Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayer Requests

Pray for a spiritual restoration in my life, wisdom & favor.

Pray for me, I desperately need a companion. I feel I am past age. I feel desperate. Joan

I left home 3 years ago and am now working as a senior secretary officer but meeting lots of obstacles in my Christian life. Please pray for God’s guidance in all I do. King Trinity

Pray for me to get better, I have an inflection that makes me weak. Mirembe

Pray that I pass my exams & get a job while still studying. Ronald

A boy I’ve been relating with has suddenly become very unfriendly. I’m confused & hurt. Pray for guidance. I still love him. Tamaly

Pray for me, there’s so much crisis & hatred in my family. Pray for me to be able to focus on my academics. I want to know God more & serve Him. My parents have health problems too. Kevin

Pray with me about the issue of my fees. Joseph

I have tried to look for a house maid for over 3 months now but failed. I have nobody to leave at home to go to work. Pray for me. Mugisha

Pray for the Lord to provide me with a good job to support my 2 children and to reunite me with my husband once again. Grace

I need a revival in my life and God to help me read & understand what I read to pass my exams. Helen from Mengo

Pray for me. Today I got disappointed when I was told that I can’t join for my course due to the minimum number of students required but I am really down. Susan

Pray for me. I’ve been living a double life & I don’t like it anymore. Esther

Pray with me that God renews my strength & for a financial breakthrough. Stella

Pray for me to get back the zeal for memorizing the Word like I used to before and not to doubt my salvation. Hope

Pray for our family to realize the love of God and have peace. Pray for me to have peace at my work place. Workmates always report me to the boss things that I do not do. Jeremiah

Pray for me. I have a terrible headache. I’m stressed. Pray that I pass my exams. Jolly

Please pray for me to keep faithful in the Lord no matter what. Pray for my demonic stepmother to come to God & rest in the Lord. Jane

Pray for me, I have a lot of problems for which I need money – around 1 million. Eddie at Makerere

Pray for me to get a husband. Robinah

Pray for me and all my classmates as we prepare for our end of the year exams. Tina

Pray for our family to continue to humble themselves in the midst of trials. Esther needs a job after finishing her masters’ degree. I ask you to pray for financial provision this month and to resume my tithing. John

Pray for my mother to get better. John Bosco

Pray for us, we are passing through a very hard time and need a financial breakthrough. I am on a narrow bridge and I need to cross over. Pastor Peter

Stand with me in prayer for excellence in my exams this semester as I prepare for them. Valerie

I’ve been in a business for 2 months & it’s still shaky but please believe with me for overflowing customers & faith in God. Pray for me. Debts are stretching me. My business is collapsing. I’m so stressed. I need God to change my life & I start afresh. I’m lost somewhere in life. I need a miracle

Pray for me to forgive some relatives who really hurt me. Sheila

I am in need of 2 million this weekend. Pray for me that I get this money. Gerald

Pray for me to get money for a business trip to Malaysia this May. Christine Amutosi

Pray for me that I won’t cease praying. I want to walk with Jesus hand in hand each day I live. Julie

Pray for a new job & that I may grow stronger in faith. Stella

Pray for me and my best friend Steven that God may intervene in our studies, that this year may be a blessing to us as S.6 candidates. Nelson

Pray for me to receive a new job where I’ve applied. I also need strength in salvation. Dennis

My prayer request is for peace & happiness in my family. I also need to know God more. Julie

Pray for me, I need a job. It’s been 2 years since I finished campus.

Prayer request: employment and. favor upon my studies, family, salvation & our home. Lydia in Kyambogo

My prayer request is that I want to draw closer & deeper into God’s Word also that I join university come September. Reagan from Kawaala

Pray for me so that I manage to succeed in my A-levels with good points by understanding whatever I read – geography & economics, also to strengthen my faith more on Christ. Christine

Pray for me that I excel in my final exams & afterwards get a job. Also to overcome an evil torment I’m experiencing. Yvonne

Pray for us to get tuition plus excellence in exams. Ketty & Colleta from MUK