Thursday, May 21, 2009


Pray for me that my faith may stand amidst trials. Lillian

I am at university sick bay, please pray for me. I had a bad weekend. Joan

Pray for me to find favor before my supervisors. I feel so low and frustrated. Rachel

Pray for my dad who has been ill since March. Pray for God to restore him to perfect health. Irene

I left home 3 years ago and am now working as a senior officer but meeting lots of obstacles in my Christian life. Please pray for God’s guidance in all I do. King Trinity

Pray for a job, introduction & marriage, family, salvation, spiritual & financial growth. Moses

Pray for me to get better, I have an infection that makes me weak. Mirembe

Pray for unity and salvation in my family. Blessing

I’m starting university this year. Pray with me that the Lord will provide my hostel & tuition fees always and good health to all of us. Charles

I’m staying with my girlfriend with 2 kids but now she leaves me with the kids and moves out any time and likes to sleep out. Pray for me. Julius

Help us to pray for our church land. Pastor William

Pray for my spiritual growth. Mugisha

Pray that God helps me pass my exams and that my mum gets money to build her own house. Helen

Pray for me, I am starting my exams tomorrow & need to be healthy throughout the exam season. Hilda @ MUBS

My marriage is in trouble. Pray for me. Bettina

Pray for academic excellence & a financial breakthrough, spiritual growth and for a God-fearing husband when the time comes. Evelyn MUK

I am with a team from Children of the Light. We have a very big mission at the end of the year which needs a lot of planning and finances. We need your prayers. Kenneth

Pray for me to pass my exams. I have a terrible headache and am stressed. Jolly

Pray for me to get a job and my husband back. Angela

Pray for my step-mother & daddy who are conspiring to frustrate me in life. Jane

Pray for my boss’ dad for healing & for me financial increase. Prosy

Pray for me so that I may get a sponsor for my studies. Tony Alex

Pray for my job applications to be answered. Juliet

Pray for me so that I can find my MTN line by tomorrow, my parents to find fees for my further study & for my dad to win over in a trial he is facing. Reagan

Pray with me for my applications for a job and to do ministry with commitment. Gorrety

Pray for me to forgive and ignore someone who is saying bad things behind my back. I have so much anger. I am so afraid of myself when I’m angry. I don’t want to be violent. Martin

Pray for me to get a job. Rebecca

I need your prayers. Our company closed on May 1st & I’m finding it hard to find employment elsewhere. Please pray that God will make a way. Emmanuel

Pray for me to get a sponsor because I haven’t got a chance to be sponsored by the government. Shadrack

Pray for me so I am given a government grant for university. Juliana

Pray for me and all my classmates as we prepare for our end of the year exams. Tina

Pray for me to be able to overcome my enemies in my office. There is a lady that doesn’t wish me well. Maureen

Pray for me, I’m due for surgery next week. Betty

Pray for me to get my I-20 quickly & easily get the U.S.A. visa. Rosette

Pray for me so that I can get a medical scholarship. I did an interview and am still waiting for the feedback. Patrick

Pray for me – I want to learn how to pray. Morris from Mulago

Pray for me that I excel in my exams. Veronica

Pray for me that today will be a success & that I will receive financial help to travel. Christine

Pray for the church under persecution especially in China. Pray for me so that I can start to do discipleship. Stella

Pray for my sister Mercy, she is very depressed and everyone is concerned. This has been going on for a week now but I know that God answers prayer. Kezia

Pray for my dad who has suffered a stroke. Christine

Pray for me to have the strength to read my books & to pass my forthcoming exams. Annette

I need prayers to be able to understand the Bible & trust God for whatever situations, also wisdom & understanding in academics. Rebecca

Pray that I find my ministry and utilize it. Henry

Pray for capital to complete my house. Billy from Kawempe

Pray for me. I am having a lot of problems with ladies picking interest in me. It’s getting out of control. John

Pray that I get a job, it’s been over half a year and all I get are empty promises. LHM to make a new life within me. James

Pray for me to get married. I’m 27 years old. Jacky

I am praying for a better job where I will be able to meet my needs. I have placed my application in various places so far I have done one interview and I am believing God for that position. Please believe with me for one of these positions in the places I have applied. Gertrude

I accepted Christ 3 weeks ago but I don’t know how to pray. I keep repeating myself. Pray for me to strengthen my faith and bless my future studies so that my parents find tuition for my course. Reagan

I’m a student at KIU. Pray for me so that I can find someone to contribute towards my tuition. Patience

Pray with me, I feel discouraged at my workplace. I know God will direct my path to a better place as He has promised. Margaret


Adina said...

I have two very hard examinations in Computer Science on August 11 an August 13 please pray for me. I must pass these exams