Thursday, May 21, 2009

PG! My finances have started improving! Joan

PG! I thank God for your prayers because I got a housemaid. Mugisha

Last Friday I sent you a prayer request that I was out of the list for those to join the course but this morning I received a call from the authorities that my name has been put on the list. 500,000/= has been deposited on my school account as my tuition until I complete my course by a stranger this evening. Our God does not slumber! Susan

PTL! I had a burning headache for many years but after your prayer I am fit and no more such headaches. Tony Alex

You stood with me when I was going through hell with demons and death attacking me every day & night. But I am glad to say that now I am more than a conqueror. Fred

Merely 3 months after losing my job I have won a contract in a big company in Kasese. I praise God for His favor. John

I want to thank God for the medical government scholarship. Henry

I thank God because I have already passed my exams. He gave me the best math paper ever! Esther