I choose to abstain but pray for more grace and strength.
• Pray for my friends Titus and Joel because they are sick. Pray for me to get a job.
• Pray for me, I’ve had a wound for almost a year and a half in my private parts which developed due to scratching. I have done all the tests and all are negative but I have been told it is witchcraft. Esther
• Thank God for the salvation of my father and sister yesterday. Continue committing them to the Lord to transform their lives and get a church they will be accountable to. Raymond