Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prayer Requests

Pray that I get back my joy. I’m not joyful right now because of some situations with my friend. John

Pray for my sister Tina & brother Kenny so that they can get well paying good jobs. Goodwin from Entebbe

Pray for me. I got a stroke but my hand is still very weak & I can’t use it yet. I want to carry on with my professional duties as a nurse. Rachael

Pray for a financial breakthrough. I’m totally on zero balance & for a job. I’m finishing campus next month. Rachael

Pray for me & my brother to get jobs. Since 2003 we have not been working. Pray for peace in our family. Agnes

Pray with me to have a stable relationship this time in my love life because I have always failed and it hurts me. Also pray that I get capital to start my dream business. Sheila

Pray for me that God does a miracle. I’m so down. Sophie

Pray for me to get a job because I’ve applied in many places & none of them called me to work with them. Pray for my family for total healing and deliverance. We have chronic diseases like high blood pressure & asthma – so I don’t want them to follow us. Lydia

Pray for me to have a relaxed mind & do well during my intern and get a 1st class degree. Brenda

Pray for a breakthrough in my forthcoming interviews for a job. Gonza in Jinja

Pray for my friend, she is disabled, her daughter is having multiple allergies, she is in P.7 and her mother is worried. Pray for that family. Jane

Pray that my dad will let go of the reason that I’m saved & to strengthen my faith. Reagan

I’m just married but work in different districts with my wife and have to move frequently. Pray for me to get a good car for transport. Robert

Pray for me to get a job. Ronnie

Pray for me to get tuition so that I can go up a grade in my studies. Prince Abbey

Pray with me to get a sponsor at university. Shadrach

Pray for me so that I can get a job. Edna

Pray for my mum to get better & also for me to have peace of mind. Horace

Pray that my husband will get a good job. Beatrice

Pray for me so that I can get a good man to marry me & get out of my uncle’s house. Pray for me for God’s favor, mercy & forgiveness upon me & success in starting a business. Esther from Ntinda

Pray for God’s provision of tuition fees because I’ve missed a year now from Makerere University. Geoffrey

Pray for me to have strength to read my books & to pass my forthcoming exams. Annet

I started sneezing in the morning and am now having strong flu. I have a final exam tomorrow. Pray for me that I get better and that the headache stops so I can read and pass. Jen MUK

Pray for my family to get success, prosperity, good health & God’s protection. Also pray for me to get peace at my work place and a financial breakthrough. Morris

Pray for me to pass my exams and for my dad to accept Jesus. Susan from Naguru

Pray for me. I am disappointed by relationships and ask for Him to give me His discernment for the right person. Sue

Pray with me that the Lord points me in the right direction to find a job or discover creative ways to flourish my business or maybe find a good partner. Pamela